5 Online Poetry Classes for Beginners and Advanced | 2021

10 Online Poetry Classes for Beginners and Advanced

Poetry is an art form that has existed for a very long time. Since ancient times, poets have been writing short and intricate pieces of prose that are meant to be read aloud and understood. Its importance has increased in recent years, and is now considered as a form of communication for many people.

The best way to learn this art form is through online courses or books specifically designed for the purpose. While some individuals may choose to teach themselves how to write poetry, the best way of learning poetry is by reading it aloud in front of an audience, which brings out all its nuances and the emotion involved in each line.

At first, it sounds like an oxymoron. But when you find someone who can understand and learn the poem, you know that they have what it takes to be a poet.

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You might even want to hire them as a poet or interpret of poems for your company. But we must also keep our eyes open to those who do not have the talent or experience in this field of art and only use poetry classes as another means of making money from poetry classes on YouTube videos or other forms of media platforms.

Today we’re considering how to study Poetry online, and here are top 5 courses you should consider.

1. Lighthouse Writers Workshop

Lighthouse Writers offers great poetry classes that combine lessons in basic and advanced writing, along with live writing critiques by staff members. This program provides a full course in holistic writing instruction, along with helpful tips for success.

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The course entails artisitic, instructional, criticism, collaborative events, and more. Also writers at all levels are offered support.

There are all sorts of poetry classes and workshops that allow you to participate—learning how to write poems, cover texts in various styles, even going so far as learn how to perform them. These activities make use of a huge variety of poets with different sensibilities and interests.

As a writer, the amount of hours you are able to devote to these classes is reduced but not everything is time sink free resources. So there are some negatives as well as positives for those who write content.

Non-members pay more, up to $20 to $30 more.

For the four week for $205, and typical eight-week course stands at $325 or more.

2. The Poetry Barn

Stacey Balkum teaches poetry workshops to make the poetry barn a reality. The tools she uses are unique, but not complicated for beginners and experts alike.

This catalog comprises works by artists, thinkers, and creators including Gary Snyder, Joan Didion, Walter F. Haas Jr., George Herbert Mead and Jacqueline Woodson. In addition to this insightful research on these writers’ work, the catalog also contains detailed texts about each writer’s life & times as well as biographical information about each individual artist.

Let’s be honest, we all love poetry. It’s what we do. I have been writing poetry since I was small. Whether as a personal hobby or as part of my work at the university, I’ve always enjoyed the process of creating and recreating beautiful words on paper.

As you read through each lesson, you will learn some new techniques and concepts. Every lesson will help you master the form and begin to create your story.

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The course costs about $99.

3. Catapult

A creative writing workshop that will help the poets get to know their own voice, and make it the most powerful tool in their arsenal. They will also learn how to generate new work and find emotions and feelings in previously unexplored stories.

Poetry is a form of literature that is created to create emotion in the reader. The poems in this book are selected by the students from their own collections. They have chosen a large number of poems so that they can read poetry and help them enhance their writing skills.

Students will write a poem using the poetic techniques they’ve learnt, and use it to craft one of their own. They will also make sure that their poems are suitable for publication in anthologies or magazines.

The workshop costs around $395 and classes are held on Zoom.

4. The Loft

Novels and poetry classes form part of the spectrum of useful and novel solutions to the chronic boredom that is affecting more and more students worldwide.

Loft has been around for many years. It is a professional and cost-effective online training platform designed for young people who are interested in creative writing, the platform has helped thousands of people better their career.

The Loft offers a variety of classes and workshops, most among which are delivered by freelance writers. The only one set up specifically for print writers is the Happiness series, featuring Chelsea DesAutels.

The course of poetry courses ranges from $70 to $280 and there’s a discounted price for members of loft.org. At the moment all loft courses are taken online.

5. MasterClass

A poetry reading is a form of art that has been around since before the invention of writing and has evolved along with time. It involves reading verses aloud or reading in slow, measured, deliberate manner to achieve certain effects. Poetry is then translated into other literary forms such as prose or verse drama.


If you are already thinking of how to hone your poetry writing skills, then here is an interesting one for you. A poetry course masterminded by the former U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins’ where he offers MasterClass on Reading and Writing Poetry.

Poetry has been a mainstay of literature since the dawn of humanity. Poets have been writing and reading their work for thousands of years, and have developed a rich language that allows for creativity while writing content for different use cases.

The MasterClass is a more of a self-guided class, it comes packed witharound 20 video lessons, that delve deep into the potential and power of poetry—for readers and writers.

Humor is one of the most important things any human being can do. It allows us to keep our sanity in a world that often makes us feel anxious, sad or just plain uncomfortable.

The human mind is naturally funny and every culture has its own sense of humor.This knowledge will be explored in the course through lectures, discussions and readings from a variety of sources such as literature, science, history and business.

MasterClass Membership costs $180 this makes it possible for you to have unlimited access to current and future classes.


Here you have it; the best poetry courses available online. You can as well check out more courses from Lynda, Alison, Coursera.org, Skillshare, Coursesity and more.

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