Coventry University Tuition Fees, Courses, and Requirements

Coventry University is a world-renowned first-class public university, that has seen many domestic students apply to study.

How much does it cost to study at Coventry University? Let’s take a look at this list of fees for local and international students looking to enroll in the school.

Tuition Fees of Coventry University, UK

Undergraduate fees

All Courses

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  • tuition fee for overseas students is – £13,476.

Postgraduate tuition fees

Automobile design:

  • tuition fee for overseas students – £12,068;

Interior design:

  • tuition fee for overseas students – £12,068;

Graphic design:

Design management:

Product design:

Design and transportation:

Industrial product design:

  • tuition fee for overseas students – £12,068.

How/When to Pay Tuition fees at Coventry University

Coventry University’s tuition can be paid in three installments:

  1. First time: when changing CAS, pay one-third of the total tuition.
  2. Second time: register for the first semester and pay one-third of the total tuition.
  3. Third time: Register for the second semester and pay one-third of the total tuition.
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You can also pay all the tuition fees at once, which is more convenient.

All Coventry University Fees

Deposit: It is generally recommended to pay this deposit at least three months before the start of your course, because you have to book accommodation, apply for a visa, and take into account the efficiency of this peak period and the application process. You may encounter loads of questions, so it’s important to submit in advance.

Language tuition: Before the beginning of the semester, a one-time payment is required when changing CAS. The language tuition is not supported in installments.

Tuition fees for regular courses: 66% of the full tuition fee must be paid before the school starts to register. If you do not have any proof that you have paid 66% of the tuition fee, you are If you cannot register, it means that you are not an official student of the school and cannot go to school. It is recommended that you pay the tuition in one go.

Required Documents for Coventry University

The required documents for registration as a freshman at Coventry University are as follows:

  • Original passport (valid passport);
  • The original visa (valid visa, generally the UK student visa is in the passport);
  • Original degree certificate
  • Original language transcripts (for example, IELTS, TOEFL, if you are taking a language course in the UK, you should also bring the transcript that you used to apply for the language course in your country, and bring the transcript for passing the major language course.
  • CAS letter, must be printed out;
  • Original BRP card;
  • The tuition payment certificate. Some changes have been made in recent years. If you have not paid the tuition fee, you need to show your deposit certificate. It should be two installments of 4,000 pounds, so the total is 8,000 pounds. If you have paid your tuition by bank transfer, please bring a copy of your bank transfer form and the MT103 form issued by your bank. These two things can help the school track your payment more quickly.
  • Original ATAS certificate (provided only if there is a description that needs to be provided, most students do not need it).

Coventry University Most Popular Courses

Graphic Design Major

The core of the course is: stability, reliability and versatility. Through the study of this major, students will expand their understanding of the definition of various genres in the study of practical projects.

Automobile Design Major

  • The most advantageous major of Coventry University is automobile design.
  • Coventry University provides many designers for world-renowned automobile manufacturers, including the chief designer of Ferrari.
  • Coventry’s automotive engineering major, designing car engines and engines, gearboxes and other related majors are the first in the UK.
  • Coventry University is the only university in the world that has a master’s degree in automotive journalism.
  • Coventry University also has the world’s only simulation vehicle manufacturing equipment and laboratory.

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