Minal Ahmad (Nana Izzar So) Biography, Age, Phone Number And Photos

Minal Ahmad (Nana Izzar So) Biography, Age, Phone Number And Photos

Minal Ahmad (Nana Izzar So) Biography, Age, Phone Number And Photos

Minal Ahmad is a well recognize Hausa Actress, Model, in Nigeria from the Kannywood industry.

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She is popular for her lead role as Nana in Izzar So a YouTube series produced and directed by Kannywood veteran Actor Ahmad Lawan.

Minal is no doubt one of the lucky actress out there. Within a year in the industry, she has made name herself. Infact Minal is a household name in the Hausa Filmmaking industry.


This post covers detail information you never knew about Minal Ahmad (Nana Izzar So) Biography, Age, Phone Number And Photos.

Minal Ahmad (Nana Izzar So) Biography

Amina Ahmad Jubril who is also known as Nana Izzar So was born on the 9th of April 1997. She is a veteran Nigerian-Hausa Kannywood entertainer.

The young Kannywood actress did her childhood age in Kano where she was born and raised.

Growing up in Kano, Minal was opportune to finish her primary and secondary School in the state. After the completion of her education, she developed passion for acting which her parents stopped her from at the initial stage.

In an interview with thelegitreports, Minal revealed Rahama Sadau acting skills and talents made her developed the passion for acting.

After Numerous struggle with her parents towards becoming a Kannywood actress, Minal Ahmad was later permitted by her parents to join the industry.

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In 2016, Minal ventured into Acting immediately after her excellent roles in “Izzar So” the actress has appeared in 20 Hausa speaking Movies since making her way in the industry.

Minal Ahmad Movies

  • Izzar So
  • Duniyar Masoya
  • Bugun Zuciyar Masoya
  • Igiyar So
  • Tsayin Daka
  • Soyayya
  • Zagon Kasa
  • Wuff
  • Warin Wata
  • Na ladidi
  • Labarina
  • Sarkin Goma
  • Zamani Goma

Talking of her Acting skills in every roles, Minal is such a talented young girl on the screen. She can interprets any roles in Movies and this made many Kannywood producers featured her in their movies.


Anima’s wonderful acting roles has gotten her many Honors and recognition in Kannywood and Nigeria. She is one of the most beautiful fast rising actress in Kannywood.

Minal Ahmad Age

Born on the 9th of April 1997, Minal Ahmad is 24 years old

Minal Ahmad Phone Number

Minal Ahmad phone number is not available on the internet.

Minal Ahmad Photos



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