It is safe to assume that as an Android user, you know Google Play Store and can reckon that it is the most-visited store for the download of Android apps. Tons of apps –both free and premium –are hosted on Google Play Store for Android users to download and install.

But for one reason or the other, an Android user could be keen to find a substitute for Play Store. Especially if you don’t want to pay for Play Store’s premium apps or games, chances are that you’d like to have a Play Store alternative such as Blackmart Alpha.

Blackmart Alpha is arguably the best Google Play Store alternative for the download of Play Store’s contents. All the contents on Blackmart Alpha are free to download and it is not far from the truth that Blackmart Alpha is the “black market” for downloading Play Store’s contents.

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In addition to being a nice Play Store alternative, Blackmart’s other benefit is that you don’t need to attempt any registration or sign up using your active Google account.

This post provides you with detailed information about Blackmart Alpha with emphasis on the features of the app and how to install its APK. You’ll also find a working download link for the Play Store alternative.

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What Are the Features of the Blackmart Alpha App?

Blackmart APK (2021) Latest Version Free Download

Auto Update

This feature –of auto update –causes the Blackmart Alpha app to automatically update itself. You won’t have to manually check for updates as the app will do that job by itself.

The auto update feature is one that lets you have the latest version of Blackmart installed automatically. But if you aren’t pleased with this auto update feature, you can explore Blackmart’s settings and deactivate the feature.

Auto update does have its own advantage but not everyone finds it satisfactory that apps should update by themselves.

Free Apps and Games

Blackmart Alpha gives you free access to all the apps that you’d normally pay for on Google Play Store. Unarguably, Google Play Store is the world’s most popular market for Android apps. Both premium and free apps abound on Google Play Store which currently holds more than 3 million apps.

As an alternative to Google Play Store, Blackmart Alpha avails users the chance to download Google Play Store apps, whether premium or free, without paying a penny. Frankly, all the apps and games on Blackmart Alpha are free to install. If you can’t afford paying for a particular premium app/game that you find on Play Store, Blackmart Alpha is probably your best bet for free access to the app or game.

One-click Download

Coming along with free access to all of Blackmart’s contents is the ease of downloading the contents. You won’t find permission restriction on any of Blackmart’s apps and games.

Courtesy of this “one-click download” feature, you only need to tap the Install button of whatever Blackmart app or game that you wish to download. If you don’t find your desired app immediately, you can make use of the provided search widget. Once the app appears, click it and tap the attached Install button.

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How to Install Blackmart Alpha on Your Android Smartphone

Blackmart Alpha APK is easy to install after download but to pave the way for hassle-free installation, you need to grant your Android device the permission to install apps from unknown sources.

Here’s how to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources:

  • Head over to your phone’s Settings menu
  • Toggle over to the Accessibility section and click the Unknown Source option
  • Depending on your Android phone, you’ll either click the Allow option or tilt the Allow button to the right-hand side

With that done, you should now proceed to downloading Blackmart Alpha APK. Click the link here to download the APK. After the download, you can easily install the APK file and begin using the Blackmart Alpha app on your phone.

Is Blackmart Alpha Safe to Use?

We may not be in the position to explicitly tell if Blackmart Alpha is safe to use. However, one thing you must note is that the app is an illegal substitute for the popular Google Play Store.

Blackmart Alpha guarantees free access to apps and games that could be otherwise premium on Google Play Store. You should normally expect Blackmart Alpha to have its own downsides. Therefore, one major downside of Blackmart is the risk of downloading apps and games loaded with virus or ads. Blackmart remains an illegitimate app store and if you’re a security-conscious individual, you may want to keep Blackmar at an arm’s length.

Notably, Google Play Store holds the copyright on the contents we find in it. If you’re downloading such contents from a different app store, you should be ready to bear the risk associated with your action.

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Blackmart gives you free access to games that are otherwise considered premium on Google Play Store. If you opt to download such games from Blackmart, you might risk exposing your phone to virus and adware. Some critics have, in fact, argued that the people behind Blackmart are perhaps after making money and wouldn’t mind posing risk to users of the app.

Moreover, you won’t find the Blackmart Alpha app on Play Store and this means you’ll have to download the APK file if you must install the app on your Android phone. This, of course, is another pointer to the likelihood that Blackmart is not safe to use.


We are convinced that this post has provided you with vital information about Blackmart Alpha. Also, we believe that you’ve found the provided link useful for downloading the latest Blackmart Alpha APK.

Blackmart is undeniably a nice alternative to Google Play Store and especially, it’s got to be the perfect fit for any Android user who doesn’t want to pay for Play Store’s premium apps or games. However, anybody downloading Blackmart Alpha should be wary of the security risk associated with its contents.

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