Top and Surest Football Prediction Sites In the World 2022

Top and Surest Football Prediction Sites In the World 2022

Top and Surest Football Prediction Sites In the World for 2022 Calender year

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What are the Surest Football Prediction Sites In the World 2021 – Surest Football Prediction Sites In the World 2021 – The Ultimate List of Surest Football Prediction Sites In the World in 2021 to 2022? Let’s get started right away!!

Which is the most accurate and surest prediction site? Which is the best soccer prediction site in the world? Do you want to make money from the surest prediction sites, not the fraudulent ones, but those that offer correct football predictions? After going through this ultimate and most comprehensive list of the best and surest prediction sites in the world, you will be smiling at the bank in no time. 

Betting on sports, most popularly football or soccer as it is called in the States, is a gateway to endless income possibilities. All you just need is the right statistics and prediction tools to help you on your path to the big time.

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As an early disclaimer, none of these sites offers promises of sure or fixed games, but they do predict a strike rate higher than 50 per cent, the rate of gambling. To earn money in any business endeavour there has to be at least a 51 per cent probability of winning, in this way, it is no longer gambling but investments.

Some of the top prediction sites have tips provided by mathematical algorithms developed to better the calculations of the bookies. While others are supplied by expert human minds who have analysed the outcomes of matches in detailed scrutiny.


What Makes a ‘surest Prediction Site‘?

• To know if a prediction site is surest and credible, the first thing you will find is a track record of their past predictions, as the earmarks of a fraudulent or shady site are the quick deletion of lost tips.

• Another important point is consistency. The best prediction sites out there provide tips, usually in bulk, at least once a day. This is regardless of the number of games available at a time.

• Thirdly, good prediction sites do not ask for payment out rightly in return for tips. If the tips are that certain, the suppliers themselves should be earning money off it and not the other way round. Although some of these sites have premium options, a free model must be available.


  1. 100% Sure Football Predictions: Best Strategies
  2. Find Fixed Soccer Matches for Free Using These Working Methods
  3. True Correct Score Prediction: All You Need to Know

Criteria for Ranking as one of the Surest/Best Football Prediction Sites

These surest football prediction sites offer valuable information to help punters to take calculated risks, and it is done by using a combination of matches with various odds. Presently, football is one of the most popular sports that is loved by various demographics, religions, beliefs, and ethnicity.

The era we are in right now is a time full of crazy football fans, as well as crazy sports lovers, and becoming fanatics watching their favourite team play on a television screen. No one is good at forecasting because it is a 50/50 thing it is either you lose or win.

If you have been losing money in predicting the outcome of matches, you should consider yourself lucky in coming across the article because various football prediction sites will be shortlisted here. On the other hand, you need to have it in the back of your mind it is not 100 percent correct.

For any punter to be on the safer side, they should be careful with the number of odds they place in one ticket to avoid game losses. Some punters are familiar with a prediction site and know how to forecast the number of odds they see on their website. One should stick to the prediction website that works best for him or her.

Is there any need for a Football Prediction Website?

Punters must have key information about any football match they have an interest to stake their money. For instance, if you are certain a weak team will be playing against a stronger team. You need to check the present form of both teams and their head-to-head history as this is necessary to achieve the surest or safest bet.

These surest prediction websites give quality information for punters free of charge, especially for those who can make maximum use of the information they see on the site. Using this method, one can be certain to some extent in making better football predictions.

What is the possible significance of sports betting?

Over the years, I have been able to decipher the major reason why people venture into sports betting, honestly is an undeniable fact that it acts as another source of income for them. For someone who wants to get extra cash can invest money, they’re ready to lose by staking into the right odds.

The more an individual gets to predict more football matches, the more they become more analytical with the way they reason and see things in real life. Besides, individuals can become knowledgeable in the world of football when they want to go into any argument with their friends.

A person should take his or her time to study these prediction sites before losing their money, and these sites use data analysis to forecast the possible outcome of football matches for any punter who is ready to dedicate time.

Possible merits of Sure Sports Prediction Websites

We have assembled a few merits of sports prediction websites; here they are:

  • They eliminate the stress one will spend several hours analyzing football matches played in the past.
  • Sports prediction sites help you as a punter to get detailed information about other punters who have vast experience when it comes to predicting the outcome of football matches.
  • The chances of losing a large sum of money become reduced to a certain extent because the punter will follow detailed information.
  • Novice becomes informed with little or more knowledge on any kind of football match.


How to Make 100% Sure Football Predictions

Despite the overwhelming availability of statistics platforms available today, winnings seem to have gotten more difficult to a bank than ever.

So, rather than purely stats, we have combined it with another calculation algorithm, mathematics to make 100% sure football predictions.

Sure, it’s easy to say that having a strategy is important in betting, but what makes a useful strategy? In various sports articles, we try to let you make that decision yourself, by providing some of the best and surest football prediction sites.

Here are the best strategies to employ to make 100% sure football predictions:

  1. Draw Strategy
  2. Multiple Bets
  3. Over/Under
  4. Martingale’s Strategy
  5. Asian handicap
  6. Proportional Betting

Draw Strategy

The tie strategy is especially interesting because the odds for this event are, as a rule, very high, so it doesn’t require big risks to provide good profits! However, the strategy requires some care to extract 100% sure football predictions.

  1. Most accurate football prediction sites
  2. 100% Sure Football Predictions: Best Strategies
  3. Find Fixed Soccer Matches for Free Using These Working Methods
  4. True Correct Score Prediction: All You Need to Know
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First is the team choice. It is important not to choose either the favourite or the whipping boys of the championship. Usually, games between teams that are well balanced between attack and defence don’t usually cause great dangers, but only a deeper analysis of the situation will tell.

A good way to select the matches is through the “adoption” of a team that is in the middle of the table and consistently keeps betting on their tie while always studying the oppositions.

Another interesting point is to choose championships that are known for their number of draws. Italian Serie A is a good example.

Multiple Bets

One of the best ways to manipulate the odds in your favour (or in favour of your profits) is to make multiple bets.

Several bettors, especially the more recreational ones, implement these soccer betting strategies in order to turn several 100% sure football predictions that would generate low profits, such as 1.1, into more favourable quotes.

This is because when placing multiple or combined bets you only win if all your predictions are true and this is a bit complex to happen, especially in the world of football where a draw is a probability, it is not mandatory to have a winning team.

Therefore, we recommend a little caution and even look for a bookmaker that offers some kind of insurance, or promotion, where you can get your money back – in whole or in part.


This is one of the simplest bets among football betting strategies, so you can celebrate every goal, no matter which team.

To understand this strategy, it is necessary to understand how the numbers work:

  • Over 1.25: wins if there are 2 or more goals, if there is only 1, you only lose half of the bet;
  • Under 1.25: wins if there are no goals and if there is 1 goal half the bet is returned.
  • Above 1.5: wins if there are more than 2 goals in the match and games with less than this loses;
  • Below 1.5: wins up to 1 goal and loses with more than that.

The logic for the other values is the same (2.25; 2.5…)

Betting on the ‘over’ churns out 100% sure football predictions because you will be betting in favour of what soccer entails: goals.

Martingale’s Strategy

Martingale’s strategy is only suitable for those with very fine bankroll control, as it can easily go overboard, especially if you’re just starting out… It requires a lot of emotional control to apply it to your arsenal of football betting strategies.

It works like this:

You will double your bet whenever you lose. If you bet $10 and you weren’t happy with your guess, on the next one you will bet $20, then $40, $80 and so on until you win. The idea is that the profit will be high enough to cover the amount invested and still generate profit.

If associated with good odds, this strategy is one best methods to make 100% sure football predictions.

It is possible to associate this technique with betting on draws, for example. That way you will always be able to count on interesting odds and draws are not an extremely rare event.

Asian Handicap

The Asian handicap is also a great way to make 100% sure football predictions.

Simply put, you will give a certain team a digital advantage, making the odds of betting increase. Let’s say you have a lot of confidence that Chelsea will win by 2 goals against Arsenal.

In this case, you can bet on the Asian handicap market by – 1, so Chelsea starts with a disadvantage of a -1 goal. Therefore, they will have to win by 2 or more for the prediction to win.

Proportional Betting

To make 100% sure football predictions with this method, you need stick to a percentage. The recommended minimum is 10%, which would see you use $100 of a $1000 total bankroll on the first bet.

Should the first bet be successful, you will take another 10% of your entire bankroll at $110 (10% of, in this case, $1100).

This way your winnings increase faster than with a fixed bet while ensuring that you slow down your loss.

This in our opinion is the most successful method to make 100% sure football Predictions, however, it guarantees nothing if your prediction is not topnotch.

Best  and current Surest football Prediction Sites In The World


AFootballReport Homepage

AFootballReport is more than a sure prediction site, it is a complete football statistics website which is perfect for both pre-match and in-play bettors.

They cover unique markets like First Half Over 0.5, Second half 0.5, Over 0.5 – Over 2.5, Under 2.5 & 3.5. AFR also provides statistics on scoring and conceding streaks, which is perfect for punters favouring low-risk bets.

They cover every league in the world, from the popular English Premier League to the more obscure Iranian Second Tier, to the Syrian League and the Nigerian Professional Football League.

The site has a special section tagged ‘Weekly Football Prediction’ that ranks the best goal market to watch for the week.

Although they do not offer an accessible track record, trends and streaks are not statistics to be tracked.



Forebet have the best mathematical prediction algorithm in the world and there are regarded as one of the surest football prediction sites in the world in 2021/2022. Currently, supported by little or no human assistance. Their strongest market is the draw (X) market, with the high risk market winning so constantly that they are rated as the best draw specialists in the game.

They have a section of their prediction site called ‘Trends’, where they use head-to-head streaks to ascertain the best body tip for a match from all available markets.

Forebet cover majority of the available leagues in the world and have several sections that might prove useful to punters’ different tastes and needs.

They predict on goalscorers market like ‘Haaland to score’, double chance, 1X2, over/under 2.5, both to score, Asian Handicaps and corners.

Unlike other sites, they are not afraid to back the underdogs and this usually results in a number of big odds win. They also offer possible correct scores of games.

Three very interesting sections of their site are:

The Best Picks – A list of the surest games in the coming days.

Value Bets – A selection of high probability tips with juicy odds.

Pick Of The Day – The best prediction of the day.


Unanimously rated by punters as one of the best and surest football prediction sites in the world, Hintwise definitely has its own unique perks. The site has been refined since its inception in 2015 giving it a new and modern feel.

They offer a wide selection of tips from countries around the world and are currently the only prediction site that seek value bets from very obscure leagues.

Hintwise are notorious, or rather famous, for backing underdogs with odds as huge as 9+. Their strongest market is the 1X2, where they tip based on computer generated probabilities.

The site has two sections with one being their selected ‘top’ tips of the day and the other being all of the day’s predictions on one page. They are one of the sites with the largest records of previous tips dating as far back as when they started. They also offer possible final scores of matches .


Statarea is one of the oldest prediction site in the world covering a multitude of leagues around the world. Although their focus is on the major leagues, they provide tips for some of the world’s lower ranked leagues.

Their site interface is one of the most appealing you will find of any prediction platform. They specialise in the major markets such as 1X2, double chance, over 1.5 – 3.5, BTS and OTS.

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Many a times, their percentage calculation is so accurate that it tallies with that of the bookies. They have a section of their site called Top 10 where they post the best 10 predictions of the day. Statarea rarely back the underdogs.

They have the longest track record in prediction history, but this is not accessible conventionally as users will have to visit the old version of Statarea to access their historical predictions.

Also featured are predictions made by users which are generally inaccurate and untrustworthy.


Bettingclosed is probably the most underrated prediction site in the world as they have some of the best football analysts in the game. From years of experience, we can confidently claim that bettingclosed is one of the surest football sites in the world.

The site features a plethora of markets from 1X2 to Double Chance, to GG, to NG, to over/under and even final scores.

They have a very accurate strike record, especial on the 1X2 option where they offer the single best tip out of six possible outcomes.

The other noteworthy section is the ‘Mixed’, where they offer the best overall tip for a game. For instance, if a full-time winner is not clear they will recommend the best bet to take on ‘Mixed’. In the Liverpool vs Burnley game where the away side ended the champions’ lengthy unbeaten home streak by a lone goal, they recommended the under 3.5 market which would have proved a safer option.

They have a VIP option, which used to be free, where they offer daily 5+ odds. The site has one of the oldest track records in prediction history, dating back to 2011.

Not to be confused with, Prosoccer is a very accurate, precise and surest prediction site that has been in existence since 2007.

The developers have tried refining the site, which saw them take breaks at multiple intervals. But they seem to be back for good and are arguably better. Predictions are provided by a computer software covering markets like :

• 1X2 – regular time (90min)

• Correct scores – predict correct score.

• Half time – 1X2 plus under/over 1.5 goals on half time.

• Half time correct scores – predict half time correct score.

• Under/Over 2.5 goals – plus under/over 1.5 & 3.5 goals.

• HT/FT – Half Time/Full Time.

Unlike the other sites listed here, their available games are limited and their ti anps are restricted to the major leagues around the world., formally still stands as a promising site today despite their advanced age due to a poor optimization of their site. However, the current out look and feel of betexplorer is awesome and worth commendation.

Find the best bet by browsing upcoming soccer, tennis, hockey, basketball, handball, volleyball and baseball fixtures, results & other sport statistics. Find stats for 1,400+ competitions, compare odds from 40+ bookmakers with odds comparison tool. Livescore tool links to soccer (football), tennis, hockey, basketball, handball, volleyball & baseball scores. In short, BetExplorer lets you explore your bet by browsing stats and fixtures, find the bookmaker offering highest odds and then follow your selections live in the Livescore section. What else do you need for your soccer, tennis, hockey, basketball, handball, volleyball and baseball betting?

They offer tips from practically every league in the world, but their landing page is restricted to just the top leagues. To access lesser leagues, users will need to click on several individual links like those shown below.

This makes the site difficult to navigate and gives them a bad reputation as the win rate of the top leagues are 50/50. However, if added with that of the lesser leagues this skyrockets to appreciable levels.

They also do not have a definitive long-term track record, but nonetheless are still one of the best prediction sites out there, if users can find a way to navigate through.


Here comes another interesting addition to our list of sure football prediction tips sites. Kolinbet offers Free football predictions on a regular basis.

With the help of seasoned punters and forecasters and a little bit of collated results from past matches, Kolinbet carefully analyses the world of football to give you favourable results with up to 90% accuracy.

Kolinbet serves you and as such they do not want you to lose your hard-earned money by predicting unsure games based on luck or pure intuition, so to serve you to the best of their abilities, they hire the brains and minds of good analyst with years of experience in their chosen sport of football to help with free football predictions that keeps you smiling all day long.

Also, their premium users receive daily processed and analysed football matches at their disposal. With this, the customers can choose from the wide range of analysed odds and then place their bets either on multiple bets or singles whichever they desire, with the sole aim of increasing your chances of winning regardless of the customer’s bookmaker choice.

This also helps you make good predictions without having to go through stress and as such saves both time and energy and hopefully ends in massive cashouts and massive funds


We are not entirely sure of Vitibet as a whole, but the prediction site has a section called Tips Of the Day, that delivers very accurate daily tips, albeit at low odds.

This is one of the few sites that are also experienced in other sports with hockey being a massive niche they appear to have mastered. Also available are tennis and basketball tips.


Typersi is more of a punting competition site that publicly displays the bet tips of their participants. Due to the high level of competitiveness, they offer some of the best value bets of any prediction site.

The good punters in the competition would usually post tips of ridiculous odds falling above the 5.00 range which regularly turn out as wins.

They have a section tagged ‘tips from tipsters with the best efficiency’ which has a win rate of over 90% as the database is regularly updated.


One of the most underrated computer algorithm in town is that of statistics website, Betstudy. Rather than use a lengthy record of a teams’ past results and head-to-head, Betstudy employs the use of their most recent games, hereby tipping the most in-form teams.

This mode of prediction usually spotlights underdogs in blistering form and also warns punters if a supposed ‘banker’ or ‘sure bet’ poses a level of risk. They offer tips only on the 1X2 and over/under 2.5.

The site offers no track record as statistics are updated immediately a match ends in anticipation of the next. However, a prolonged monitoring and scrutiny of the site has shown that their tips regularly hit the jackpot.  



WinDrawWin are probably the prediction site with the most accurate and surest betting odds on site. They are affiliated with OLBG and PredictZ which gives them a high credibility score. However they are not as accurate as they used to be, and based on tipping alone, cannot be rated as one of the best prediction sites today.

They recommend tips on levels of: Large stake, medium stake and small stake. Apparently, the large stake recommendation seems the best option, but has a very inconsistent win rate, and the odds are usually low. Also offered is correct score option which hits the jackpot fairly rarely.

They focus on the major leagues around the world and have a very extensive track record.

The most interesting option though about WindrawWin is their Half-time over, Full-time over and corner statistics. This database of seasonal stats have proven extremely helpful to punters especially those inclined to in-play.


Betgaranteed is also one of the surest football prediction website that guarantees real football predictions on every market available. Every day of the week, betgaranteed team of expert analysts and statisticians are working tirelessly to guarantee daily returns on their stake.


Profit is betgaranteed watchword. They currently have various predictions for the low-stakes and high stakes. Predictions include double chance, chance mix, under 2.5 goals, straight winnings, GG and over 2.5 amongst others. Just try us at Betgaranteed and we won’t disappoint you.

Visit betgaranteed here


STAKEGAINS - Football prediction results | Startup Ranking

The aforementioned Statarea might be the surest prediction site if you are seeking small odds to get you that sure, or more literally, safe win. But due to the monumental offering that Statarea serves its daily million visitors, it might be very easy to get lost in this plethora of options. In comes StakeGains.

Straightforward and pasted on the front page, the small odds live on Stakegains. Simplicity is their watchword as they focus on the regular markets: home or away win, double chance and over or under. Occasionally though, you might observe a periodic splash of Handicaps and First Half winnings.

However, this simple interface is blown out of proportion, if you elect to scroll down. At the bottom of the page you will find specialized categories like:

Double Chance

1.5 Goals



2.5 Goals

Win Either Half

1ST Half Results

Both Team to Score (BTTS)

Highest Scoring Half (HFS)

Double Chance/BTTS

3.5 Goals

Win Both Halves

Score Both Halves

Value Stakes

½ Halftime/Full-time

Correct Score Draws

1ST Half Goals


Handicap (0:1, 1:0)

Handicap (0:2, 2:0)

Combo Chance/MIX

These incredible windows to a world of better winnings is very commendable, hence why Stakegains rank as one of the surest prediction sites. However, there is a catch.

With this diversity of offerings also comes a diversion into premium demands. To access any of the special options, you will be asked to register an account where a fee will be required of you.

Nevertheless, the free services on offer are enough tools for even the most insatiable punter to earn consistently.


Stats24 by Sportcc ApS

If the live betting or in-play side of life is your calling or specialisation, then is one site you should have on your bookmark. Just like Hintwise, Stats24 are big fans of value bets from very obscure leagues.

It is no news that youth and other lower ranked leagues are not as efficiently scoured by the sports bookies as their elite counterparts. Hence, one good peek, and you might fish one or two value bets. But how do you find a goldfish in a body of ocean? Stats24.

On the frontage of the site, you will find the very conspicuous “Today’s Top 10 Matches” which lists the most probable games on a percentage scale, with 100 being the highest.

You will almost never find a prediction on full time result as Stats24 solely focuses on the goals market.

They cover tips like: Over 0.5 Goals HT, Home or away team to score in the 1st or 2nd half, Both teams to score and both teams not to score.

With the huge likelihood of these games hitting the jackpot, also comes a reduction in the odds on offer. In this case, it is advisable to wait until the games are live, when the odds will appreciate as the games ebb on.

Although the site has no historic track record, it is a top recommendation for any punter seeking the surest prediction sites on the world wide web.

The so-called safe bets are typically earmarked as those with odds of 1.50 and below, but would tips of over 2.00 odds be termed unsafe if they do the job of regularly hitting the green?

This is the point have set out to prove. The site with its user-friendly interface, thrives on big odds and underdog betting.

Their credibility status is up there with the movers and shakers of this surest prediction site rankings, as they have a very lengthy track record running into years.

Very similar to Statarea, offer mathematical predictions rated on a scale of 1 to 100. 1X2 is the primary and, very possibly, only market on offer.

However, unlike Statarea, their predictions do not correlate with that of the bookies, meaning you will find a lot of backings on the smaller teams here.

Unfortunately, with all the goodies they seem to offer at first glance, is more potential than proven quality. The site is very guilty of biting more than they can chew, as they have very little data on many leagues they post. For this reason, a lot games come without predictions.

In other instances, you might find out that some games don’t complete the full 100 percent probability quota. For example, you might find a match where the sum of the home, draw and away probability is less than 100, due to the limited available statistics.

To get the best out of, we recommend that you follow only games that have accompanying odds. This is because, provide odds for only the top leagues and those with maximum data.


Have you exerted considerable time, money and significant effort into football betting with the hopes of making any iota of profit, be it long-term or short-term, but have always fallen short of the greenback and dollar signs? Then betting is not for you, mate. But keep calm, this doesn’t mean winning is not for you.

As long as people out there are making wins, you would never be left out thanks to

Soccerpunter is a football prediction platform that allows punters to bet on football matches without the risk of expending financial resources.

The purpose of this site is for bettors to test their punting skills and abilities in an environment that protects their money. You will be able to predict on both pre-match and live games.

The platform has very vital tools that tell you your strongest markets, eg, over/under 2.5, 1×2, etc., or which leagues have earned you the most wins. Using your betting history, it would also highlight the league you find hardest to predict and should avoid, displaying your efficiency on both in-play and pre-match bets.

Yet this is not the most distinguishable characteristic that ranks Soccerpunter as one of the surest prediction sites out there.

Like Typesi (mentioned above), Soccerpunter ranks the best performing punter for each month on a public accessible section, showing how much they spend and how efficient they are.

If you aren’t adept at predicting or even if you are, you can gain massively from following these in-form punters-cum-tipsters, and mirror their tips, almost similar to copy trading in Forex.

On a monthly basis, the best punters on this site are known to make return on investments running regularly  into hundreds, which is more than enough to make even the most frugal bettor rich.

Here is a comprehensive list of the above listed Surest football predictions sites you should check out!

  1. AFootballReport
  2. Forebet
  3. Hintwise
  4. Statarea
  5. Bettingclosed
  6. Prosoccer
  8. Kolinbet
  9. Vitibet
  10. Typersi
  11. Betstudy
  12. WinDrawWin
  13. Betgaranteed
  14. StakeGains
  15. Stats24
  17. Soccerpunter


All sites mentioned here have been trialed over extended periods of time before being featured on this list as list of surest football prediction sites. Notable sites like Predictz, Betensured, FreesupertipsUk and Footy Accumulators have been excluded because they do not offer a definite track record to access their longterm performances.

Punters, tipsters and bettors alike are advised to combine their knowledge of the game with statistics and tips provided by the best prediction sites enlisted.

Most importantly, once you begin to fall into the gambling category or state of mind and are either not sure of your winning percentage or have made more losses than wins, it is recommended that you stop and seek help immediately.

Invest Responsibly.

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