Mistakes You Don’t Want To Commit While Editing Or to Watch Videos.

Mistakes You Don't Want To Commit While Editing Or to Watch Videos.


Need not be a graphic designer for video editing, but make sure that fonts, font colors, and sizing are consistent throughout the video. The biggest error beginners make when adding text and styling an outlook to their productions is using different fonts, different colors, and adding colors that divert the viewer from the content. Here’s an app that is suited as the best video compression software. 


Select a font that you love and stick with it. Use it all the time for lower thirds, titles, and many more. Next, pick a color and stick with it. Then, add on your creativity where it fits.

Removal of sensitive information

One has a lot of private information which they cannot reveal, but when it comes to the time where you instruct your new trainees, then it’s unfortunately easy to capture the news on your screen. Therefore, using software to create an area blur in your video and better to hide that information.

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Installing a few software blur tools, think about whether it’s to hide or highlight information!

Therefore, the blur tool permits you to protect your personal information and draw attention to a particular area of your video.

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Cutting, Editing, Filmstrip, Film Strip-Mistakes You Don't Want To Commit While Editing Or to Watch Videos.


Every editing technique has its place and time. The jump cut accomplished the goal of editing, which is to disintegrate time. Jump cuts are used to free time and push the story forward. Unfortunately, beginners overuse this style because they don’t know what other amounts to use. Therefore, when a single shot and just cut time out of the same frame make the character portrayed as magically moved into a different position in the same scene.


Setting up another camera angle and cutting to a different angle in the same scene or making a transition makes the viewer less irritated. Also, explore other editing options.

Make good music to fit in.

Have you ever proceeded across such an error where slow music but fast step footage or vice versa? There are plenty of songs and music from different sites which offer us a variety of cuts. But making sure of which suits the best is in the hands of the editor.


Focus on the edit first and then give a keen thought for what fits the best and make a perfect combo of everything.

Facing issues while playing videos. Isn’t that irritating?

Well, let’s jump into it very quickly.

No audio

We are in the 20th century, and are we still watching audio-less videos? While playing the video, if there is no sound, make sure the external speakers’ connections are proper and keep up to date with the sound driver through Device Manager on your system. If this does not work, try to uninstall, reboot, and reinstall the audio driver in your system. Audio Troubleshooters in your PC may also be able to fix audio problems.

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Codec Issues

Windows Media player cannot play the selected file. For example, the Media Player might not hold on to the file type or hold the codec used to compress the file. If you face such an issue, make sure that you download and install the relevant codec files to play the video seamlessly.

Codec files are required for the coding and decoding of a digital stream of data, and if you find them missing, you must install the files.

Playback issues

Experiencing video playback issues, then switching to another media player is the best option. This issue is that you are unable to play your video due to the incompatibility issue. Therefore, make use of the media player, which is compatible with your system and supports the video file format.

MacBook Pro crashes when playing YouTube Videos.

Few times the MacBook crashes and becomes unresponsive while watching YouTube videos. For the smooth playing of videos, make sure that the browser is updated, the latest Adobe Player, and a high-speed internet connection. If any of these misses out, then you will face a problem while playing YouTube videos.

Also, disabling the Plugins in Safari or the browser you are using also may help you sometimes in the smooth playing of the YouTube videos.

Corrupt MP4 files

The files saved in your hard drive, SD card, Pen drive, etc., can be broken or corrupted due to viruses, abrupt system shut, or media corruption. The best solution to restore broken MP4 videos is to use VLC Media Player to fix minor problems in the videos and updating your system’s video drivers to the latest version.

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