Is Transportation a Good Career Path?

Is Transportation a Good Career Path? Let’s find out!

The transportation sector has one of the biggest jobs for workers anywhere in the world.

It involves the transportation of goods and people from one location to another and, in the process, it creates many jobs and career opportunities via transportation, shipping and the transportation of materials to commercial airlines as well as ocean-going vessels.

The industry of transportation is accessible to all, and it doesn’t require a lot of qualifications or degrees before one is qualified.

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If the idea of moving goods or people is something you are interested in, it is worth being in the field of transportation. It’s one of the most lucrative sectors with high employee satisfaction and high earnings.

High Paying Jobs in the Transportation Industry (that Directly Involve Moving Freight or People)

Is Transportation A Good Career Path? An Overview.

The most popular jobs in the field of transportation include those directly involved in transporting people or cargo from one location to other.

They pay extremely well and there are many opportunities for those old and young with no formal education or certifications. Many graduates are today entering the transport industry.

But, given how highly sought-after and lucrative the jobs they offer are, it’s essential to understand that these positions in the transportation sector are requiring workers to work for long periods away from their homes.

While the majority of people don’t see this to be a problem but the fact that it is a sedentary industry is an issue for many.

However, with a well-designed work-life balance plan, it is possible to overcome any health concerns through regular exercise.

1. Delivery Driver

Delivery drivers are able to operate using small vans or panel trucks that can be converted into big vans. Their daily work involves the delivery of packages or goods directly to the customers at the designated location. The need for delivery drivers or riders is increasing. After the pandemic, a significant number of people prefer to purchase products online from businesses selling online goods that also have physical stores like the appliance or furniture stores.

Companies that provide parcel delivery services such as FedEx and United Parcel Service (UPS) also have delivery drivers who aid in their logistics by delivering packages to their customers.

Contrary to truck drivers that drive the long-distance delivery driver works in a small region within a specific radius of the place in which they work and do not have to travel long distances.

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When a truck driver has to stand in line for the truck’s loading by hired workers, delivery drivers are in charge of taking care of the unloading and loading of parcels at the location of the delivery.

The typical salary for delivery drivers is approximately $39,000 annually. However, drivers who work for top companies can earn much more.

2. Freight Forwarder

Companies that provide freight forwarding do not directly transport goods themselves, they instead act as intermediaries between the clients who have items that need to be transported and the carriers that offer transportation services.

Freight forwarders are a logistic professional who utilizes their understanding of logistics and transportation abilities to:

  • Coordinate the flow of goods from the manufacturing facilities to retail locations warehouses of companies, or directly to the customers.
  • Get all documents required to import or export items.
  • Choose the right transportation company to transport the items to their final destination.
  • Negotiate freight rates for their customers.

That means that Freight Forwarders should possess one or more of the following qualities:

  • Free Cargo Quotes. The majority of customers begin with the cost when looking for a shipping company. …
  • Adept Documentation Process. …
  • Various Shipping Options. …
  • Good Packing Service. …
  • Customer Service. …
  • Reputable Recognition.

The median cost for freight forwarders is approximately $53,000 annually.

3. Commercial Airplane Pilot

In addition to the pilots who transport passengers regularly, There are many commercial pilots employed in the transport industry who fly cargo planes which exclusively deal with the movement of goods in the supply chain. Similar to truck drivers commercial pilots also have a significant role to play in the transport industry and these companies such as UPS, Amazon and FedEx have managed to increase their cargo aircraft fleet in their supply chain.

Thus, commercial (cargo) pilots are in high demand. In order to become a pilot, you need to first be able to obtain a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) commercial pilot’s license (CPL). If you’re looking to take on a job in the field of transportation the only thing you need to do is undergo the necessary course and pass a medical examination and record significant flights. The median pay for commercial aircraft pilots is greater than $110,000 annually.

4. Truck Driver

Truck drivers transport products between manufacturers and distribution centres and warehouses, as well as stores and various other places. They may collect items directly from the ports along the waterfront and intermodal railway yards, and transport them to the point of delivery, which, according to the distance could take a couple of hours or days in the roadway.

The demand is very high for truck drivers, and it is difficult to be eligible;

  • you need to have an official commercial driver’s license (CDL).
  • It is not necessary to have a degree but the experience is the most important factor in being employed in the transport sector.
  • The job description for the transportation industry could include the transportation of raw materials and finished goods on land between manufacturing facilities or to distribution centres and retail stores. Checking the vehicles for mechanical issues as well as safety hazards and conducting preventative maintenance. Plan routes and ensure delivery timetables.
  • The median salary of a driver of trucks is $59,000 per year. However, the owner-operator (drivers with their own vehicles) generally earn more.
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5. Train Engineer

Trains play an essential part in the transport industry. Trains that drive freight or passengers, also oversee a variety of equipment throughout the journey to ensure safe operation and inspecting the train on travel, which allows them to ensure that everything functions in the way it ought to. They also have the responsibility of making changes as directed to be made by dispatchers, or in response to the weather or other conditions such as the type of freight or weight.

To be eligible for the Train engineer position, applicants must be at or above 21 years old and have a graduation certificate from a high school or GED and have a clear vision, great hearing and good hand-eye coordination. Candidates must also possess an ability to comprehend mechanics and be able to demonstrate an impressive fitness level.

As with many other positions in the transport industry Train engineers do not require a degree from a college to become an engineer in the training industry however, they must have an engineer’s certification by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). The median salary to train engineers is approximately $70,000 annually.

6. Ship Captain

Being a captain of a ship means that you are the top-ranking officer of sea-going cargo vessels, which include tugboats, or towboats. This includes passenger vessels like cruise ships. Captains of ships are accountable for the safety of landing their cargo or passengers as well as the crew aboard.

As a U.S. ship captain, you need to be certified by the United States Coast Guard (USCG) before you are permitted to manage any vessel. There is no specific minimum requirement for the degree. The average salary of captains on ships is over $94,000 annually.

7. Trucking Dispatcher

Dispatches for trucks coordinate and control their schedules for truck drivers in order to ensure that goods and products are delivered on time. They receive requests for truck services and call their drivers on their truck fleet to schedule delivery and pickups.

The responsibilities of a dispatcher include:

  • receiving non-emergency and emergency calls,
  • monitoring driver logs,
  • maintaining books,
  • dealing with issues, and
  • sending the team members to their appropriate positions.
  • They are also responsible for monitoring weather reports or notifying authorities in the event of a need, as well as other administrative duties like timesheets and other forms of documentation.

The typical payment for trucking dispatchers is about $51,662 annually.

8. Railroad Yardmasters

The railroad yardmasters are accountable for managing the operations of railroad yards. Their primary responsibilities include:

  • Supervising the workers in the railyard (such as switch, brake as well as signal operator),
  • coordinating the connection and disconnect of trains,
  • Make sure that every train is carrying the right cargo prior to it leaving the yard.
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Railroad yardmasters don’t require an education, however extensive experience in a railroad yard operation is necessary.

The median wage for a railway yardmaster is approximately $65,000 annually.

9. Longshore Workers

Longshore workers, sometimes referred to as “stevedores” as well as dock workers perform the strenuous and physically demanding labour of loading and unloading cargo off ships docked in ports. Longshore workers are a highly skilled field of work that requires careful balance and managing weight in the ship’s holds. Their position as the heart of cargo transport between land and sea provides the longshore worker with a vital role in both the national and international economies. Workers on the longshore must be extremely mindful of how to work safely in a rapid dock and are aware of any potential dangerous substances that might be found in the shipping containers they’re charged with transporting.

The hourly pay for workers on longshore is approximately $27 per hour.

10. Warehouse workers are accountable for:

  • Maintaining cleanliness, order and security of the workplace.
  • Unloading and loading delivery vehicles.
  • Accepting the delivery of the inventory.
  • Indicating and counting the inventory.
  • Inspecting inventory for damages and defects.
  • Communication of errors to the appropriate parties.
  • Labelling and marking the stock.
  • Inaccessible storage of inventory.
  • Wrapping and loading stock onto pallets.
  • Loads can be lifted using forklifts as well as an electronic pallet Jack.

The median wage for warehouse workers is $53,927 per annum.

Is Transportation a Good Career Path?

Yes! Transportation is a fascinating field for those who are just starting out and want to develop their abilities and earn a steady income. There is a myriad of jobs available in this industry there is a good chance you’ll get a chance to:

  • So, if you’re interested in travelling and exploring the world? Think about becoming a ship pilot or airline captain.
  • Do you enjoy driving, but do you want to sleep at night? Pick a truck driver with a local-only job
  • There are also the warehouse jobs that allow you to operate forklifts.

Bonus: Profitable Transportation Business Ideas:

  1. App-Based Taxi Services such as Uber

  2. Car Shuttle Service

  1. Outstation Car Rentals

  2. Courier Service

  3. Truck Transportation Service

  4. Passenger Bus Service

  5. Medical Emergency Transportation

  6. Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

  7. Bicycle Rental Services

  8. Livestock Transportation Business

  9. Packers and Movers Business

  10. Travel Agency

  11. Air Ambulance

  12. School Bus/Taxi for Kids

  13. E-Rickshaw Service

  1. Bike Rental Service

  2. Milk Carrier Transportation

  3. Grocery Transportation

  4. Airport Transport Services

  5. Shipping and Small Boat Services

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