Whether you’re a crypto expert or still an amateur in the crypto world, you really have to agree that liquidity standing is one of the best parameters to look out for in a crypto exchange. 

Generally, liquidity refers to how fast a specific cryptocurrency is likely to be sold or purchased without any negative effect on its price. One can, therefore, argue that a cryptocurrency with high liquidity stands a great likelihood of being purchased or sold early enough and at a profitable price. 

Relating the concept of liquidity to crypto exchanges, it is notable that the liquidity level of a crypto exchange is determined by how fast one can sell or purchase cryptocurrencies on the exchange without experiencing any loss in price or value of the cryptocurrencies. 

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Finally, below are the top 5 crypto exchanges with high liquidity:


HitBTC Review | We Review HitBTC's Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Besides being the best crypto exchange by liquidity, HitBTC maintains a strong footing as a crypto exchange yet to suffer any instance of hacking since it was established in 2013. HitBTC deserves an enviable tag as the most reliable crypto exchange not only for its high-grade security but also for its excellent blockchain solutions.

Sincerely, some of such features which should delight prospective crypto traders about HitBTC are reduced trading fees (for active traders) and the continual appearance of new coins on the exchange’s roster. Interestingly, HitBTC charges flat fees for transactions, hence traders on the exchange barely have to worry about spending excessively for multiple withdrawals. 

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Binance Review 2021 - Complete Overview of Binance Exchange

One may not need to emphatically introduce Binance to most expert crypto traders. But as a rookie crypto trader, you may be interested in knowing that Binance is one of the most dependable crypto exchanges. Having been lauded for its duly revamped interface, seamless workflows and excellent UX, Binance deserves a spot among the world’s leading crypto exchanges by liquidity. 

Generously, Binance offers other exciting perks including an array of trading incentives, trading promos and the BNB token. Binance does have shortcomings (including its complicated funding mechanisms), but the exchange remains one of the most-trusted platforms among crypto traders. 

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3. Bitfinex


Reasonably famed for its BTC shorts and longs, Bitfinex is another wave-garnering crypto exchange with high liquidity. Besides being one of the longest-existing exchanges in the crypto sphere, Bitfinex is generously admired for its added perk of Fiat trading. 

Bitfinex is undeniably one of the leading crypto exchanges by liquidity but the trading platform happens to have encountered its own portion of trying times. Records show that Bitfinex did experience hacking attacks in the past but what should interest some crypto traders is that efforts to fully recover from the aftermath are proving successful. 

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China exchange launches support for Ripple (XRP) » is by large a spectacular crypto exchange with remarkable standing in the Asian crypto market. Although some crypto traders may have found somewhat weird particularly for its interface, the Chinese-styled platform is clearly a well-developed exchange. 

Sadly, Coinintelligence happens to have rated quite lowly probably as a result of unfavourable feedback, the exchange still surprisingly boasts a handful of beneficial features including margin trading, sport trading, borrows and loans. Regardless of’s low rating on Coinintelligence, the exchange boasts a remarkable liquidity standing coupled with a powerful community. 

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Latest News on Huobi | Cointelegraph

Substantially famed as a product of Huobi Global, Huobi is an Asia-focused crypto exchange which some crypto experts have lauded for having invented its own HT utility token. Also, the exchange boasts a self-developed stablecoin, HUSD, which is duly backed by the US dollar. 

Despite being an Asia-focused exchange, Huobi happens to have attuned to global circumstances, thanks to its long-standing presence in the crypto market. Adding to Huobi’s reckonable liquidity standing is the claim that the exchange’s beneficial features include a sleek UX, several trading pairs and an array of cryptos. 

Undeniable is the fact that every crypto exchange on this list does have its own shortcomings. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Huobi has got a few downsides including alleged poor customer support and the presence of certain complicated website sections which English-speaking users (of the exchange) might not like. 

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Hopefully, you have had a wonderful review of the top 5 crypto exchanges in terms of liquidity. Advisably, try to always prioritize liquidity while choosing which crypto exchange to trade on. 


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