Top 11 overseas jobs that require no experience or skill

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Overseas jobs that require no experience or skill

So you need a relocation job overseas but have no experience. We have all been faced with looking for a job abroad with no experience required, whether it was for our first job after graduation, while we were in school, or to change our primary profession.

Some may find it difficult to find work abroad without experience either male or female, due to the fact that the majority of employers want prior experience, credentials, and admittance requirements.

Nonetheless, the following are the best jobs no-experience jobs worldwide:

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1. Customer Service Representative

If you are a people-person who enjoys connecting with others, Customer Service Representative is the perfect overseas job for you that requires no experience or skill.

This position demands simply decent communication skills, the ability to engage with coworkers and customers, and a pleasant demeanour.

Obviously, some firms may ask you to complete a training course to study the company’s policies before you can speak on its behalf, but this will be part of the job you have already acquired.

2. Home health care

It is true that home health care is an overseas job that does not require experience, but they do demand attention, care, and patience.

If you possess these traits and discover that caring for the elderly and the ill brings you satisfaction and happiness, then you have chosen a fantastic humanitarian career.

In certain locations, a valid driver’s licence or a certificate in home care, which you may receive while working, may be necessary.

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3. Public Relations Assistant

Numerous PR businesses want representative assistants that meet their stringent requirements. Although it is one of the overseas jobs that does not require experience or skill, you must be socially integrated and a competent writer to be a good assistant.

In the first two years, the majority of organisations provide rotation programmes that enable the assistant to experience various areas of work and select potential jobs.

4. Real estate agent

It is true that this is an an overseas job that does not require experience or qualifications, but in order to become a real estate agent, you must complete certain training classes.

It is advantageous to be proactive and intelligent in a variety of scenarios, and in order to enhance your earnings in this position, you will need to raise your sales. The majority of real estate agents work on commission.

5. Sales Representative

Everyone characterises sales representative as one of the most challenging overseas jobs that do not require prior experience or skill, but this is not true for those with a strong capacity to persuade people of anything.

You must demonstrate your capacity to sell items to organisations or people in order to be considered for this prestigious position. Despite the fact that certain employers need bachelor’s degrees.

6. Medical assistant

Medical assistant is the sixth-best overseas job that requires no experience or skill. To be a Medical Assistant, one must be intelligent, practical, and capable of both communicating with and assisting patients, as well as working at the front desk and in the doctor’s office or department.

As you do all prescribed chores, you will get more and more experience that will allow you to pick a medical specialisation in which to work as an assistant in the future. Additionally, experience will pave the road to better jobs.


7. Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant is regarded as one of the most significant overseas jobs that do not require experience, since employees in this profession are often allocated chores like paperwork, phone calls, email communication, and scheduling.

Occasionally, you will be required to attend meetings and take notes, as well as assist with the preparation of results for significant business initiatives.

This no-experience overseas job allows the assistant to go to a more specialised department or role after obtaining knowledge of how all firm departments work.

8. Vet Assistant

Animal enthusiasts and those who wish to learn how to care for animals might get employment as a veterinary assistant in a foreign country with no prerequisite experience or training.

While some animal hospitals and veterinary clinics may enable you to study on the job, you will be required to continue your education until you have earned a degree in this sector.

This no-experience overseas job requires a robust physique, since some animals may be rather hefty. However, if you like being around and caring for animals, this is the ideal position for you.

9. Customer Service Representative

This overseas job without experience is comparable to customer service, with the exception that customer service interacts with individual customers and customer care with corporate clients.

Therefore, this position, which does not need expertise, is ideal for people interested in working in an atmosphere where firms interact with one another.

10. Legal assistant

It is common knowledge that legal assistant is one of the overseas jobs that require no experience or skill; nevertheless, there are positions in this sector that do not require experience and are appropriate for beginners or new graduates.

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One of the most significant qualities of a legal assistant is that he is a skilled writer with a thorough understanding of the applicable laws, as well as well organised and attentive to the tiniest details. And who knows, you may even get a promotion or boost your earning potential.

11. Organising medical bills

This no-experience overseas job involves communicating with the doctor’s office and insurance firms. The position demands a substantial amount of documentation.

Organising medical bills is well suited for people who pay close attention to the tiniest of details and for those who using a computer for the most of the day poses no difficulties. 

Although this work takes one to three months of training, it may be made simpler with a medical billing course that provides the necessary expertise. 


These were the most prominent overseas jobs requiring neither experience nor a lengthy list of scientific credentials. A few personal credentials and the capacity to learn will suffice for employment in one of these specialised positions.

In truth, every organisation will want to recruit ambitious starters who are interested in acquiring experience, contributing to the company’s business operations, and contributing to the company’s growth.

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