Shaddock also called Pomelo, Pumello, Jabong Or Lusho with the scientific name Citrus Maxima or Citrus Grandis is a Chinese grapefruit, it Originated from China, Shaddock comes under the citrus Family.

Shaddock tastes sweet just like an Orange, and at the same time tastes sour just like lemon or lime (but not too sour), Shaddock has more meat and pulp compared to Orange and is also larger in size too.

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shaddock fruit
Shaddock fruit

In China Shaddock is reffered as the Grandfather of grapefruit and it’s also laid references in Chinese historical books.
Shaddock is mostly Cultivated in China, and South East Asia, but currently it’s widely available world wide.

Shaddock can be easily peeled just like an Orange, it takes a reddish or pinkish colour inside, and doesn’t come with enough juice, you can find the citrus fruit growing in heat of summer or in tropical climates.

Shaddock fruit
How shaddock looks like inside

Shaddock fruit weighs upto 20-22 pounds, it has a mixed taste, tastes like orange, grape, lemon and lime all together!!
When you drink water after eating Shaddock your mouth will taste bitter.


What You Will Learn


Shaddock has the highest amount of vitamin C in grapefruit family, it also has alot of Vitamin B, contains high Amount of Beta carotene and Folic acid, Shaddock is extremely very beneficial for pregnant women, because of it’s high content of potassium, which also keeps the heart Healthy.

Shaddock also contains, a good amount of Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, B2, Vitamin C, Bioflavonoid, Healthy Fats, Fiber, and loaded with

Lots of Antioxidants and Enzymes
Let’s take a look at the nutritional facts table below

Shaddock fruit

Having known alittle history about Shaddock and it’s nutritional value, let’s take a look at some health benefits of eating Shaddock or Pomelo fruit. In case if you are too lazy to know how it can benefit you, you can always opt for customized nutrition formulas engineered for your body condition. Check out for more information!


1, Prevents Urinary Track Infection

This is an infection that affects the urinary tract system that creats, stores, and removes urine.
A research has proved that Continuous consumption of Shaddock fruit helps fight urinary tract infection.
Mostly pregnant women do have frequent urinary track swelling, the high content of Vitamin C present in Shaddock fruit helps to increase the acid level in the urine and shrinks the development of bacteria in the Urinary track, thereby Making the system functioning and flowing well.

2. For Healthy Heart.

Shaddock fruit is very rich is potassium, which plays an important and leading role in supporting the heart.

The presence of Potassium in Shaddock fruit regulates blood pressure levels, Shaddock juice clears the arterial deposits accumulated in the body, thereby reducing impurities.

Shaddock juice cleanses the body system, which is very beneficial to people with Hypertension.
Shaddock fruit aslo reduces bad cholesterol count in the body and promotes good cholesterol due to it’s high Vitamin C and potassium content.

3. For Healthy Gums.

Due to it’s Richness in Vitamin C, Shaddock is very beneficial for Healthy teeth gums, it fights bleeding and loose gums which can occur as a result of lack of Vitamin C, Shaddock helps makes gums stronger and healtheir.

4. Ehnaces Quick Healing.

Regular Consumption of Shaddock fruit promotes quick healing to wounded skin.

It works by replacing the dead skin tissue with healthy ones.

With it’s high Vitamin C content collagen are being produced, which serves as a protein that fortfies the skin.

5. Fights Cancer.

A recent research has proven the regular Consumption of Shaddock fruit can prevent and fight cancer, this is because Shaddock fruit is very Rich is Bioflavonoids, which fights Cancer, it stops cancer cells from spreading by enabling the body to eliminate excess estrogen.

The Fiber content present in Shaddock fruit also helps protect the body from Colon Cancer.

6. Helps Prevents Anemia.

Shaddock fruit which is very Rich in Vitamin C helps the body Prevent the occurrence of Anemia, this is because, Vitamin C enhances the absorption of Iron in the body, therefore lack of Vitamin C can lead to Anemia (Shortage of blood in the body).
Regular Consumption of vitamin C fruits like Shaddock helps prevent and combat iron loss and improves blood Circulation.

7. Anti Aging.

Shaddock grapefruit contains Spermidine, which protects the cells from the process related to Aging and damaged skin cells.

It’s high Vitamin C content combats wrinkles and skin sagging, and makes the skin look very young, beautiful and youthful.

Shaddock fruit juice boosts the production of collagen in the body, that helps keeps

The skin firm, plump and young, by fighting free radicals and signes of Aging.

8. Helps in Digestion.

Due to it’s high content in Vitamin C, Shaddock juice retains the elasticity of arterial and improves the digestive system,
The acidic content in Vitamin C (L’ascorbic acid)helps breaks down the food in to smaller particles for proper digestion to take place.

Shaddock Contains dietary Fiber which helps/aids in preserving normal bowel motions and avoids Hemorrhoids.

9. Controls Blood Pressure.

The Potassium which is richly contained in Shaddock/Pomelo fruit regulates blood pressure.
Drinking atleast one glass cup of juice everyday helps keeps the body’s blood pressure in check, and in normal count, and also Prevents hypertension.

10. Cleanses The Arteries
Shaddock fruit juice contains a good amount of Pectin which helps to remove unwanted element on substance from the artery, keeping it clean and most importantly unclogged.
The Vitamin C present in Shaddock fruit also ensures that the elastic nature of the artery is sustained.

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