Daniel Nwosu Jr –with the stage name “Dax” –is a Canadian who combines roles as a songwriter, rapper, basketballer and motivational speaker. Although he is best known for his exploits in the Canadian music industry, Dax makes an impact on some other career aspects.

In 2017, Dax made a significant breakthrough in the music scene with a melodious jam titled “Cash Me Outside”. Dax is said to have started delighting music lovers –especially his neighbours –with rap tunes at the time he was a teen. Today, Dax is a wave-making Canadian Hip Hop artiste whose songs have attracted a huge number of streams.

Early Life and Education

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Dax started his life in Canada’s Ottawa where he was born and brought up. It’s therefore a verifiable truth that he was already exposed to the sort of “tough” life in Ottawa as a child. While Dax is said to have been born into a family background that fancies music, it’s unsurprising that as a teen, Dax had already developed the creativity to reel out free-form rap tunes.

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He began showcasing his skills with those rap tunes, and owing to his desire to become a top-profile rapper, Daniel Nwosu nicknamed himself “Dax”. As a result of his real-life experience, Dax was inspired to have Hip Hop as his music genre.

Dax is a well-educated rapper who has attended a number of academic institutions. After his education at Sunrise Christian Academy, he was enrolled in Casper College. Moreover, he proceeded to the University of Montana and at the end of his time there, he further schooled at Newman University. With all that’s been said about Dax’s education, it’s crystal clear that the Canadian rapper has a solid academic background.

Musical Career

At some point in his musical career, Dax was rather indifferent to rap music. Soon, his indifference encouraged him to switch to music creation. Since he had companions who were music makers at that time, he began to acquire knowledge of music creation by observing some of them.

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It was not long before Dax became an expert in the game. But it’s quite fascinating that due to his innate ability (to churn out melodious rap lyrics), his penchant swerved back to the lyrics-creating life of the artiste. Following that, he was inspired to churn out several melodies including Killshot Freestyle, I Want, and She Cheated Again. Dax released each of these melodies on YouTube for music lovers to access.

It was with those melodies that some record names developed an interest in Dax and his style. Currently, Dax belongs to two record labels namely It Goes Up Entertainment and S.I.L. Records.

Dax is an accomplished Canadian Hip Hop artiste who has stuck to the sort of music that delights his fans. He is said to have made significant success with “Cash Me Outside” –a jam in which he featured Danielle Bregoli. Cash Me Outside, esp. as it’s deemed an incredible melody contributed immensely to Dax’s rise to stardom as one of Canada’s wave-making Hip Hop stars.

In 2020, Dax emerged with another big success as a follow-up to “Cash Me Outside”. With his 2020 song titled “I’ll Say It For You”, Dax really proved to be a musician who was poised not only to delight his fans but also to make a name for himself in Canada’s Hip Hop industry. Dax’s 2020 hit song –“I’ll Say It For You” –was a major success that attracted a good deal of streams and massive airplay on popular TV and radio broadcasts in Canada.

In that same year (2020), Dax won the hearts of his teeming fans yet again with a melody titled “Dear God”. This 2020 song didn’t only push up Dax’s popularity but also, racked up 35 million+ streams.

2020 would go down as a momentous year in Dax’s musical career probably for the impressive popularity and massive airplay that “I’ll Say It For You” and “Dear God” earned the Hip Hop star.

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Without a doubt, Dax is one of the Canadian Hip Hop artists who have enjoyed acceptance from brands and music lovers. On many occasions, he was called upon to perform at various shows. Also, he has been endorsed by a number of top music artists who find his lyrics and singing style interesting.

Personal Life

Dax maintains the kind of personal life that people regard as “private”. He doesn’t give any hint about his relationship life and so, we don’t know if he currently has a partner or not.

As for the religious aspect of him, Dax is considered somebody who maintains a “decent” relationship with God and his Christian faith. With that said, fashion sense is perhaps one of the features that Dax’s fans should like about the Canadian rapper. Dax is well known for maintaining dreadlocks as his hairstyle.

Though a well-recognized Canadian Hip Hop star, Dax acknowledges his Nigerian descent. In fact, he has a symbol of the Nigerian flag tattooed on his neck. Dax is a Canadian resident who lives in an adjusted condo situated in Ottawa –the capital of Canada.

While Dax sticks to a personal life that’s somewhat private, the popular Hip Hop star has been touted as one of Canada’s most-followed musicians. He has a huge fan base across the country.

Net Worth

Dax is a successful Canadian rapper who has made significant wealth through show performances and musical sales. We don’t have an exact figure of how much money Dax is worth, but according to estimates, the Canadian rapper’s net worth ranges between $200,000 and $800,000.


Dax has a good number of songs to his credit. Some of the Canadian rapper’s songs (or musical works) are as follows:

  • Killshot Freestyle
  • Dear God
  • Laptop Mic Recordings 2017/2019
  • Love Hurts
  • She Cheated Again
  • I’ll Say It For You (2020 EP)
  • I Can’t Breathe

Here’s a Quick Profile of Dax

Full NameDaniel Nwosu Jr
Date of BirthMarch 22, 1994
BirthplaceOttawa, Canada
NationalityCanadian (of Nigerian descent)
ProfessionRapper; motivational speaker
Record Label(s)It Goes Up Entertainment; S.I.L. Records

FAQs about Dax

Where Does Dax Live?

Dax is a resident of Canada where he lives in an Ottawa-based adjusted condo.

Who Is Dax’s Girlfriend?

We don’t have any information about whether Dax has a girlfriend/wife or not. Meanwhile, we can’t find any hint about Dax’s relationship status probably because he’s believed as living a somewhat private personal life.

How Old is Dax?

At the time of writing this post in 2022, Dax is 28 years old. The Canadian rapper was born on March 22, 1994.


Dax is a notable rapper who has made a name for himself in Canada’s music industry. The Canadian-Nigerian rapper, who began reeling out rap lyrics as a teen, is now a fan favourite among many lovers of rap music in Canada. Considering that he’s already worth between $200,000 and $800,000 despite coming into the limelight less than a decade ago, Dax is definitely one of the fast-growing successful Hip Hop stars in Canada.

At this juncture, we believe we’ve furnished you with information on everything you were willing to know about Dax. But if there’s a question you think we haven’t answered, especially in our “FAQs about Dax”, you’re free to ask us the question in the comment section below.


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