Specta Loan Nigeria: How to Apply, Requirements, Loan offers, Interest Rate

Specta Loan Application And Interest Rate

You can know more about Specta Loan and discover the simplest way to get a loan in 5 minutes you can secure a loan from one of the top micro-lending companies in Nigeria in less than N5 million. Now, tomorrow’s business is guaranteed with financial support.

In this guide, we will be considering what Specta loan is, how to get a loan within 24hours from Specta loan, what are their requirements and loan offers?

What is Specta Loan?

Specta is a sterling bank micro-lending platform that allows getting a personal loan. The organization provides various loans for different classes of people. You should get a credit scheme that suits you whether you are a merchant or a salary earner.

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Specta loan Offer

Specta Loan (SpectaBasic) can apply for and obtain as much as N5,000,000.

Types of Specta Loan

Specta is a platform for online lending for all those who need money for an emergency. It was designed to make it easier for people to access short term loans. This site provides various forms of loans, so you can choose the best loan arrangement for you.

Specta have 6 loan packages which include:

Personal loan

Specta’s personal loan helps you overcome your financial issues. If you’re in a financially tight corner, you can easily turn to Specta without getting stuck.If you want a loan to fix those financial issues. Anything, Specta gives you the chance to fix your problems easily

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Education Loan

Just as you may have noticed, the loan is made available for Education and academic purposes like paying for university tuition.

Wedding loan

Finance should not be a barrier to getting engaged to your loved one. You can marry your wife with the Specta wedding loan while effortlessly hosting a respectful party.

Medical Loan

A medicinal loan from Specta will lift you over financial issues, nobody prays for sickness bu there can be emergencies.

Rent loan

Accommodation is a thing of concern for the averge NIgerian, a big problem even for those who already have a home.

This has been complicated over the years to locate a suitable apartment or pay for a standard rental home. Because of the lack of cash and employment, many people may end up not completing the rental term.

Personal Project loan

They can support you with personal project loans if you have a personal project you want to carry out but you don’t have the money to facilitate this operation.

Payday loan

The Payday loan is a lending scheme for income earners, who need funds before their payday comes. The loan sum would depend on a person’s income applying for it. The short term loan is usually not longer than 30 days.

Holiday loan

Take a Specta holiday loan for yourself during your holidays. You may opt to use the Specta Holiday loan to book your flight, accommodation and make other logistics arrangements.

Specta Loan Requirements

  • Working Phone number and Email address
  • Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • Valid means of Identification
  • Sterling Bank account (required for some packages)
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Interest Rate

Within a single transaction, you can get up to N5 million loans within five minutes! No unnecessary papers, no collateral, no visits to the office. You will take care of your urgent personal and business concerns anytime with Specta.

The Specta loan’s interest rate is also dependent on the sort of loan package on which you choose. The interest varies from package to package, however, from 20% to 30% annually.

Steps to Apply for Specta loan

You need an internet-connected mobile phone to apply for Specta loan.

  1. Visit the Google Play store to download the Specta loan app
  2. Open up the app and register as a new user
  3. Log in to the app and key in all the required personal details
  4. Select the type of loan you want
  5. You will be shown how much you’re required to get
  6. Apply for your loan of choice
  7. and your loan should be sent to your mobile phone in less than 5 minutes

Specta loan Repayment

On the due date of the amount, the amount plus the interest rate will be deducted from your wages. You should then not delay the bill. You can, however, make the before your payment due date without deducting any extra charges.

Contact Specta

You should dial either of these numbers 08170852815 or 08170852820 for any further requests.


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