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What Is Jumia?

Jumia is Nigeria’s no 1 e-commerce platform. In simpler words, Jumia is like a shop you can buy things. But unlike a physical shop, which you would have to walk down to, to get whatever you want, Jumia does not require walking down to any shop. All you have to do, is to download the app or visit the website of the platform.

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And when we call Jumia the no 1 e-commerce platform in Nigeria, we are not only talking about popularity, we are also talking about other things like trust, size, and trade volume.

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Who Is Behind It?

As stated earlier, the company called Jumia was founded by two Nigerians and two French men. And the names of these two Nigerians are Tunde Kehinde and Raphael Kofi Afaedor. And as for the French men, their names are Jeremy Hodara and Sacha Poignonnec. The company started out in Lagos, in 2012, and in a matter of years, the company was all over the country.

While these four men in question are the founders of the company, a number of local and international companies are responsible for the funding of the e-commerce platform. To name one of them, Nigeria’s most popular mobile network operator, MTN, is one of the largest share holders of the company.

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Jumia of course has physical presence in Nigeria. It has a office in Lagos, and a countless number of small offices across the country. In fact, there is hardly a state in the country, where Jumia doesn’t have a presence.

In short, the e-commerce platform is a credible one, and we strongly believe they can be trusted, when it comes to buying things. However, when shopping on the platform, you have to exercise care, as there are sellers on the platform who can be dubious. And don’t worry we’d be discussing that in more details, later in this article.

What Kind Of Things Are Sold On It?

Health & beauty items, phones and tablets, groceries, home & office items, computing items, electronics, sporting gears, baby products, and gaming items. In other word, if you are a nursing mum, and you can not afford to go out and get these things yourself, Jumia is a technology that can be of help.

Also if you plan buying a phone or tablet, a platform like Jumia can be a great tool. Not only would you save yourself the stress of visiting a phone shop, you might also find yourself great phone deals you would not ordinarily find, had it been you walked into a phone store.

Is It Safe To Buy On It?

When it comes to safety, Jumia is pretty safe. I and so many other people have personally used the platform, and we are yet to experience any safety issue. And not only that, we are yet to find someone who claims to have suffered a safety issue, while using the platform.

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Also, the platform is safe when it comes to cyber attacks. The website of the platform has got valid TLS certificate, so when making payments with your debit card, you have nothing to worry about. With their valid TLS certificate in place, hackers wouldn’t get the chance to steal your ATM card details, while paying on the platform.

However, when buying on the platform, you still have to exercise caution. Even though the company itself has not been known to be fraudulent to buyers, there are however some sellers who try to take cheat buyers.

Jumia allows you to buy things without leaving your home, but Jumia itself isn’t the one selling the items, they only connect you with sellers. In other words, there are some sellers on the platform who might try to cheat you. For instance, if you order a product from them, they might send you a faulty product or a wrong product. In other words, you have to avoid this kind of sellers.

But how do I tell the difference between a credible and dubious seller? That’s quite simple; on Jumia, we have some things called seller rating and seller review. A seller rating is a number (between 0 and 5), that hints as regards a seller’s credibility. We personally only buy from sellers having a rating of at least 4. However, rating only should not be used to judge a seller’s credibility, a seller’s reviews should also be looked into, before buying from them.

A seller review is simply a note left by someone who has bought something from that seller, in the past. When you check all reviews concerning the seller, you would very likely find negative reviews as well as positive ones. And, you have to pay attention to the negative ones. Read the negative reviews of the seller, if you find a genuine accusation against the seller, you should probably avoid them. However, note we said genuine accusation; there are actually buyers who would make nonsensical accusations against sellers, so you can’t really mind their reviews.

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And as regards sellers with no rating, you should avoid them if you can.


If you follow our suggested safety precautions, you should have no problem buying on Jumia. Happy shopping on Jumia.


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