Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps Recruitment Process –Everything You Need To Know About NSCDC Recruitment


Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps Recruitment Process –Everything You Need To Know About NSCDC Recruitment

The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) is a Nigerian paramilitary establishment initiated by the Nigerian government in 1967. With the aim of promoting the statutory roles of the NSCDC, the National Assembly act establishing the corps was amended in 2007.

As a paramilitary agency, NSCDC is saddled with the duty of taking action against cases of threat or attack against the Nigerian citizenry. Today, the corps is well known not only as one of the country’s operative paramilitary establishments but also as an institution massively recruiting Nigerian graduates and undergraduates.

In this article, you’ll find out almost all the information that you may need about NSCDC recruitment including the agency’s eligibility requirements as well as the steps for applying for its job positions.

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What Are the Conditions that Qualify People for NSCDC Jobs?

What Are the Conditions that Qualify People for NSCDC Jobs?

Just like every other federal establishment, the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps stipulates conditions for recruiting people into its various job positions. While some NSCDC job positions may have specific recruitment requirements, there are also general conditions which all NSCDC applicants must meet regardless of their chosen job positions. Notably, these conditions are described as the NSCDC “basic qualifications and requirements” as outlined below:

    • Possession of the required certificates/qualifications, as any qualifications and/or certificates not accepted at the point of recruitment will not be accepted in the post-recruitment process
    • Being a Nigerian citizen by birth
    • Possession of upright character; applicants with a record of previous criminal offences will not be accepted
    • Being devoid of any attachment or membership to/in drug addiction, cult groups, secret society, etc.
    • Being in the age bracket of 18—30 years
    • Being devoid of involvement in any financial embarrassment
    • Chest measurement for male applicants must not be lower than 0.87m
    • Height measurement for male applicants must not be lower than 1.65m while that of female applicants must not be lower than 1.60m
    • Being healthy and having a convincing proof of medical fitness obtained from an accredited government hospital
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Steps to Apply for NSCDC Recruitment

The application steps for NSCDC recruitment are easy to follow and provided that you have adequately met all the recruitment conditions outlined earlier, you may follow the instructions below to apply for an NSCDC job position:

  • Click the link here to start your application process –note that for you to commence your NSCDC job application, you first have to attempt a registration step where you’ll create an account with NSCDC by providing a valid email address and your desired password
  • Once you’re done with the registration, you should check your mail inbox as NSCDC will have sent you a confirmation message regarding the application –this message contains the link required for proceeding with the application
  • Enter the link and once your confirmation is successful, you should provide your email and password as required for logging into the account you created earlier
  • Subsequently, you’ll have to attempt the bio-data section by filling your personal information in the required fields –Do well to correctly fill your details in the required fields and after completing the application process, don’t forget to obtain a print-out of your acknowledgement slip

While the instructions above are basically what you need to successfully apply for an NSCDC job, you should also take note of the information below:

  1. Having multiple applications can result in the disqualification of your NSCDC application
  2. NSCDC doesn’t charge any fee for application into any of its job positions
  3. Your application for an NSCDC job position is meant to be done only online
  4. It’s advisable that applicants print out the Referee forms and correctly fill these forms as they will be submitted at the point of screening
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Hopefully, this article has helped you obtain comprehensive information about NSCDC recruitment. Meanwhile, you should note that NSCDC has not commenced its recruitment process for the current year (2020) as of the time this article was written. Helpfully, we’ll try to keep you updated once the recruitment process begins.

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