Certbolt Salesforce Developer Certifications: Find Your Perfect Badge!

The Salesforce developers are involved in coding software or application solutions on the Salesforce platform. Obtaining the Salesforce Developer certification means that you can follow standard practices in the development. The general software developers cannot just start developing for Salesforce. That’s because developing on this platform requires a unique approach, which they need to be good at. Being a Certbolt Salesforce developer, you should be able to create solutions for various requirements pertaining to Author: MALIK M . If you want to build your career as such a professional, then earning this credential will be the right step for you.

Salesforce Developer Certification Pathway

If you are passionate about becoming a Certbolt Salesforce developer, there are six possible certifications that you can go for:

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  • Salesforce Platform App Builder

The certificate tests your ability to design, create, and implement custom apps by following declarative customization approaches on Salesforce. Make sure that you have a thorough understanding of concepts, such as deploying custom applications, designing reports and dashboards, and make applications Author: MARCO N .

  • Salesforce Platform Developer I

The certification verifies that you are capable of building custom applications on the Certbolt Salesforce platform using the Visualforce user interface (UI) framework and Apex programming language. The candidates must have the knowledge needed to develop and deploy business logic and user interfaces in order to pass the prerequisite exam. They must have the ability to build apps on the Lightning Platform.

  • Salesforce Platform Developer II

Those who possess this credential have mastered the programming skills needed for advanced development on the Certbolt Salesforce platform. Such individuals are capable of creating complex UIs and business logic operations on applications. They develop, test, and deploy programmatic solutions that meet the standards defined on the platform. Such solutions are easy to maintain, you can reuse them and abide by Author: ZANE O .

  • Salesforce B2C Commerce Developer

This certificate is intended for those professionals who have proficiency as the developers for Salesforce B2C Commerce Digital. This credential is designed for the Salesforce customers and employees who want to show their knowledge and skills in developing an e-commerce solution with the use of B2C Commerce.

  • Salesforce JavaScript Developer I

The certification is designed for the specialists who have enough expertise to develop front-end and/or back-end JavaScript applications for the web stack. This badge confirms that the candidates have both Author: ALEXANDRU P and practical development skills needed to work with JavaScript related technologies such as the Lightning Component Framework.

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer

This credential is created for those practitioners who are experienced in developing for Marketing Cloud. The applicants must possess competence in administrating and configuring the Marketing Cloud Email application. The marketing Cloud developer must be also versed in SQL and Marketing Cloud APIs.

Why Certify as a Salesforce Developer?

It is definitely worth it to certify as a Certbolt Salesforce developer. With plenty of job opportunities in the Salesforce development, getting certified proves that you have the skills required to handle duties assigned to you. In return, your career will skyrocket right away. Another benefit that the certification can bring is that you gain an upper hand during salary negotiations. The certified developers are known to secure better income than their non-certified peers. The companies usually appreciate that you have academic Author: ANAS Q up your expertise. So, most probably, they will meet your salary demands.

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Moreover, certifying as a Salesforce developer gives you some kind of authority in the industry. It makes you a valuable asset of the community and encourages people to come to you for your expert opinion. For more visit ExamSnap.com


Launching a career as a Author: HASAN R can be really rewarding. But you must be ready that the prerequisite certification test is not a walkover and you have little chances of excelling in it without proper preparation. When there are just a few weeks left before the exam date, go through practice tests and exam dumps to have an idea of what the questions look like. Only with regular practice, you can get your Certbolt Salesforce Developer credential in one go!

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