Airtel isn’t only a reputable telecom company but also a subscriber-friendly brand constantly in the limelight for the provision of exciting data offers.

Whether you’re an Airtel customer with moderate Internet usage or somebody always using Airtel for heavy tasks such as online gaming, you’ll reckon that the telecom company has got some of the best data deals out there.

As part of its commitment towards satisfying customers’ Internet bundle needs, Airtel offers an excitingly affordable night plan. Of course, not everyone fancies staying awake at odd hours (probably 12am to 5am) all because they want to use the Internet as it pleases them. But for those who can keep sleep away at such hours, Airtel does offer them the chance of awesome internet experience.

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It’s beyond doubt that the night data plans of various Nigerian network operators are much more affordable than what subscribers experience with the normal “daytime” plans. With MTN’s night plan, for example, you can get up to 500MB for just #25. This plan works for whatever task you could expect a common MTN internet bundle to do for you ranging from content download down to content streaming on any website. In simple terms, the night plan allows for unrestricted internet access.

Much has been said about the Airtel night plan and if you’re looking to give night-time subscription a try, chances are that you’ll make success with the Airtel night plan. Luckily also, this post will extensively walk you through everything you need to know about the Airtel night plan including the subscription code, the validity period and the varying subscription costs.

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Airtel Night Plan Explained

The Airtel night plan allows for a night of affordable internet experience. If you’re an Airtel user who fancies night-time browsing, you could leverage Airtel’s night plan for an awesome experience you can hardly enjoy during the day.

Basically, the Airtel night plan is a kind of bundle that offers you data at a much cheaper rate than what you can get with normal internet bundles. With just #200, for example, you can get up to 1.5GB of data with which you can surf the web between 12am and 5am.

The Airtel night plan is available to Airtel users subscribed to the Smart TRYBE tariff plan. What this means is that if you wish to subscribe to Airtel’s night plan, you need to be on the SmartTRYBE tariff plan. Later in this post, you’ll find out the steps for subscribing to the Airtel night plan.

As you’ll find out in this post, the Airtel night plan is worth subscribing to. Some users have, in fact, described it as a better offer than the MTN night plan.

Airtel 1GB Data Plan + Free 1GB for YouTube Night Streaming

This may be considered an Airtel plan with extra data dedicated for the streaming of YouTube content in the night. This plan offers you up to 1GB base data (plus free 1GB for YouTube night streaming) at the price of #500. While this plan comes with a 7-day validity period, you’re very likely to find it amazing. You can subscribe to the plan by dialing *141*502#

Airtel 750MB Data Plan + Free 1GB for YouTube Night Streaming

At the price of #500, this Airtel plan offers you up to 750MB plus free 1GB specifically suited for YouTube night streaming. While this plan also comes with a 7-day validity period, you can subscribe to it by dialing *141*500#

Airtel Night Plan Compared to MTN Night Plan

MTN’s night plan doesn’t seem to allow for multiple subscriptions in a single night. This drawback is probably the major reason why the Airtel night plan appears to be a much better offer.

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If you exhaust your Airtel night plan data before the validity period elapses, you’re free to renew your subscription in that same night. What this means is that you can enjoy multiple activations for each night that you subscribe to Airtel’s night plan.

Steps to Subscribe to Airtel Night Plan

The Airtel night plan is divided into four tiers with each tier having a validity period of 12am to 5am. Here are the steps for subscribing to the Airtel night plan:

  • Migrate to SmartTRYBE by dialing *312#. Then, reply with ‘1’ to the prompt that emerges
  • Now that you’ve migrated to SmartTRYBE, you can subscribe to the night plan by dialing *312#
  • You’ll have to reply to the on-screen prompt with ‘1’ (to subscribe to the #25 plan for 250MB) and ‘2’ (to subscribe to the #500 plan for 1GB)
  • You can as well reply with ‘3’ to subscribe to the 1.5GB and the 500MB plans which cost #50 and #25 respectively
  • If you reply with ‘4’, you’ll be able to subscribe to the more recent offer of 1.5GB at a price of #200

Airtel Unlimited Night Plan –How Does It Work?

Airtel’s dedicated plan for unlimited night-time browsing happens to have been discontinued. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t have an experience very similar to what the plan used to offer subscribers. But how do you enjoy that experience?

Well, the simple trick is to continually renew your Airtel night plan once you’ve exhausted your data. This will work pretty well since Airtel allows you to activate the night plan more than once per night. If you’re going with Airtel’s 250MB for #25, for example, you can opt to re-subscribe as many times as you can between 12am and 5am.

Doing the above should give you an experience almost similar to what the defunct Airtel unlimited night plan used to offer subscribers.

Commonly Asked Questions about Airtel Night Plan

What is the validity period of the Airtel night plan?

The Airtel night plan has a 5-hour validity period that stretches from 12am to 5am. This validity period is same for all tiers of the Airtel night plan.


How do I check the data balance on my Airtel night plan?

There are several USSD codes for checking the data balance on your Airtel data plan. To confirm the data balance on your night plan, you may use any of Airtel’s general codes for checking data balance. Some of these codes include *141*712*0#, *123*10# and *141*11*0#

Can I roll over my Airtel night plan data?

It’s not possible to roll over your unused Airtel night plan data. Once the validity period elapses, all your unused night plan data becomes null and void. Simply put, you can’t expect a new subscription to activate the unused data from your night plan.

Can I use my Airtel night plan data in the day?

The Airtel night plan does not work in the day and that’s why you just have to stay awake in the night if you must enjoy this kind of data plan.



We hope this post has covered much ground concerning all you were willing to know about Airtel’s night plan.

Many subscribers have really described the Airtel night plan as an excellent offer. Without mincing words, our verdict on the plan is that it’s an exciting data plan for any Airtel subscriber willing to have an affordable Internet experience between 12am and 5am.

If there’s something important you think we didn’t mention about the Airtel night plan, do well to draw our attention to it via the comment section below.


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