Best Dog Grooming Class Online Free or Paid | 2021

Best Dog Grooming Class Online Free or Paid

Which are the best dog grooming course Online in 2021? You are just about to find out, but just before, here is what dog grooming is all about.

Dogs are one of the most popular pet-related products. They seem to be very attractive and hard to resist, but they are also very expensive.

Dog grooming is an important part of the dog’s life, with a dog groomer you can save money and make sure that your dog gets the perfect cut. A dog groomer does not just cut dogs’ hair; he/she is also responsible for their nails, skincare, and so on.

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Most people do not have the time to groom their dogs, especially if they have a puppy. This is when dog grooming courses can come in handy.

There are a variety of dog grooming certification programs available online and it is hard to choose the best one.

It is also important that you have an understanding of different types of dog grooming certifications, there are different kinds of dog groomer training programs out there and in this post, we will consider the best dog grooming courses online.

#1. Penn Foster

The pet care school Penn Foster offers online allows you to be at your own pace and develop the skills you need to effectively care for your pets.

The online pet care program is a pet care school where you can learn the skills to become an expert. You can choose from several specialty courses and then take them one by one.

The Penn Foster online curriculum is comprehensive and rich in content. It covers everything from grooming to training techniques and behavior modification. In addition, it offers access to hundreds of dog products, including electric-free dog collars, man-made doghouses, doggy daycare services and much more. Penn Foster has a great selection of resources for people who want to learn more about the dog world.


Course Cost: $ 529

#2. Online Dog Grooming School

Dog Grooming is a great way to get pampered in an enjoyable environment. You can learn more about dog grooming and find the right school that suits your budget.

This is a course to learn how to groom dogs and puppies. The course will provide you with all the information you need to start grooming dogs. You can take this course as a refresher before starting your own dog grooming business.

Cost: $99. Upgrade to second-tier plan cost around $ 175, the e-book includes all of the above plus grants you even more access to its additional content.

Online dog grooming school is a great way to devote your time and energy to important aspects of your work life. Your puppy will receive a much-needed training aid every day from the professional teacher who is using the internet in effective ways instead of voicemail: online dog grooming school .

#3. QC Pet Studies

It is easy to learn and use the QC Pet Studies Dog Grooming Course. As both a professional groomer and dog owner, I’ve witnessed first-hand how much time dog grooming can waste and how costly it can be without proper training. In addition, side note: this pet grooming course is an 80-hour online training guide that will help anyone looking to “be a pro

The training is delivered through a range of intensive live events and interactive workshops. One of the biggest draws to the course structure is that you will hear from people who have actually been there and done that. The details they provide will help you stick to your plan, on both a personal and business level.


#4. JKL Grooming

Dog grooming is a trending business. The industry is booming with pet owners from all over the world. In order to enter this business, you need to be knowledgeable and skilled with the latest technology. You need to be aware of the different certification requirements and abide by them in order not to fall behind other competition.

Although there are some introductory courses, the Diploma Dog Grooming course is the most comprehensive training in this field. It provides practical training at the groomer assistant, professional groomer, and finishing stylist. This course takes about 6 months to complete and is recognized by JKL Grooming as a Diploma

Course Cost: from $575 for 3 months

#5. Basics & Beyond

The main objective of the program is to help you learn how to be a good pet owner. At this school, you will learn everything from basic to start your own pet care business or care for your dog from home.

Porgam runs for up to 8 to 12 weeks at a pocket-friendly cost of $ 325.

#6. Groomadog Academy

When you’re talking of the most flexible and customizable courses for online dog grooming programs then it’s groomadog academy’s course.

Dogs are often groomed, and the results range from simple to elaborate. The Groomadog Academy guides pet owners through a holistic grooming and pet care program for dogs of all sizes or brands.

#7. Holly and Hugo

Now in its sixth edition – we’re sure you’ll get a ton out of this course. Dog lovers don’t just need the basics, so they learn practical advice on grooming more than 150 breeds in a comprehensive and slowly paced systemic learning to be successful from puppyhood right through old age.

While dog sitting is mostly a service/job, there are plenty of people who actually enjoy caring for their own pets. Here we take a look at the options available in the market today and give you our shortlist of top 4 affordable pet care services.


For $119 you can jump on this dog grooming course led by Tolo Vicens who is a professional dog groomer for over 2 decades.

#8. Animal Behavior College

Animal Behavior College is a non-profit, self-funded Animal Behavior College Program that offers comprehensive education on the field of animal behavior. The program is accredited by the Council for Agriculture and Consumer Sciences (CACS) and the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE), and is designed to meet specific needs of those wishing to enter full-time careers as professional dog groomers or small

A year-long course that helps learn all there is about a dog groomer’s toolbox, health and safety precautions, scissors techniques, and more.

The tuition costs ranges from $3,999 and $6,195; depending on your ideal payment plan.

#9. Paragon School of Pet Grooming

Paragon School of Pet Grooming is a world-class dog grooming academy located in the beautiful city of Atlanta, Georgia. The Paragon School of Pet Grooming’s curriculum features three levels of training to help you master the art and craft of pet grooming.

Each course goes for around $900 and you are required to get additional learning resources such as textbooks.


These certifications will help in protecting the health of your pets and also ensure that they get proper medical care.

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