Bitcoin Facts You Just Didn’t Know: An Ideal Guide for You


While Bitcoin is the most well-known cryptocurrency network on the planet, there are a few things you might not know about all this. Let’s look at specific Bitcoin statistics to get a better understanding of these famous blockchain-based cryptocurrencies. But before we dive into the interesting facts, if you are looking for a platform that can help you excellently in trading, then you should register with and start becoming a better trader.

  1. The Unfathomable Designer 

Bitcoin was first presented to the planet in 2009 by an individual or group of people identified as Satoshi Nakamoto. He (or they) went missing from the Internet in early 2010, and no one has communicated with him again. Nobody ever knows whether he’s living or gone, just like his name is veiled in mystery. Emails and message boards were the only means of contact with him. His Bitcoin wallet contains about 980,000 bitcoins, making him one of the world’s wealthiest citizens. 

  1. Satoshi Nakamoto 

The new issue of bitcoin regarded as a Satoshi is a token of reverence for Bitcoin’s maker. One Satoshi is currently worth about 0.00005 US dollars (as of April 11th, 2019), which would be a meagre amount. Approximately one hundred million Satoshis are needed to create one bitcoin. To make a dollar, you’ll need about 15,800 Satoshis, according to existing bitcoin prices, which vary a ton significantly. 

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  1. Bitcoins Are Being Lost 

Having lost your Bitcoin address, which is also recognized as your private key, not only means abandoning your complete verification; it also means leaving all the bitcoins in your pocket. According to research, at least 60% of any Crypto algorithms are phantoms, implying that a significant portion of Bitcoin users have misplaced their identities and are unable to reach their wallets. 

  1. The Republic of Liberland 

Liberland, a micronation straddling Croatia and Serbia, was established in April 2015, and It was created by Vít Jedlička, a leader, publicist, protester, and president of Liberland. Liberland uses bitcoin as the official currency; Bitcoin and its related blockchain principles, according to the government, offer a stable and open system for tracking cyber, financial, and physical properties. 

  1. Processing Ability and Use of Electricity 

Mining bitcoins is a costly method that requires a significant investment of capital, time, and energy. Bitcoin mining necessitates the usage of servers dedicated to the task. The quicker you handle the results, the quicker the block can be applied to the blockchain, and the more bitcoins you’ll get. 

Per year, Ireland absorbs around 5,000 kilowatt-hours of energy. The combined electricity consumption of all cryptocurrency mining facilities is about 60 terawatt-hours, or approximately 6 x 1010 kilowatt-hours, which is a significant amount of energy. The whole nation of Ireland, which has a population of 84,421 people and covers a region of 84,421 square kilometers, uses less fuel than any of this farm together. 

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Therefore many people say that Bitcoin mining is terrible for all the world’s climate, which is why most countries have banned it. Below is the proper explanation of why this bitcoin mining is prohibited and why it is in such less supply. 

  1. Bitcoin Ban, As Well As A Limited Supply of Bitcoins 

While certain nations, such as Canada and the United States, have enthusiastically embraced Bitcoin, others have not. Bolivia, Iceland, Bangladesh, and Ecuador are among the countries that have outright prohibited the use of bitcoins. India, Thailand, and Iran, for example, have asked their citizens to be cautious when using cryptocurrency but have not outright outlawed them—they do not, however, consider them as legal currency. 

The number of bitcoins that will remain in the economy is limited to 21 million, and at this time, 17 million bitcoins are in existence, which suggests that nearly 80% of the total 21 million are already being mined. But don’t worry; we’ll be able to mine bitcoins before the year 2140. Because of the way mines are compensated, this is the case. For each block applied to the blockchain, miners are credited with 12.5 bitcoins, which are decreased by half every four years. In 2020, the payout will be limited to 6.25 bitcoins, which would be the second halving.

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