Top 10 Richest Banks in Nigeria (2022)

Top 10 Richest Banks in Nigeria (2022)

Nigeria is a country with millions of people. One fact that determines the strength of a Nation is how trustworthy its banking sector is.

Considering the large number of people that reside in Nigeria, the country won’t be in peace and harmony, if there are no banks that can securely keep and manage funds for the citizens, and make them available to them when needed.

However, since there are many banks in Nigeria. There will surely be competition among these different banks, which will make some acquire wealth more than the others.

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Regardless of the facts, these banks offer the same services, some people prefer some banks to the other, maybe due to their Customer service, customer approach, and many more.

Richest Nigerian Banks in 2022

Notwithstanding, we shall be talking about the top 10 Richest Banks in Nigeria, who knows, your bank may be among the richest banks in the country.

1. Access Bank

Access bank is one of the banks in Nigeria with good service operation, the bank came into the banking sector of Nigeria in 1989. This bank is licensed by the national bank regular, Central Bank of Nigeria.

Access bank offered several services such as
● Loans
● Investment
● Credit cards
● Savings
● Mortgages
And this has made them gain wide recognition all over the country.

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In addition, access banks has one of the largest amounts of staff among other banks, as they have a total amount of 28,121 staff.

As of the moment, access banks now rank among the five largest banks in Nigeria, in addition to this, access banks are currently the richest banks in Nigeria, with total assets of US$18 billion (NGN:7 trillion).

2. Zenith Bank

Just as the saying that the young shall grow. Zenith Bank came into the country as a very small company, and now they have grown into a prominent and fully stack organization.

Zenith bank is among the banks in Nigeria that has grown prominent and gained good recognition in the country, via their commitment to service and taking their Customer’ satisfaction at utmost priority.

The company was founded in 1990 by Jim ovia. Jim ovia brought about the development of this finance company, Ebenezer Onyeagwu is the present CEO of the company.

Zenith bank is the first finance company to introduce their use of internet banking, in the early 2000s, this made them have an edge over other banks. As of the moment, Zenith bank is the second richest bank in Nigeria with total assets of $

3. First Bank Of Nigeria

As the name reads, anyone could tell a little about this bank, and no Nigerian would claim not knowing this bank. First bank is the earliest bank in Nigeria, the bank has been serving the country right from the 20th century.

First bank falls on the third list as the third richest bank in the country with total assets of 7.02 trillion nairas. Furthermore, first bank isn’t only present in Nigeria, the bank has branches across several nations, such as Ghana, UK, Sierra Leone, etc.

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4. United Bank Of Africa

United Bank of Africa is owned by Tony Onyemeachi Elumelu who was born on the 22nd of March 1963. The founder is known to be a philanthropist.

The bank has grown prominent in Africa, and many people have continued to enjoy the numerous banking services of this bank. The bank is the fourth richest bank in Nigeria, with total assets of $15.46 billion.

The bank has several branches all over their Country, and also in some parts of European countries, such as the Uk.

5. Guaranty Trust Bank

Guaranty Trust Bank is part of the banks in Nigeria, which many often call GT bank.

GT bank offers varieties of banking services, such as internet banking, loans, mortgages, investment, and savings, which makes them the best choice for millions of their customers.

Furthermore, the bank has its headquarters situated in Victoria Island in Lagos, and it falls in the position of the fifth richest bank in Nigeria, with total assets of 3.16 trillion nairas.

6. Stanbic IBTC Bank.

This bank has been in existence in Nigeria for over 30 years ago, and duly serving Nigerians with good banking services. This bank has millions of customers in Nigeria and provides them with different services.

The bank has different branches all over the country, just like other bank banks, they offer different baking services, to satisfy their Customer’ needs. The bank is the sixth richest bank in Nigeria, with total assets of 1.42 trillion naira.

7. Fidelity Bank.

The central bank of Nigeria, endorsed this bank, as a commercial bank in Nigeria. It was established in 1988 and has its headquarters situated in the city of Lagos.

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Even though this bank has not stayed for long, they have been able to build good business in the country, and also able to control good respect among other banking companies in the country.

This bank is the seventh richest bank in Nigeria, with total assets of $10.2bn

8. Eco Bank Nigeria

Eco bank Nigeria, has been the choice of many Nigerians who want a trustworthy bank. The bank was founded in 1989, and has well has headquarters in Lagos state, the bank has well offered several financial services. The bank is the 8th richest bank in Nigeria, with total assets of $8.1bn

9. Union Bank Of Nigeria

Union Bank of Nigeria started its operation in Nigeria in 1914. They have been serving the interest of their customers for decades, and always ensure a good Customer response. The bank is the 9th richest bank in Nigeria, with total assets of $4.2billion.

10. First Monument Bank (FCMB)

Here comes the last bank on the list of the 10 Richest Banks in Nigeria. FCMB was founded on the 20th of April 1982. The bank does not only operate in Nigeria, they also operate in the United kingdom.

FCMB is the 10th richest bank in Nigeria, with total assets of $4.4bn.


Did your bank come among the top 10 Richest banks in Nigeria? If yes, kindly let’s hear from you.

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