Union Bank Cardless withdrawal: Collect money without ATM Card

Union Bank Of Nigeria

Brief facts about Union Bank

Union has been known to be an old bank in Nigeria which is deeply rooted. The bank was founded in the year 1917.

That’s many years before Nigeria even got its independence. As time goes by, the banking system is bound to upgrade just like the Naira currency kept upgrading as well. From coins to notes and others.

Union Bank traditional Withdrawal Method

Years ago, Union bank customers were only able to withdraw from the bank counter. Then recently, the ATM machine was created so as to reduce the workload and ease life generally.

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As we all know the ATM machine requires an ATM card linked to your bank account to function effectively.

That is to say, you need your personal Union Bank ATM card to withdraw money from your Union Bank account using an ATM machine.

That has been rampant until another upgrade came in which allows you to withdraw from Union Bank account with an ATM machine even without your ATM card.

What is Cardless Withdrawal?

This so amazing I know. Like we all know, technology helps in easing our lives. This is definitely an outstanding product of technology making withdrawals easier.

I recall lots of people forgetting their ATM cards not until they get to the ATM machine before remembering. Too bad, they have to go back home.

Say bye-bye to that as I’ll be explaining how to make a Union Cardless Withdrawal correctly. Keep reading to unveil.

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How to Use UNION Bank Cardless Withdrawal

  • Dial *826# (Ensure this is done with the registered number of your Union Bank account and has some airtime in it)
  • Proceed by following all steps to generate a Paycode and PIN
  • Look for a dispensing ATM machine closest to you.
  • Click on Enter
  • Input your previously generated Paycode and Pin
  • Follow all necessary steps
  • Withdraw your money!

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