Fake Credit Card Number –Top 5 Websites To Generate Fake Credit Card Numbers

Fake Credit Card Number –Top 5 Websites To Generate Fake Credit Card Numbers

Credit card number generators prove handy for the easy generation of credit card numbers that you might need for various purposes. Depending on the chosen generator software, you might be able to generate a fake or real (virtual) credit card number of your preferred card issuer.

In the belief that you’re one of those who need a fake credit card number for a legit purpose (such as testing a newly-developed e-commerce site), we’d like to show you the top 5 websites for generating fake credit card numbers.

What Are the Top 5 Fake Credit Card Number Generators?

1.PayPal Developer

This is one of the platforms you can trust for the creation of an unreal credit card number. With the aid of PayPal Developer, you can generate a credit card number that lets you test the payment processing of your e-commerce site.

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Credit card number generators, like PayPal Developer, are especially useful to website developers who need to test the payment processing capability of whatever e-commerce sites they’re building.

While using the unreal credit card in processing commercial transactions on the sites, they might be able to ascertain whether all the commands are functional or not. This way, it’s pretty easy to identify areas where modification or rectification is needed before the developers can have well-built e-commerce sites with fully functional payment processing systems.

If you’d like to generate a credit card number using PayPal Developer, comply with the simple instructions below:

  • Click the link here to visit PayPal Developer
  • Once you land on the homepage of PayPal Developer, you’ll have to create an account (if you don’t have any PayPal account yet) by clicking the hamburger icon in the top left-hand corner of the page. This icon looks like a stack of three short (horizontal) lines
  • On the page that shows up, scroll down and click login to Dashboard
  • The subsequent page requests that you input your e-mail address or mobile number. Since you don’t have an account yet, click the provided Sign up button to create one
  • After the account creation, login to the Developer dashboard so that you can proceed to the generation of a credit card number
  • In the “Mock” menu that appears after you’ve logged in, locate the “Credit Card Generator” option and click it
  • You’ll be provided with a selection of credit card brands for you to decide on the “Card type” of your choice
  • After specifying the card type, select the “Generate CC” option
  • PayPal Developer would generate the credit card and you’ll see the card details –such as number, CVV and expiration date –below “generated card details”
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2. CCard Generator

CCard Generator is one of the best websites for generating unreal credit card numbers. It is such a comprehensive option that lets you generate fake credit card numbers of various credit card brands. For any credit card number that you generate using CCard Generator, you’ll get banking data and full identity.

Interestingly, CCard Generator comes with the “Mass Generator” feature which lets you generate multiple (fake) credit card numbers at once. To use CCard Generator for generating an unreal credit card number, comply with the steps below:

  • Click the link here to visit the website of CCard Generator
  • On the site’s homepage, scroll to the top right-hand corner and click the hamburger icon there. This icon looks like a stack of three short (horizontal) lines
  • From the menu that appears, select “Credit Card Generator” and choose your preferred credit card provider
  • Subsequently, you’ll be presented with a page that lets you generate a fake credit card with details –CVV, card number, expiry date, etc.

To simultaneously generate multiple credit card numbers with CCard Generator, simply use the “Mass Generator” feature through the steps below:

  • Visit the website of CCard Generator through this link
  • Navigate to the top right-hand side of the site’s homepage and click the hamburger icon there
  • Select “Mass Generator” from the menu that appears
  • Choose your preferred credit card provider, and you’ll be able to generate multiple credit card numbers at once (You’ll also be able to specify the data format you prefer as well as the number of credit cards you want to generate at once)

3.Get Credit Card Numbers

This site lives up to its name as it enables you to easily generate unreal credit card numbers that you might need for differing testing purposes. One of the perks of this credit card (number) generator is its ability to generate multiple cards at once.

The downside of Get Credit Card Numbers, however, is that you don’t get to see important details –such as identity data and expiry date –of its credit card. If you don’t consider this a serious con, you can follow the steps below to generate a fake credit card number with Get Credit Card Numbers:

  • Click the link here to visit Get Credit Card Numbers
  • Once you land on the site’s homepage, you can readily see a litany of credit card numbers under each of the available credit card issuers
  • You can pick any or all of the card numbers under your preferred issuer among the available credit card brands. While such card numbers are useful for your testing purposes, you can easily generate more by just reloading the page
  • Reload the page each time you want Get Credit Card Numbers to generate new card numbers for you
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4. Elf Qrin

Elf Qrin is one of the top sites for the hassle-free generation of fake credit card numbers that a website developer might need for testing purposes. This credit card generator distinguishes itself from the other options in this post by allowing you to input the cardholder’s name while attempting to generate a (fake) credit card.

Asides from its use for fake credit card (number) generation, Elf Qrin is a platform for generating various other things –fake IDs, random numbers, random hard-to-guess passwords, personal IDs, etc.

Here are the steps to use Elf Qrin in generating a fake credit card number:

  • Visit Elf Qrin’s website through the link here
  • On the homepage, you’ll see the array of items you can generate using Elf Qrin. Click the corresponding icon for credit card generation. This icon is tagged “Discard Credit Card”
  • On the page that shows up next, you may have to input important information including BIN pattern and number of cards. You can also specify that CVV and expiry date should be randomly generated for the credit card
  • To add the card holder’s name, you’ll find the link for doing so just below the checkbox tagged Add random CVV
  • After specifying all that is necessary, you may click the Generate button to generate the credit card

5.BIN Codes

BIN Codes is a site you can count on for various uses including credit card number generation and BIN check. When you land on the site’s homepage, you’ll find a menu with the following tabs: BIN Checker, BIN Search, IP/BIN Checker, Credit Card Checker, and Credit Card Generation.

As regards credit card generation, BIN Codes lets you use any of three modes namely Generate from BIN, Generate Randomly, and Generate by Bank. While Generate Randomly is likely the quickest mode, it provides you with the generated card number and the name of its issuer. You can instantly get more randomly generated card numbers by clicking the provided “Refresh Now” button.

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To use BIN Codes for your fake credit card generation, here are the steps to follow:

  • Click the link here to access the website of BIN Codes
  • Navigate to the top of the site’s homepage and select the “Credit Card Generator” tab
  • Then select your preferred mode of generation


Is the Fake Credit Card Number Different from the Real One?

The fake credit card number and the real (whether virtual or plastic) credit card number look alike, probably because they are created based on the same predetermined patterns. The fake credit card number however differs from the real one because it is not tied to any known bank account or real source of funds.

Unlike their fake counterpart, both plastic and virtual (real) credit card numbers are linked to actual bank accounts.

Do Fake Credit Card Numbers Have Legit Uses?

While it’s true that criminals use them for fraudulent purposes, fake credit card numbers certainly have legitimate uses. Website developers, particularly those building e-commerce sites, usually need fake credit card numbers for testing the effectiveness of the payment processing systems built into the sites.

Can I Use a Fake Credit Card Number to Make a Real Purchase?

No, and this is, of course, one of the major reasons why the fake credit card number differs from the real one. Because the fake credit card number is not linked to any bank account, there’s practically no way you can use it to fund a real purchase.


We hope that you found our step-by-step guide on how to use each of the 5 card number generators useful. Frankly, you’d find all of the listed websites handy for generating a fake credit card number that’s needed for payment system testing and certain other legit purposes.




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