How to close your Bet9ja Account

How to close your Bet9ja Account

Here is a detailed guide on How to close your Bet9ja Account

Do you want to close your bet9ja account? Are you tired of losing your hard earned monies via sport gambling on the bet9ja betting platform either through zoom soccer, virtual or  real premier league soccer betting?

kindly follow this steps below,

Kindly note that playing bet9ja games come with  risk and gains and if you no longer feel comfortable playing or staking with bet9ja, you can close or deactivate your online bet9ja account. To do that,

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  1. Send a message to bet9ja customer services requesting for account deactivation or closure

2. Alternatively, if youre having issues sending messages to bet9ja customer care or probably there is delay in the response process, kindly call their customer care line via the following numbers [ 01-8889309 or 0-15158888 or 01-4405145 or 08099990939 (Operating hours are 08:00 to 21:00)] and tender your deactivation request.

3. You will automatically receive this mail as seen below

4. Kindly respond immediately by providing the requested documents and your account will be closed or deactivated within 24 hour if not done instantly.

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