TOP 3 tech startup ideas you should know about!!

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TOP 3 tech startup ideas you should know about!!

The tech world is evolving single every day! Fresh ideas, new developments, and the one thing constant about the tech world is, it is ever-changing and we should not be left out! The AI-first world is already here! This is a great opportunity for new and fresh startups all over the world.
But there is so much going on right now, so the question now is, how do we know where we need to focus on right now?
Here are the top 3 startup ideas you can use as your guide and we can assure you that these have a 50 percent success rate. And we would be giving you helpful tips on how to commence the various startups.

The three startup ideas :

    1. AI startup
    2. IoT startup


  1. Mobile app startup

1. AI Startup:

As of March 2020, the Worldwide number of AI-focused startups stood at 3,465. It simply means there are still plenty of opportunities for more people to be invested in the world of AI. We all know that AI is taking over and is taking over pretty fast too. Many existing companies are re-branding themselves as AI operators. As promised, here are some few tips on how to commence AI startups.

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  • Don’t sell AI: render AI as more of a service
  • Be versatile, always thinking beyond the normal.
  • Make your mission clear
  • Target and understand your customers.
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Now that we have given you such informative tips, we hope to see you soar in the world of AI.

2. IoT startup:

The rise of the internet of things (IoT) technology has many names, but IoT is more than all of those names, it has improved the quality of our lives in general. IoT is a great startup, for fresh minds. It is easy to see a problem but it is definitely not that easy to solve it.  Here are some tips on how to commence an IoT startup.

3. Mobile apps startup:

The mobile app market is growing and bringing more revenue, but it’s still quite a venture to start a mobile app business. Recent data shows that only about 30 percent of startups succeed. There are about 5.5 billion apps and guess what? It is still room for you to succeed! Here are some useful tips you will need if you want to commence a mobile app startup.

  • Find a problem to solve
  • Choose the platform
  • Target your users
  • Raise your funds

Now that we have given you tips and pointers are you convinced you can do this? We definitely think you can! The world needs creative and innovative people like you and I! We can be the difference. 2020 is yours for the taking!
Go and make a mark in the tech world!

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11 months ago

These are absolutely incredible, how have I never seen anything like this and why on earth did I not think to do it myself!! Kicking myself right now.