Top 8 best college apparel websites in the US 2023

Best college apparel websites

Best college apparel website 2023

Want to slay in the top campus colours and college apparel brands? Or do you attend a college with the best merch but have no idea where to get college apparel? You’ve come to the correct location. This article highlights the best college apparel websites worth patronising in 2023.

1. Fanatics

Fanatics is the premier online retailer of legally licensed sports products and the best website for college clothes, offering sports fans the ideal shopping experience.

Fanatics Inc’sFanatics ( and FansEdge ( brands provide hundreds of thousands of legally licensed products and are in the top 50 Internet retailers.

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Fanatics runs the e-commerce sites of all major professional sports leagues (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, PGA), major media companies (NBC Sports, CBS Sports, FOX Sports), as well as over 200 collegiate and professional franchise assets.

With thousands of workers in numerous states and over one million square feet of warehouse space, Fanatics is the undisputed best website for college apparel and merch. 

2. Campus Colors 

Campus Colors is the second best college apparel website in the United States, having become a reliable source for real sports clothing and accessories at fair and affordable pricing for young ones.

They carry only fully licensed designs from prominent brands and their own Campus Colors labelled merchandise.

Over 80% of their goods contain official team colours, emblems, and writing and are produced exclusively for them by college clothing manufacturers.

Campus Colors focuses on creating timeless graphics and patterns to create a style that will highlight your team pride for decades.

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This leading website for college apparel focuses on giving value in their items, so you can buy with confidence knowing that you are obtaining a high-quality item at a reasonable price.

3. Ebay

A place where buyers and sellers can trade almost anything, Ebay is not just one of the best online marketplace for buying and selling, but is now the third best college apparel website in the United States.

You may discover a variety of college items, including footwear, apparel, accessories, and decorations.

You may also locate goods that have been auctioned off, and if you act quickly, you’ll receive the best deal.

4. Amazon

Amazon, which features a vast selection of college apparel goods across all categories, including footwear, clothes, and accessories, has developed a platform that incorporates shopping, content, services for businesses, and advertising, among other business lines.

You can get all the college apparel you need on Amazon, and if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you’ll receive special discounts.

5. Etsy

Etsy‘s reputation for dependability is an advantage when purchasing college apparel or any other item. Not only do consumers support specific artists, but they also acquire unique things. 

The majority of the college apparels are presumably held by someone else; thus, acquiring them reduces the likelihood that someone else will be wearing the same thing.

Not all of the included colleges are well-known institutions. In fact, folks who do not reside nearby may be unfamiliar with some universities.

This is highly comforting since it indicates that many individuals, not only students at prestigious colleges or state universities, have a possibility of obtaining the necessary equipment.

The college apparel styles shown on Etsy also respect diversity, with the website offering everything, unlike Instagram accounts whose college apparelstends to be limited to one or two styles of clothes.

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This college apparel website provides access to sweatpants, crop tops, crewnecks, cropped sweaters, t-shirts, v-necks, halter tops, sunglasses, jerseys, and backpacks, making it simpler for consumers to locate what they need.

On Etsy, where there is a vast selection of apparels for numerous colleges, it is simple to locate dependable goods.

However, the shown clothing is not unique; rather, it is what many students anticipate from a clothes website.

Although there is nothing wrong with supplying what is anticipated, it might look mediocre when compared to other prominent websites offering college clothes.

6. DICK’S Sporting Goods

DICK’S Sporting Goods serves sports and outdoor lovers throughout the United States, making them one of the best college apparel in 2022/23.

Today,the premier omnichannel shop inspires confidence and enthusiasm by providing all athletes with the tools they need to realise their goals.

7. Prep Sportswear

Prep Sportswear, a consumer brand manufacturer and e-commerce leader in the school, college, youth sports, and active lifestyle industries, was introduced in 2003 as the main brand of Sportswear Inc and is the seventh best college apparel website in America. 

Prep Sportswear pioneered the vertical-commerce model or “v-commerce” by combining its extensive digital skills with an agile supply chain and on-demand production to provide customers with the largest and most responsive selection of high-quality goods.

Their vertical production skills are optimised for the on-demand economy, making them one of the best college apparel websites in the U.S.

Their unique and original items will undoubtedly satisfy the unquenchable needs of college students.

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The college apparel website was founded on the notion that every fan should be able to support and partake in the passion and achievements of their favourite team, and that every consumer should be able to connect with their particular experiences.

Prep Sportswear has created a very creative e-commerce platform that offers customers thousands of unique personalised college clothing and accessory products by embracing cutting-edge technologies.

Each purchase is created on-demand and sent within three to five business days from their wholly-owned and managed plant in Louisville, Kentucky.

Apparel Magazine presented Prep Sportswear with the 2010 Top Innovator Award. The college apparel website placed 543rd on the 2017 Internet Retailer Second 500 list of the biggest online retailers and ranked 163rd in the Apparel/Accessories category.

8. Macy’s

Macy’s, the main retail brand of Macy’s, Inc., is a source of fashion inspiration for generations of consumers and the final inclusion of best college apparel websites in the US. 

The most easy and smooth shopping experience is provided by Macy’s, which offers fantastic deals on college clothes, accessories, and more.

With one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the country, driven by and a mobile app, plus a countrywide network of shops, Macy’s is one of the best college apparel websites in the United States.

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