7 Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Non-Durables – All You Need to Know

Are you looking for the highest-paid jobs in non-durable consumer goods? Relax!

Here’s a list. We’ll walk you through the industry, discuss non-durables for consumers, and then share the profitable and lucrative jobs in the sector.

Before we get into the details, let’s first look at what consumer goods are.

What are consumer goods?

Consumable goods are goods that are intended for consumption by the general public. Consumptive goods are finished goods that have been made and are ready for sale. They are used by consumers to meet their current needs or wants.

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These final products are not intermediate goods that are used to make other goods (e.g. parts bought to manufacture or assemble an item), but they can be directly consumed, e.g. a microwave in your kitchen, tissue paper in the bathroom, candles, matches and so on.

These goods can last for a long time and are often of two types.

Different types of consumer goods

There are two types:

1. What are Durable Goods for Consumers?

These products and items are made for consumers to use again and again. Because they are durable, their main purpose is to be reusable over a long time. You can use them to make vehicles, kitchenware, digging equipment, gym equipment, home appliances, electronic furniture, and automobiles.

2. What are consumer non-durable goods?

Non-durable goods are items and goods that can’t last a long time. They can be used only once, and then they can be supplanted.

What is a Consumer Non-Durable?

Foods, medications, and paper are all examples of consumer non-durable products. These items should be replaced regularly and are included in non-durable goods.

Which companies are involved in the field of Consumer Non-Durables?

Many organizations offer job opportunities in the United States and around the world.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the top non-durable consumer companies around the globe.

Procter & Gamble Company One the world’s largest non-durable goods producers and one of the most respected FMCG companies in the world with Baby Care and Fabric Care, Family Care and Feminine Care. The USA is the headquarters.

Nestle AG is another non-durable food manufacturing company. Its headquarters are in Switzerland. Nestle has more than 2000 brands, ranging from global icons and local favourite FMCG products. Nestle is also present in 191 countries worldwide. Switzerland is the headquarters.

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Coca-Cola is a USA-based Multi-National Company that manufactures soft drinks.

PepsiCo is one of the most respected foods and non-alcoholic beverage corporations in the world. They have more than 263,000 employees as of 2019. The headquarters are located in the USA.

L’Oreal is a French-based cosmetics and beauty products manufacturing company.

Nike – Manufactures shoes and sportswear items, and the headquarters of Nike is located in the USA. Nike is the most trusted brand in sportswear manufacturing. As of 2021, Nike employs more than 73,300 people.

Unilever is another large FMCG company. It sells fast-moving, non-durable consumer products. 2.5 billion people use Unilever products every day to feel good, look great, and get more from life.

The table below shows companies that are in the Consumer Non-Durables Field.

NESTLE AG$372.720 Billion
UNILEVER GROUP$137.220 Billion
CHRISTIAN DIOR$143.380 Billion
PEPSICO$240.690 Billion
NIKE$248.460 Billion
L’OREAL$249.140 Billion
COCA-COLA COMPANY$260.590 Billion
DIAGEO$123.290 Billion
ALTRIA GROUP$91.427 Billion
COLM Columbia Sportswear Co$5.9Billion
CROX Crocs Inc$4.6Billion
DECK Deckers Outdoor Corp$7.3Billion
WESFARMERS$47.592 Billion
FIGS FIGS Inc$3.2Billion
GENERAL MILLS$41.362 Billion
GIVAUDAN SA$46.065 Billion
HBI HanesBrands Inc$5.3Billion
TE CONNECTIVITY$51.743 Billion

List of the Top-Paying Jobs in Consumer Non-Durables 2022

Due to an increasing population and rising demands, the consumer non-durables industry is growing rapidly. Many companies are now investing in consumer non-durables products.

The demand for labour will rise with thousands of companies expanding production and increasing their workforces around the globe.

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Here’s a list of the highest-paying jobs in non-durable consumer goods:

1. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Humans and animals alike need medication and other pharmaceutical products. The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is one of the most lucrative in the non-durable consumer sector.

This industry requires experts and professionals in a variety of positions. These include analysts and researchers, lab specialists, and labourers who ensure that final goods reach consumers.

Salary.com indicates that the median pay for drug-producing professionals in this industry is $25 an hour, $168 in 7 Hours, $840 per week, and $3,360 per Month.

The median compensation for certified pharmacists or drug specialists is over $125,000 annually, without any other remuneration or bonuses. This makes the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry one of the most lucrative jobs in the non-durable consumer sector.

What does a Consumer Non-Durable Job in a Pharmaceutical Company pay?

Here’s how much pharmacists make in the US.

The top 10 states where pharmacists make the most in the United States

  1. California: $152,011

  2. Alaska: $151,493

  3. New Jersey: $150 459

  4. Massachusetts: $148,064

  5. Connecticut: 147,248

  6. New York: $146.023

  7. Washington: $145,342

  8. Rhode Island: $143,437

  9. Delaware: $142,893

  10. Hawaii: $142,784

2. Beauty and cosmetic industry

One of the most promising fields for job seekers is the cosmetic industry. Although the opportunity is vast, it is important to understand the nature and requirements of the job.

A job in the cosmetics sector may be the perfect career choice for someone who is passionate about beauty products. Cosmetics jobs can be part-time or full-time.

The cosmetics industry has more than one million jobs (from manufacturing to retail). The industry is expected to grow at between 10% and 15% as more people require cosmetics.

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International cosmetic companies such as Unilever Group and P&G are among the fastest-moving, largest non-durables manufacturing firms. They also have all-year-round recruitment.

L’Oreal, a French cosmetics and beauty products manufacturing company, is located in France. It is one of the largest companies in France that employ thousands of people in non-durable consumer goods.

The beauty and cosmetics industry has a high salary and it is easy to climb the ladder in non-durable consumer companies.

The average cosmetic and beauty industry job is worth $69,251.

3. Food Manufacturing

There is no other food industry like it. As animals and humans need to eat to remain healthy, the demand for food is constant.

There are many high-paying jobs available. Understanding the industry is essential. A degree in food science, product design, logistics and food value chain management can help you reach the top.

According to BLS data, the average hourly wage for all occupations in food production is $23.50.

The average hourly wage for production workers and those not working in administrative positions is more than $20.

Indeed.com shows the average salary for food manufacturing jobs in non-durable consumer industries.

4. Companies that produce farm tools and agricultural equipment

Farm tools production requires you to be physically strong. You might consider the responsibilities and requirements that this industry brings. This is a highly lucrative industry that pays the best in non-durable consumer goods. It also offers many benefits to its employees.

Companies pay workers between $25- $35, depending on their position and responsibility.

The average annual salary of workers in non-durable consumer industries such as farming equipment manufacturing is $68,000

5. Shoes and wears

The United States generates the largest global footwear market revenues ($86.1 Million), followed by Brazil ($49.6 Mill), China ($66.1 Mill), Japan ($27.9 Mil), and Russia ($15.8 Mil) Many companies have been able to grow their workforce by seeing a steady increase in revenue over the last few years.

Nike, Inc.’s headquarters in Oregon employs close to 75,000 people and has an annual revenue of $38.7 billion (see table below).

The Latest salaries by job title and department

The annual salary at Nike Inc. is $119.348, or $57 an hour. The median salary is $109.730 or $52 an hour.

Take a look at this table to see that the footwear and footwear industries are among the highest-paying in the non-durable consumer industry.

Top Shoe Manufacturers and Companies from the USA

Below is information about the most prominent shoe-making companies in America, along with their annual sales and number of employees.

CompanyHeadquartersNo. No.Annual Sales
1.Nike, Inc.Oregon74,400$38.7 Bil
2.VF CorporationNorth Carolina70,000$12.3 Bil
3.Coach, Inc. (Tapestry, Inc.)New York21,000$6 Bil
4.Under Armour, Inc.Maryland15,800$5.2 Bil
5.Skechers USA, Inc.California11,800$4.64 Bil
6.New Balance Athletics, Inc.Massachusetts8,000$4 Bil
7.Caleres Inc.Missouri13,400$2.57 Bil
8.Genesco Inc.Tennessee21,000$2.2 Bil
9.Wolverine World Wide IncMichigan4,000$2 Bil
10.Deckers BrandsCalifornia3,200$1.9 Bil
11.Steve Madden, Ltd.New York3,800$1.4 Bil
12.Crocs, Inc.Colorado4,000$1 Bil
13.Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc.New York1,600$576 Mil
14.Weyco GroupWisconsin640$320.5 Million
15.Rocky Brands, Inc.Ohio1,600$259 Mil
16.Iconix Brand Group IncNew York122$187 Million
17.R.G. Barry CorporationOhio119$114 Million

Information from Thomasnet.com and owler.com, dnb.com, manta.com and zoominfo.com.

6. Paper Manufacturing

Paper is a commodity that must be kept in circulation, despite their non-durability. Paper-related products like paper towels, tissue, napkins, bathroom tissue and printer paper are in high demand. This ensures that the industry is able to continue growing and increasing its workforce. These products are often used quickly and need to be replaced regularly.

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This is one of the highest-paid consumer jobs, particularly in the US. According to the BLS, paper production pays around $29 an hour. The average hourly rate of production and non-supervisory workers is around $24, which is among the highest-paying jobs in this industry. ZipRecruiter estimated that the average annual salary for workers in paper manufacturing was $56,535

7. Petroleum and the oil and gas industry

The most lucrative and highest-paying non-durable sector is the oil and gas industry.

Because they produce and sell gasoline and other products that can be used directly, the oil-and-gas industry is one of the less durable sectors.

This industry is known for its high-paying salaries and large employee base. It’s not surprising, as there are many departments that offer many positions, including engineers, ITs and marketing. Sales, branding, production, logistics, and other roles are all available.

You can find civil engineers, geoscientists and chemical engineers in the engineering department.

The Salary Range in Oil & Gas and Energy is between 31,000 USD per Year (minimum annual salary) and 197,000 USD (maximum annual salary, actual maximum higher).

The median annual salary for Oil & Gas and Energy workers is 81.900 USD. This means that 50% of those working in this industry earn less than 81.900 USD, while the other half make more than 81.900 USD.

Are Consumer Non-Durables a good career path in 2022?

Yes! Young professionals looking to improve their skills and earn sustainable incomes in the consumer non-durables sector are sure to be excited.

The consumer business is a worthwhile career route because it revolves around producing consumer goods, making it a viable career choice.

To address customers’ expectations for goods and products, the consumer business provides numerous prospects for growth and advancement. Over the past years, the industry has expanded to become a significant source of employment for the expanding population.

There are many options for those looking for jobs in the consumer non-durable sector. The textile industry offers many opportunities to advance and grow their careers. Companies like Procter & Gamble Unilever, Coca-Cola and PepsiCo offer international career opportunities, including internships.

Most companies in the consumer non-durable industry are concerned about their employees’ well-being. Consumer non-durables is a promising career choice for 2022 young workers. The benefits and perks include health and insurance benefits, severance and retirement pay for employees, as well as a gym and fitness training facility within the company.

The benefits of working in the Consumer Non-durables Industry

Employees in the consumer industry have many benefits. This is something that job seekers who are looking for employment in this industry should consider. Here are some benefits:

1. Opportunities for advancement and training

Regular training is a positive aspect of these companies, which are involved in the production of non-durable consumer goods.

They may employ non-professionals to train them and make them competent to perform in the roles they have been assigned.

This training stage, along with self-development training is meant to help them achieve and bring out the best in themselves.

This allows workers to expand their skills and knowledge while also allowing them to pursue new opportunities in their chosen profession.

2. Many departments are available to accommodate staff.

There are hundreds of departments in the oil and gas industry that can accommodate large numbers of employees.

The majority of companies that fall under Non-durable consumers are large firms with billions and millions of dollars in annual revenues.

These organisations are able to grow and hire qualified professionals in response to the ever-increasing market demand.

3. Opportunities for regular employment

The consumer non-durables industry is one of the most desirable industries to work in. This is because, aside from regular vacancy updates, you will be promoted when necessary and the remuneration promises to be high.

Many job openings are created by companies like Coca-Cola and Unilever. Qualified job seekers can apply without having to have any connections.

4. Motivating and great compensation.

For many people who are passionate about humanity, being part of the industry is fulfilling and motivating.

You can also travel abroad and meet new people, as well as receive a monthly salary.


The consumer durables sector is particularly profitable because there are so many different products coming to the market that there are always prospects and chances to advance.

To stay on top of your game, you must stay up to date with current trends.

Working in the consumer goods sector can be a great way to grow your career and can also be a great way to maximize your income.

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