Is nursing a good career choice?

A nurse poses with stethoscope around her neck

Why nursing is a good career choice

Are you contemplating a career in nursing? Explore some of the benefits of becoming a nurse and embarking on a fulfilling career assisting people in need.

Few jobs provide the same advantages as nursing: nurses work with intriguing people and – probably most crucially – make a significant impact in people’s lives, often saving their lives. However, nursing is a wonderful profession for several additional reasons.

If you are pondering whether to become a nurse or seeking answers to the query “Is nursing a good career path”, here are ten excellent reasons to pursue this fascinating career:

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A nurse checking the pulse of a patient

1. Nurses make a significant impact

Nursing is a good career choice because every day, nurses actually save lives. They monitor patients and ensure they get all necessary treatment. The majority of them also volunteer in their communities to advance public health.

According to Val Saintsbury, nurses provide comfort, compassion, and care without a prescription. 

This is not far from the truth, as nurses do more than provide medication and repair injuries; they also assist their patients better their lives and illness outcomes.

Almost every day as a nurse, you will have the opportunity to positively impact someone’s life.

2. Nursing education is available anywhere

While certain university programmes may seem obscure or difficult to locate, nursing is a good career choice because nursing training colleges may be found worldwide. 

In every nation and location, nursing students may obtain training and at least one nursing degree. Indeed, the health professions are one of the most popular academic disciplines.

3. Registered nurses may join the workforce pretty rapidly

The duration of nursing school is three years. Internships in the professional sector are interspersed over these three years. In fact, half of the time spent in school is dedicated to practicums in hospitals, elderly homes, clinics, etc. 

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This vital factor makes nursing a good career choice  for individuals who do not want to spend many years sitting on school benches without ever touching a syringe. 

4. The nursing profession provides great work satisfaction

AMN Healthcare’s 2019 study of registered nurses revealed that around 81% of nurses are pleased with their employment choice.

Moreover, two-thirds of nurses who answered to the study indicated they would advise others to pursue a nursing profession. 

This reveals nursing as a good career choice since it is a very satisfying occupation that has a direct influence on people’s lives.

5. Nursing is a fascinating profession

Every day is unique for nurses. They encounter patients with varying health conditions on a daily basis, presenting them with new challenges each time they report to work. 

Nurisng is a good career choice because frequently, the workday resembles an adrenaline rush. In reality, the majority of nurses embrace the difficulties inherent to their vocation.

6. Nursing not comparable to an office job

Nursing is a good career choice because you won’t have to spend all day seated at a desk and staring at a computer screen. 

Instead, you will be on your feet all day caring for patients and collaborating with a devoted team of healthcare professionals. 

It is true that some aspects of the job are more interesting than others, but nursing is nonetheless an exciting and demanding field. This is why nurses exist. 

7. Nurses are honoured

Nursing is a highly regarded profession. According to a 2018 poll conducted by Varkey Foundation, nursing was the sixth most respected profession in the world.  Patients tend to appreciate the arduous nature of nurses’ job because they comprehend its difficulty.

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As a nurse, you will be surrounded by trustworthy individuals. With a longstanding reputation as sympathetic caretakers, nurses have ranked first in Gallup Honesty and Ethics polls for 31 of the entire 32 surveys. 84% of the general people rated the mental health of nurses as the best in 2016.

8. Nurses are able to choose their specialisation

There are several medical specialisations, and nurses are required to work in each one. Therefore, nursing students may choose to specialise depending on their own interests. 

Nurses may specialise in cancer, resuscitation, etc., or care with newborns as paediatric nurses, making it not just a good career, but also a flexible career. Additionally, nurses may work in gerontology and anaesthesia, among many other fields.

From mental wards to emergency rooms, nurses have several alternatives for selecting a specialisation that interests them. Also, do not panic if you cannot discover your ideal nursing field immediately. 

With a degree in nursing, you are certified for almost any speciality, making it simple to transition. For instance, if you discover that caring for adult patients is not for you, you may always become a paediatric nurse.

9. A very stable and high demand job

The coronavirus epidemic has highlighted the scarcity of nurses and other medical workers, such as doctors. If you are pondering the reasons to become a nurse, job stability may be one that piques your interest.

Nursing is a good career choice because nurses are in high demand practically everywhere in the world. If you choose a career as a nurse, you will find employment immediately after earning your high school diploma. 

Obviously, certain services are in more demand than others, but this is a fact shared by the vast majority of healthcare facilities.

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Despite the fact that the nursing employment is projected to increase by 10 percent over the next decade, the nursing industry faces a growing labour shortage as nurses retire. This implies that nursing graduates often have little problem getting jobs after they graduate.

Possibilities for career advancement

Because a nurse’s days are never the same, there are many possibilities for on-the-job training and professional growth, as well as daily opportunities to learn something new. 

In addition, upon graduation, you will have access to additional advanced nursing degree choices, such as nurse anaesthetist, block nurse, and manager.

10. Variety of working conditions

Your nursing certification opens the door to employment opportunities in private clinics, nursing care facilities, retirement homes, public hospitals, and even schools. 

There are also unusual employment alternatives for the more daring, such as nursing on emergency aircraft, cruises, and tourism.

Conclusion: Is nursing a good career path? 

Nursing is a good career choice because you will undoubtedly have a beneficial impact on the lives of your patients as a nurse, but this is just one of the many reasons to choose a career in nursing. 

Nursing is a vocation in addition to a professional route. Many individuals are interested in this career because they feel called to serve others and desire to undertake something that benefits others. 

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