You Will Soon be Able to Use Your WhatsApp Account on Multiple Devices Simultaneously

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In a chat with the WABetaInfo website, Whatsapp boss, Will Cathcart, and Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, revealed details of upcoming features on the chat app’s.

It seems a bit unusual that the two high-ranking managers passed on the information via a WhatsApp conversation; the conversation also seems a bit strange in places.

On of the features in place is that WhatsApp will receive a multi-device function. This means that an account can be used on several devices, up to four in this case, at the same time without the originally connected smartphone having to have an Internet connection as before.

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According to Mark Zuckerberg, the conversations should continue to be end-to-end encrypted. He added that the biggest challenge was the synchronization between the individual devices, which should be well done. The feature will be rolled out to beta testers in the next month or two.

“Syncing all of your messages and content across all devices, even when your phone’s battery is dead, has been a huge technical challenge, but we’ve fixed that issue and we look forward to implementing it.” Soon! », Explains Mark Zuckerberg.

More Interesting Features

WhatsApp will be enriched with a new mode called View Once. The latter will allow users to send messages that will be automatically deleted once read by the recipients.

Other technical innovations include a function with which photos and videos can be sent in such a way that they can only be viewed once. A comparable function has been around for some time with other messengers such as Signal.

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In addition, the function is to be expanded which allows messages to be deleted by themselves. In the future, users will be able to activate a self-delete mode in the Whatsapp options, which will then apply to all new chats.

WhatsApp Improve Business API

Even if there are doubts about their privacy policy, the messaging software, WhatsApp is very important to businesses and customers in many countries.

Every day, more than 175 million users around the world send messages to merchants through WhatsApp Business accounts to discuss transactions and obtain support services. For this reason, Facebook announced the update of WhatsApp Business API at the F8 Refresh Developer Conference yesterday.

As more and more users use WhatsApp to connect with brands and businesses, Facebook wants to make it easier for businesses to use the WhatsApp Business API and allow users to easily start online conversations with these businesses.

First of all, Facebook has drastically reduced the time it takes for merchants to launch WhatsApp from a few weeks in the past to as little as 5 minutes. This improvement allows medium and large enterprises to more easily and conveniently start conversations with customers on WhatsApp.

With more businesses utilising WhatsApp to offer services, Facebook will continue to improve the way businesses communicate with customers. In the past, merchants were often limited to only sending instant notifications, and this approach made it difficult to follow up customer follow-up questions during the 24-hour response period.

Therefore, WhatsApp will support more types of message sending, such as notifying customers that the product has been restocked.

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In addition, Facebook has also witnessed the help of medical institutions by regularly releasing updates in response to the epidemic, and also wants to further provide such services for more types of online conversations, such as when there will be the latest news of the COVID-19 vaccine in the local area.

Facebook also launched a new message sending function. The new list message can display a menu of up to 10 options. Users no longer need to type word by word.

The reply button allows users to quickly select up to 3 options by clicking. To complete the answer in the middle, the online conversation can be completed faster, and the merchant can set this function through the WhatsApp Business API account in advance.


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