How do I get phone numbers of football agents in Nigeria?

Nigeria is home to thousands of young aspiring football players who are at the mercies of football agents to look into them and get them under their management umbrella.

There are not many football agents in Nigeria, there are lot of people on the street who claims that they are football agents and can help with tension footballers,but but it is quite unfortunate that many of these people have not got what it takes to be called a football agent, well that is not to say there are not few good ones.

I want to share with you the top and best football agents available in Nigeria right now, these are football agents with proven track records.

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Some reliable football agents in Nigeria are:

Dosu Joseph

Joseph is a popular goalkeeper of the Nigerian team that won the gold medal in Atlanta 96 Olympics game.
He was forced to stop his football career after he had an accident.


He has since worked as a football analyst and he currently runs a football academy called Dosu football academy.


He is well connected with one of the best football agents in Nigeria which is Churchill  Oliseh and he is also connected to a German football manager named Christian Omolor which assists in transferring skilled players from Nigeria to different clubs in Europe and other parts of the world to start their football career.

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He has had quite a number of players transferred under his management, you can talk about the likes of Brown Ideye, Oduamadi, Ruben Gabriel, Mohammed Gabo.
Dosu Joseph is a licensed football agent in Nigeria.

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