If you’re an avid lover of PPSSPP games, chances are that you’ll want to enjoy such games on your Android smartphone. Although PSP consoles are fast becoming extinct, their games are still very much enjoyable on Android devices, thanks to the PPSSPP emulators out there.

Quite frankly, the standard PPSSPP Emulator; which lets you run PSP games on your Android device; has the downside of limited access to features. And as a fastidious gamer, such a downside might discourage you from using the emulator.

Luckily however, PPSSPP Gold, which is the premium version of PPSSPP Emulator, is a nice improvement upon the drawback of the standard version. With PPSSPP Gold, you’re guaranteed access to all premium features and what such access translates into is an awesome overall experience.

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In this post, you’ll find out more information about PPSSPP Gold as well as how you can install its apk file on Android and PC.

Why You Should Install PPSSPP Gold

PPSSPP is a reliable emulator (app) for unrestricted access to a handful of premium features. In fact, you’ll likely find it as your best bet among the Android apps that let you emulate PSP games.

The standard PPSSPP version may seem like a good emulator but of course, you can rest assured that PPSSPP Gold will offer you a better experience. Interestingly, PPSSPP guarantees you access to all premium features.

For the most part, PPSSPP Gold offers sleek gaming performance, high Rendering Speed, HD Graphics and multi-language support. The emulator further saves you the issue of frame lags just to ensure you have an exciting overall gaming experience.

Steps for Installing PPSSPP Gold

  • Click the link here to download the apk file of the latest version of PPSSPP Gold
  • Start the apk file once the download is complete
  • To enable “unknown sources” (as you’ll likely be required to do so), simply head to the settings menu
  • Explore the security tab and locate the “unknown sources” option in order to activate it
  • With the above done, you only need to hit the Install button for the apk installation to start
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Steps for Installing PPSSPP Gold on PC

Although PPSSPP Gold APK isn’t ordinarily available to PC users, there’s definitely a way of bypassing this unavailability. Basically, the PPSSPP emulator is exclusively for iOS and Android devices but if you’re damn ready to run it on your laptop, you’ll have to do so via Bluestacks.

Bluestacks is a widely used emulator that lets you run games/apps on your PC in cases where such games/apps are otherwise dedicated for Android devices. What this means is that if you so much love a game and would like to play it on your laptop whereas the game is available only to Android users, you can set up Bluestacks for installing that game on your PC.

If you don’t have the Bluestacks emulator already installed on your PC, you’ll have to follow our instructions on how to install the emulator. But before following the installation guide, you have to be pretty sure that your PC is compatible with Bluestacks. By the term “compatible”, it is expected that your PC’s specifications or setup permits you to download Bluestacks and run the emulator on it. Here’s a rundown of the system requirements your PC must meet before it can successfully run Bluestacks:

  1. 5GB of free HDD storage space
  2. The OS of the PC should be Windows 7 or higher version
  3. Minimum RAM requirement of 2GB. Bluestacks is not recommended for download onto a PC with lower RAM capacity
  4. The processor of the PC should be either of AMD and Intel
  5. The graphics drivers on the PC should be updated. The driver updates on the PC can come from either the chipset vendor or Microsoft
  6. Lastly, you can’t run Bluestacks on your PC if you aren’t registered as an Administrator on the PC
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If you’re pretty sure that your PC fulfills all the requirements above, you may click the link here to download Bluestacks on the PC. Notably, the latter link will help you download the .dmg or .exe file of Bluestacks. Once the download is complete, you can install the file on your PC same way you’d install normal software apps. Wait for the installation to complete and following the installation, head to the home screen of your PC and click the desktop icon for Bluestacks in order to launch the emulator.

Steps for Installing PPSSPP Gold Apk in Bluestacks

  • Download and install PPSSPP Gold APK. To do this, simply open Browser and input the download link for PPSSPP Gold
  • With the .apk file download complete, you can now open it for installation
  • Once the installation is complete, you can return to the home screen of Bluestacks in order to launch the installed (PPSSPP Gold) app
  • Hopefully, you now have PPSSPP Gold APK installed on your PC and can begin running the game app

Simplifying the Amazing Features of PPSSPP Gold

PPSSPP Gold 1.11.3 Apk Free Download - RisTechy

PPSSPP Gold has got amazing features that give you superb gaming experience. Ranging from HD graphics to advanced customization, the amazing features of PPSSPP Gold are something high-end gamers would love to enjoy.

Advanced Customization

Customization gives gamers a great shot at setting up preferences for what they want out of gaming experience. In the case of PPSSPP Gold, support for advanced customization allows you to customize Graphics, Frames Speed, Filtering and Rendering Speed.

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Resume Game

This feature saves you the likelihood of losing an ongoing gaming session in the event of shutdown. Courtesy of this feature, you’re very likely to continue a game from where you stopped rather than having to restart the game. PPSSPP Gold comes with the Resume Game feature, making sure you can always save your current game session.

HD Graphics

Gaming, as an activity, does come with some awesome experience and the experience is most awesome when the gaming is done in HD. Enjoying HD gaming experience is very possible, thanks to the HD Graphics of PPSSPP Gold. Simply put, HD Graphics guarantees you a higher resolution for your games. With PPSSPP Gold coming with HD graphics, your chances of ultra-sleek gaming experience are only a click away.


We hope this post is the exact content you’ve been looking for on how to install PPSSPP Gold Apk. Importantly, the post must have also walked you through all you were willing to know about the emulator.


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