Besides the fact that data analytics is a high-paying job, holding a Master’s degree in Data Science could be your passport to a profitable professional career.

If you’re willing to pursue a postgraduate career in data analytics, it is very likely that you want to know some of the best universities offering Masters’s in Data Science and Analytics.

Helpfully, here is a well-researched list of the top 10 universities that offer Master’s programs in Data Science and Analytics.

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1.DePaul University

DePaul University is a Chicago-based institution with a skill-oriented MSc program in Data Science. The university’s Data Science program incorporates four areas of specialization namely hospitality, health care, marketing and computational methods.

In each of the areas of specialization offered, students are certain to be equipped with practical experience and technical proficiency. Moreover, the students will be equipped with the high-level skills required for machine learning, statistics, big data processing and machine learning.

Generally, the Data Science program offered by DePaul University avails students the chance of selecting any of the following options:

  • Completing a Masters’ thesis
  • Offering a predictive analytics capstone project
  • Completing a real-world data analytics project
  • Partaking in an analytics internship

2. Purdue University: Krannert School of Management

Purdue University is a provider of MSc in Business Analytics and Information Management. The university’s Masters’ program, which covers a three-semester session, is a STEM-approved course with three areas of specialization namely corporate finance analytics, investment analytics and supply chain analytics.

The MSc program offers a detailed curriculum as well as hands-on experience that will equip students with analytical techniques and the latest technologies. Notably, Purdue University offers the MSc program through its Krannert School of Management and charges a tuition fee to the tune of $47,786 (for out-of-state students) and $29,741 (for in-state students).

Purdue University guarantees students the assurance that after graduating from the university, they will be able to utilize their knowledge in proffering solutions to real-life data challenges. This assurance is well rooted in the fact that the university equips students with the know-how of Minitab, Python, SQL, SAS and certain other relevant tools.


3. New York University

This university’s Data Science MSc program offers relevant areas of specialization namely big data, physics, natural language processing, mathematics and data, and data science. The program, which necessitates the completion of a capstone project, equips students with the capability for applying their data processing skills to the design and implementation of relevant solutions.

The MSc program is available on a two-year full-time basis under which students are expected to earn up to 36 credits before being considered eligible for graduation. New York University charges a tuition fee of $2,286 per credit and its Data Science program empowers students with the ability to apply data in solving real-world problems across industries.

4. University of Rochester

The University of Rochester offers a full-time data science program session that covers two or three semesters. Offered through the Georgen Institute for Data Science, the university’s Data Science program comes with a heavy course load, particularly for its two-semester segment.

Due to its heavy course load, the two-semester segment (of the program) is recommended only for students with excellent fundamental knowledge of mathematics and computer science.

Notably, the University of Rochester’s MSc program in Data Science does offer three areas of specialization namely business and social science; health and biomedical sciences; and computation and statistical methods. While the program charges an average fee of $51,072 for a total of 32 credits, it further avails students of the opportunity of receiving useful career advice as well as completing internships.

5. North Carolina State University –Raleigh, North Carolina

This university’s Masters in Analytics program is in form of a collaboration-oriented mode of learning which lasts for a 10-month period. Broadly, this mode of learning incorporates one-on-one coaching and allows for teamwork among learners. The program, therefore, maintains a well-structured curriculum which stimulates learners to engage in collaborative learning and embrace teamwork.

For its Masters in Analytics program, North Carolina State University charges a fee to the tune of $43,466 (for out-of-state students) and $23,460 (for in-state students).

Notably, the Masters’ Analytics program offered by North Carolina State University requires intending enrollees to have fulfilled the following conditions:

  • Fully-attempted coursework in a statistics course at the undergraduate level
  • Proficiency in complex quantitative analysis
  • Coding ability in more than one language

6. University of Iowa

University of Iowa’s Master’s in Business Analytics empowers students with the required proficiency for raw data analysis, delivery of smart reports and application of data for sound decision-making in business. Offered through the Tippie College of Business, the Master’s program is committed to equipping students with the requisite skills for the real-world application of prescriptive, predictive and descriptive analytics.


Favourably, the program avails intending students the opportunity to choose between full-time (on-campus) education and part-time (off-campus) education. While the program covers a three-semester session, it requires students to pass all of its 10 courses before they are considered eligible for a Master’s degree. However, the students are eligible for a certificate provided that they have passed the first five courses.

For its full-time Master’s program in Business Analytics, the University of Iowa charges the tuition fee of $10,457 (for in-state students) and $16,860 (for out-of-state students). The latter fees are charged per semester while $19,950 is the tuition fee, irrespective of the students’ residency, for the complete 10-course Master’s program in Business Analytics.

7. University of Oklahoma

This university’s Master’s in Data Science and Analytics equips students with the apt skills for the development of tools needed for data extraction, assimilation and analysis. Notably, the university synergizes two departments (the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering and the School of Computer Science) and is offering a sound Master’s program in Data Science and Analytics.

The Master’s program is available on both a full-time and part-time bases with the full-time mode covering a 14-month period. Similarly, there are both thesis and non-thesis degree paths with the thesis path mandating students to undergo six hours of the research project, one hour of engineering practicum and three electives in addition to some required 20 core electives.

The program’s non-thesis path however demands that students undergo four hours of engineering practicum, a total of nine electives as well as a 13-hour course duration in addition to the required 20. Notably, the university charges an average tuition fee of $30,000 per semester.

8. Georgia Institute of Technology

Through its MS in Analytics, Georgia Institute of Technology is committed to furnishing students of Data Science with the requisite proficiency for appropriate decision making and conduct of business intelligence.

The institute’s MS program in Analytics, therefore, adopts a multidisciplinary format incorporating operations research, statistics, computing and business. Furthermore, the program combines three areas of specialization namely business analytics, analytical tools and computational data analytics.

For Georgia-based students, the Analytics program costs a tuition fee of $1,206 per credit hour while out-of-state students are charged $1,655 per credit hour. Meanwhile, the program is available through the online mode (with a one to two-year completion period) and the on-campus mode which has a one-year completion period. However, the on-campus mode does offer a major analytics conference at which professionals appear physically to give job counselling to the students.

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9. Columbia University in the City of New York

This university’s Master’s in Data Science combines a number of specializations namely cyber-security, health analytics, financial and business analytics, and smart cities. Offered through the university’s Data Science Institute, the Master’s program demands that intending students are able to code in several languages including C, R, Java and Python.

Proficiency in programming is a necessary requirement for application to this Master’s program. If an applicant boasts no programming skill but possesses excellent quantitative background, the program will still require him/her to at least have the knowledge of one programming language. Without such knowledge, the applicant will not be considered eligible for the Algorithms for Data Science.

While the university charges a tuition fee of $2,018 per credit for the program, it further requires students to have earned 30 credits before they are considered eligible for a Master of Science degree.

10. Carnegie Mellon University

The Master’s in Computation Data Science offered by this university comes with three areas of concentration namely analytics, systems and human-centred data science.

The program requires on-campus attendance and equips students with the required proficiency for working with astronomical datasets in large IT environments. Meanwhile, the Master’s program trains students in such vital areas as problem-solving, data collection, human-computer interaction, data analysis and scientific experimental design.

While Carnegie Mellon University charges the tuition fee of $25,000 per semester for the programme, the course load for the first semester combines four courses namely machine learning, cloud computing, a data science seminar and interactive data science. Offered through the Tepper School of Business, the university’s Master’s program in Computation Data Science requires students to choose any of three areas of specialization; analytics, systems and human-centred data science; at the completion of their first semester.


There are various other recommendable universities offering Master’s programs in Data Science and Analytics but of course, the listed ones are our best picks.

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