Top 100 Luxury Fashion Brands in the world 2021

Luxury Fashion Brands

Do you want to know which are the top fashion Luxury brands in 2021? You’ve come to the right page, The fashion industry is worth around $1.3 trillion but as mighty as that figures there are but few brands that dominate the space.

So if you are a fashionista and looking for some heads-on information on the top fashion luxury brands in the world, then you may find this list helpful.

The list of “Top 100 Luxurious Fashion Brands”  reveals that somehow the top ten firms vary widely from manufacturers of luxury fashion products, sporting brands to top car brands in the world.

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High-end brands of apparel are no longer out of bounds as long as you in among the class of people that can afford the luxury of expensive brands.


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Top 10 Fashion Brands in the World

Every year, there are dozens of fashion brands but only a few survive and gain some popularity in their own country.

Just a few are genuinely popular and successful throughout the world, transforming their brand into a big business with trillions of dollars in sales, selling everything from shoes to luxurious perfumes.

Italian and French fashion houses are the most interesting in the fashion world. Meet the world’s ten most expensive brands of fashion.


The Italian fashion house Valentino was established in Milan at the end of the 1950s. Bags, shirts, shoes and accessories from this company became very popular from the very first day.


Not surprisingly, Fendi has emerged in the world’s top ten most expensive fashion brands. This Italian fashion house is known as a classic style brand, and the bags have become true legends.

It all started with a small leather and fur shop established in 1918 in Rome. Today, Fendi works primarily in New York, Paris, and Dubai for wealthy clients.

Ralph Lauren is the name on the list that is most accessible. The brand offers more affordable models along with haute couture lines, such as the Polo Sports Line (opened in 1993), sold at low prices in department stores like Macy. Designer Ralph Lauren founded the company in 1967.

Giorgio Armani

At one time, by making a separate line of clothing and accessories for girls, men and children, Armani was able to make a real revolution in the fashion world.

The brand is now making money selling jeans, boots, cosmetics, makeup, watches, and jewelry. Every year, Armani is progressively increasing its market presence, becoming an increasingly expensive and popular brand.

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The only member on this list of the American continent is Guess, who on watches, perfumes and exclusive clothes have made a name for himself. Denim apparel up to $1.2 billion per year gives the brand’s main income.

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is one of the largest handbag, clothing, and jewelry manufacturers in the world. Although everything marked with a fashion brand logo is expensive, tens of thousands of wealthy loyal customers sweeping all-new collections offer good sales.


The Italian fashion house Versace was created by fashion designer Gianni Versace in 1978. Today, clothes, jewelry, cosmetics and household goods are sold under this name, competing with ambitious young brands. Versace pieces are mainly sold in big cities and world fashion hubs.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is a popular name familiar to performance bags and accessories connoisseurs. Look out for 10 trendy bags for young mothers. Many celebrities can boast a popular brand’s products. While bags and suitcases are the signature products of Louis Vuitton, the casual and evening wear of the brand is not in the last place either.

The company was founded by Louis Vuitton in 1954 and is dedicated to footwear, watches, jewelry, clothing, sunglasses and books. The LV icon, as well as one of the most widely replicated brands, is one of the most popular in the fashion industry. In 50 countries, more than 460 stores are open. Louis Vuitton revealed the company’s value in 2014-$ 28 billion.


The French haute couture house is making around $6.9 billion annually. Chanel strengthens its position from year to year thanks to its unique style, bold experiments, and innovations, despite strong competition among fashionable clothes, cosmetics, perfumes, watches and shoe manufacturers.

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Gucci was founded in 1904 in Florence by the young Italian Guccio Gucci, the most expensive fashion brand in Gucci’s world was a factory where leather suitcases and boots were made to order.

Now it’s a big international business with 274 boutiques all over the world, manufacturing and selling accessories, belts, shoes, suitcases and apparel. Gucci’s key to success was the high loyalty of customers to the company, who are willing to give everything to buy a new product, despite the high cost.

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