10 Important Hidden iPhone Features You Need to Know

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What if I told you that there are some very important unseen features you didn’t know your iPhone can do. I bet you thought you knew everything about your device. Well if you think you know, stick around this post and I will burst your bubble by showing 10 Important Hidden iPhone Features you need to know.

10 important hidden iPhone features you need to know

iPhone users like to think of themselves as the best smartphone in the world, well I don’t want to get into that argument. You can check out our list of the 10 Best smartphones in the world for 2020 and see where your precious iPhone lies (smiles).
Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of the iPhone, the brand comes with some very good features and an amazing UI with great security features, sometimes people tend to over hype the device. I mean. (Disclaimer)
Apologies for the digression, let us jump right into the 10 important hidden iPhone features you need to know.

10 Important Hidden iPhone Features You Need to Know

  1. Easily switch Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices

To do this, Control Centre, long-press Wi-Fi icon to show a list of Wi-Fi networks. It enables you to quickly connect to a Wi-Fi network right here instead of going through the iPhone Settings. The procedure is the same for Bluetooth,  you can connect or disconnect Bluetooth devices from the control Centre.

  1. Dual-SIM support for FaceTime and iMessage

The latest iOS now allows you to use both your linked phone numbers on FaceTime and iMessage and make the most of your dual-SIM iPhone.

  1. Improved Silent Mode display

To do this, Toggle the mute switch on your iPhone, and you’ll see that on iOS 13 it tells you subtly that you’ve toggled silent mode on or off. This is a very big upgrade than the large box that used to appear on iOS 12 and lower.

  1. Automatically close Safari tabs

Some people like myself tend to forget to close the browser tabs. To close Safari tabs, simply go to Settings > Safari > Close Tabs. Now you can select any of After One Day, After One Week, and After One Month. 

  1. Save open tabs in Safari as bookmarks

Done would rather leave trends open so that they don’t forget or lose information on a particular page. Well, I’m happy to tell you that you can save them as bookmarks. To do this, Open Safari and Tap and hold the Bookmarks button. Then tap Add Bookmarks for (number) tabs. This action creates a bookmark folder for all these tabs. You have to Name the folder and tap Save.

  1. Use a mouse with an iPhone or iPad

Users can use a Bluetooth mouse with iOS devices currently. It is important to note that the Bluetooth mouse that uses a USB dongle to connect probably won’t work. For this to work, it requires a type of Bluetooth mouse that does not the dongle. If that is the case, you can pair it via Settings > Accessibility > Touch > AssistiveTouch > Devices > Bluetooth Devices. With this, you can pair your iOS 13 device with a Bluetooth mouse.

  1. Screenshot full web page

Although this feature has been available on Android devices, they are being rolled out on iOS devices now. Users can now take a long screenshot of a full web page on the go. If your iOS device has Face ID, tap power + volume up and if it doesn’t tap power + home to take a screenshot. Then tap the screenshot preview on the bottom left, then tap Full Page. Then tap Done and Save PDF to Files. 

  1. Save screenshots to Files

You now have the option of saving screenshots to your files rather than the usual photo gallery. You can save to the file storage, where it can either be in local storage or a cloud service of your choice. To test this out,  screenshot your iOS device, then tap the preview, and then tap Done. To save the screenshot, simply tap Save to Files and select where you want to save the screenshot.

  1. PS4 and Xbox One controller support

This is a great feature for game lovers. The latest iOS now has support for the official PS4 and Xbox One controllers. You can pair them with devices that support external controllers. It is important to note that the original Xbox One controller is not supported, although recent ones shipped with Xbox One S and later versions are supported.

  1. 3-finger tap twice to redo or undo

The latest iOS 13 now comes with an undo and redo feature. Though you can still shake your iOS device to undo certain things, in apps such as Notes, you will be able to tap with three fingers to open the cut, copy, paste menu. You can swipe 3 fingers to the left of your screen to undo while swiping to the right performs a redo operation.

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iPhone is one of the best smartphones in the world with its unique features and awesome camera. I hope you have seen that there’s a lot to explore in your iPhone device. A lot of features that exist but not everyone knows about it. Now you can boast of being an iPhone user that knows a lot about their device. What features have you known for a while? Let us know in the comment section below.

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