Visa on Arrival Nigeria – How to Apply, Requirements

Are you planning on visiting Nigeria not as an immigrant, then you should know that the most common entry method is the Nigeria visa on arrival. In this article we have broken down everything you need to know about visa on arrival in Nigeria.

What is Nigerian Visa on Arrival and How do I Apply?

The Visa on Arrival is Issued to business people, senior executives of multinational companies or important potential investors, etc.

Nigeria visa on arrival is also called landing permit or entry permit and recipients can enter the country mainly through Abuja, Lagos, and Kano.

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How to Apply for Nigeria Visa on Arrival?

There are two ways to apply for visa on arrival in Nigeria:

  1. One is to apply via email ( ), and
  2. The other is to apply via a representative or partner in Nigeria.

Following at least one of this method will have you granted a Nigeria Visa on Arrival Approval letter. 

For specific requirements, please refer to the Nigerian Immigration Bureau website.

What are the entry requirements of Nigeria Visa on Arrival?

Nigeria visa on arrival requires applicants to provide

  • a scanned copy of the passport homepage,
  • an electronic photo, and
  • a scanned ID card.

After the application, they can purchase a ticket to enter the country. However, there are certain requirements for entry before the visa on arrival can be granted in 2021:

  • Applicants must do a nucleic acid test within 72 hours before departure, and present the English version of the nucleic acid test report (negative).
  • You must log in to the national travel portal to fill in the online health application, upload the nucleic acid test report, and request the online payment of the nucleic acid review fee on the 7th day after arrival.
  • After the applicant completes the payment online, they will get a confirmation payment slip and barcode, which need to be printed out and carried with them, and need to be checked before registration and after arrival
  • Applicants must go to the pre-appointed laboratory for nucleic acid retest on the 7th day after arrival, otherwise they will be punished. The quarantine can be lifted on the 8th day after the nucleic acid test is negative.
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Note: During the entire process of entering Nigeria, applicants for visa on arrival need to do nucleic acid twice and be quarantined for 14 days. The entire process is at their own expense.

During the quarantine period, the customs may require the applicant to be quarantined in a designated hotel, so it is recommended that the applicant be prepared with sufficient funds.

This process is applicable to any country, be it those seeking Visa on Arrival Nigeria from UK or the US.

Customers who intend to travel to Nigeria and enter Nigeria with a visa on arrival must pay attention to the following matters:

1. Please check the approval information, confirm the name and passport number, the city of entry, the validity period, and the entry approval shall have two pages, which must be printed out;

2. Be sure to hold Round-trip air tickets, some cities and flights (such as ET), require confirmation before registration, so you need to confirm at the airport 3 hours in advance;

3. Check the yellow book. Ensure you bring your yellow fever vaccine book before departure.

4. Visa on Arrival Nigeria fees must be settled in dollars or with an international credit card.

5. Recipients of the visa on arrival should kindly observe public order and civilized formalities.

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