Zaika Food Nigeria, Lagos Contact details, Website Phone

Zaika foods is a food manufacturing company delivering the best to consumers in taste, they been dishing their recipes and ingredients since 2010 to Nigeria and other West African food processing sector.

The company manufactures qualitative ingredients by offering custom-blended quality ingredients and food products that meet the specific taste requirements of their customers and the food industry at large.

As a pioneer in the industry, they have been able to bring a great level of innovation through their analytical research and development team from their application facilities.

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From time to time, Zaika foods have been manufacturing new products and unrelenting in testing out new products, demonstrations of ingredients that are ready to be added into finished products and launched to the market.

Zaika food has uncovered the need to secure high-quality food ingredient in today’s marketplace, in a bid to satisfy this foreseen increased demand for ingredients from consumers in areas of taste, texture, moisture, the company has been making high purity ingredients using systemic preparation process and with modern equipment.

Zaika Foods has been offering high-quality food ingredients which are mostly ready-to-use, this is has helped them to become more successful and competitive.

The company is analyzing West Africa food trends so as to offer proprietary and custom food products that balance people’s need for cost-effective food ingredients.

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Zaika Foods Products

  • ‘Spices
  • Seasonings
  • Marinades
  • Sauces
  • Breading & Batter
  • Meat Solutions
  • Equipment & Services’

Zaika Foods Contact Details

Zaika Foods Lagos, 2A, Henry Carr Street, Off Akanni Doherty Street,
Ikeja, Lagos
Phone: +2348129120777  +2348129120666
[email protected]
Zaika Foods Website:

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