How To Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages Using Android Apps

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WhatsApp is a widely used instant messaging app and more often than not, people send messages they wish they didn’t send. So, this constantly leaves them with the decision to quickly delete those messages before others get to see them.
If you’re eager to see the deleted WhatsApp messages from friends or wish to recover your own WhatsApp messages that you mistakenly deleted, you can be sure of achieving this task through some Android workaround.
Prettily, there are apps that enable you to recover deleted WhatsApp messages and this very post clearly reviews some of these apps.

Steps for Viewing Deleted WhatsApp Messages on Android

  • Launch Google PlayStore on your Android phone and type WhatsRemoved+ in the searchbox
  • Tap the relevant icon to download and install WhatsRemoved+
  • With that done, launch the app and activate all the permissions it requests
  • Then, return to the app and follow the prompt asking you to specify the apps whose changes and notifications you wish to detect or save. Choose WhatsApp from the array of apps and then hit the Next
  • Subsequently, select the option Yes, Save Files.
  • Click the Allow button to finally set up the app
  • Provided that you have duly followed the steps above, you can always explore WhatsRemoved+ in order to see all your subsequent WhatsApp notifications including the WhatsApp messages deleted.
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WhatsRemoved is considered one of the most reliable Android apps for recovering deleted WhatsApp messages but if you would like to try alternatives, below are 4 other apps for recovering lost WhatsApp data.

Dr. Fone –Data Recovery (Android)

This WhatsApp data recovery is considered the most trusted Android app for recovering deleted WhatsApp messages as well as other Android data. Dr. Fone works perfectly on thousands of Android models, making it the best WhatsApp data recovery software on Android. You can use it to recover your lost Android data including text messages, call logs, WhatsApp messages, notes, etc. However, one noticeable downside of this recovery software is that it doesn’t work on devices with Android 8.0 or higher versions except you’re ready to do some rooting.

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Super Backup & Restore

This data recovery software is suitable for redeeming your deleted data inclusive of text messages, contacts, call logs, WhatsApp messages, etc. Also, the software helps you back up such important data to Google Drive or your phone’s SD card. One of its pros is the ability to help you schedule automatic backups for your data. However, some of its noticeable downsides are the presence of irritating apps and the need for root access in order to back up and recover data.

EaseUS MobiSaver

Regarded as another versatile data recovery tool, EaseUS MobiSaver works well with MP4, AVI, MOV and 3GP video formats as well as BMP, GIF, JPEG and PNG image formats. With this app, you’re pretty sure of easily restoring your lost data from any of your phone’s internal storage and microSD card.
One of this app’s greatest pros is that it lets you know if rooting has been done for your Android phone or not. Moreover, you’re able to restore your deleted WhatsApp messages without any need for rooting. The app performs thorough search, ensuring that lost data (such as deleted pictures and videos) are well tracked on your rooted phone. However, some of its downsides are its seemingly disorderly interface and charging you a certain fee for data recovery.

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Restory is likely a unique data recovery tool as it quickly notifies you of a deleted message. The app is damn easy to use by anyone and as a plus, it’s capable of reading the WhatsApp messages that got deleted even before you could appear online to read them. However unique this app might seem, it has been flawed on several grounds including that not all deleted WhatsApp messages get downloaded. Also, it only allows you to view deleted WhatsApp messages rather than save them for viewing afterwards.


While the listed apps are very likely to help you recover your lost WhatsApp data, you should also note their downsides. This way, you’re pretty sure of the one that will best work for you.

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