Nigeria Cell Phone Numbers & Dialing code Prefixes

Today we present you a comprehensive list of all the telephone and cellphone Numbers in Nigeria. You will be able to find out the dialing prefixes of mobile networks in Nigeria including that of Airtel, 9mobile, Glo, MTN, Ntel, and others.

Mobile Telecommunication providers are the sole inventors of phone number prefixes. It can sometimes be a daunting task to find out which network belongs to a specific phone number.

It will also be nice to know the relevant CDMA networks and phone number prefixes they make use of. It is why we have combined all the latest GSM networks in Nigeria and their cellphone number prefixes.

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At first when the competition in the telecommunication industry is not heated up, it used to be 0803, 0802, 0805 and 0809 for MTN, Airtel, Glo and then Etisalat (9mobile), but now, all of the networks have exhausted several sequences of their prefixes that it is very hard for customers to keep updated of which networks use a particular cellphone prefixes.

So to avoid confusion on your part we have compiled all Nigeria Cell Phone Number prefixes according to their Network operator so you can quickly find out which network uses what phone number initials.


+2340803(main number)

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+2340806(main number)

+2340814(main number)

+2340810(main number)

+2340813(main number)

+2340814(main number)

+2340816(main number)

+2340703(main number)

+2340706(main number)

+2340903(main number)

+2340906(main number)

  • 9mobile (Etisalat) Cell phone Number Prefix


+2340809(main number)

+2340817(main number)

+2340818(main number)

+2340908(main number)

+2340909(main number)

  • Airtel Cell phone Number Prefix


+2340802(main number)

+2340808(main number)

+2340812(main number)

+2340708(main number)

+2340701(main number)

+2340902(main number)

+2340901(main number)

  • GLO Cell phone Number Prefix


+2340805(main number)

+2340807(main number)

+2340811(main number)

+2340815(main number)

+2340705(main number)

+2340905(main number)

  • NTEL Phone Number Prefix

+2340804(main number)

  • Smile phone Number Prefix

+2340702(main number)

  • Visafone Phone Number Prefix



+2340704(main number)

  • Other Telephone Number Codes in Nigeria

For Landlines, below are the area dialing codes for major cities in Nigeria

Area/CityArea CodeArea/CityArea Code
Ilorin31New Bussa33


  • So to make a call within the same state you dial the landline directly with the 2 digit state code
  • To make an interstate call you need to dial the 2 digit code of the recipient’s state and further add the main landline phone number
  • To call in a company or individual in Lagos, you need to use the state call code for Lagos which is 01 preceding the main phone number, usually in this format: 01 xxx xxxx
  • TO make calls into Nigeria from outside country like USA, Ghana, London, you need to first dial the international dialing code for Nigeria which is +234 before dialing the second digit of the state code and then the recipient’s phone number, in this case, you will make do away with the first digit, in the case of Lagos for example, the state code is 01, to call Lagos from Luxembourg you need to dial +234 1 xxx xxxx
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I hope you find the information on Nigeria cell phone numbers and Telephone dialing codes useful, If you need help on the subject matter, you are welcome to use the content section.

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