If a survey should be conducted and some persons asked about the easiest way of travelling/relocating to Australia, so many persons would say getting a job offer from an Australian company is the best as well as applying for a work or being offered a scholarship.

Ironically, if one don’t have any friend or close relative in Australia who can sponsor the application, the aforementioned method will be relatively hard as well.

The permanent residency visa stated above for Australia allows one to work in the country for a period of five years, after which the status can be changed to a full citizen after four years of formal work in the country.

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The permanent visa for Australia also allows moving along with family and some of the benefits of this permanent residency visa is that,

  • It gives freedom to live, work and settle in any part of the country
  • Official permission for the family members to accompany
  • Free education for children up to a certain age
  • Eligibility to sponsor relatives for permanent residential status
  • Work and health benefits for self and family.

Here, we’d be looking at some of the ways to migrate to Australia and probably start a new life.

Before any proceeding, the intended traveler should make sure that the Australian Immigration processes are ready and duly completed.

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Note that documentation task are very crucial, essential and should be duly assessed. If you had applied for a skilled visa, it’s Important to note that there are thousands of persons who prefer to live and work in the country.

Job opportunities always outnumber expectation with each passing day because of the locust count exodus into not just Australia but other European and Asian countries with a relative low cost of living.

The question, How to migrate to Australia will be answered and that will give you an immense satisfaction and a lucid understanding of what you should do and at what time should it be done and allowing you to live, work and settle permanently.

They’re some vital requirements with different regulations which are as follows;

  • Take help of an expert; Registered Migration Agents are the set of qualified workers who possesses knowledge when it comes to the laws that guides immigration. They’re the officers that offers a guide on skilled visas and state/territories. Beside they always offer personal guidance to you if your occupation is part of the skilled occupation list or not.
  • Permanent Residency/Citizenship; one can choose to seek a permanent residency that will help pursue work dreams based on the occupation and number of years as in a way this enhances your citizenship prospects. Either for a skilled visa, permanent residency and citizenship as all these precede step by step.

Having said and listed all these procedures, we’d then proceed to know the five easy steps to migrate to Australia.

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Step 1. Consider different employment options;

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This is arguably the biggest challenge as job security is the biggest issue and many migrants are facing this particular issue. So this is the first step every prospective traveler should embark on. Conduct an online survey and gather every information there is to gather about where you can work in any part of the country as one of the biggest hurdles one can face is searching for the right job in Australia, industries, occupations.

Then start a Home search as many choices are in front of you.

You can decide to live in Sidney, Melbourne, Perth or Brisbane or if you can choose to live and work in a designated regional area. Its important you make concrete provision for it, if you have a relative there, he/she can make the search easier for you.

The time to move out should be after the home provision has been secured and the occupation. Seek the guidance of an immigration expert as he’d help provide with the required help.

            Step 2. Seeking visa Nomination;

Every area has different rules and regulations, whether one meet the immigration points, procedures and follow the visa regulations, state nomination is what you are looking for and it helps in time of crisis.

A skilled applicant who is single can claim 10 points. Ten points for a skilled partner as well who is competent in the English language.

Skilled migration visas, and investor and business visas are among two crucial visas so it’s advisable to apply for Australia visa that helps you seek the nomination.

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Step 3. Submit Application for a visa;

Make a definitive choice. Search for what a particular area has to offer and start applying by submitting your application online.

         Step 4. Move after that;

This is the next step to take after receiving immigration points. You can then go to the designated area with all your belongings, leaving to the preferred destination.

Step 5. Settle in a Regional area;

At this stage, you have to apply for A General skilled migration visa or an investor and Business visa. Fulfil the details on occupation type, immigration points and regional area nomination points.

In conclusion, it is important to note that before applying for Australia, one should handle every immigration procedure. Documentation tasks involving immigration processes is very important. If there’s any question about the visa rules and regulations, it should be asked from the designated agents online.


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