How To Make Money Selling eBooks Online in Nigeria

selling ebooks online

Now we’ll talk about how to make money selling eBooks online in Nigeria, and this is similar to making money online via affiliate marketing.

But in this case, you are not promoting other vendor products, but yours and your earning go into your bank account.

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So I am going to walk you through the whole procedures that will enable you to make money selling ebooks online in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, I am still using this same business strategy alongside my 3 CODE SYSTEM to make 5-6 figures monthly up till date.

If you think I am just bluffing, then check the screenshot below of my Facebook timeline.

Screenshot Proof 1
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Kindly read carefully and to the end so you too can start making money selling ebooks online in Nigeria.

And if you want to pick my brain to start getting so much result from your online eBook selling then pick my course titled The 3 Code System.

Although, I have set up a free eBook for you to download for later purposes. Good luck.

What is an E-book

How to make money selling ebooks online

An E-book is an information product on anything that teaches you how to do something (like an e-book on how to invest in real estate) and which usually comes in PDF or Doc format.

You can create your e-book. It is a no brainer. It should be on something you are an expert on. I’ve been creating eBooks since 2018.

The best part about eBooks is they are easy to create, and you can sell them for a long time. I.e., you don’t go out of stock because it is a digital product.

The eBook I wrote in 2018 was bundled with some other products. I didn’t have to update it again until 2019. I sold it for one year!

That particular product generated hundreds of dollars in revenue for my blogging business.

So that is it.

The right way to get started making money selling ebooks online in Nigeria is by finding your market first Before you think about what people can pay you for there is one thing I’ll like to talk about, and I want you to think about it very carefully.

It will determine the success or otherwise of your business. You see, there is a mistake a lot of people make in this online e-book selling business.

They come up with a product before they determine their market Bullshit.

That is the wrong approach. You won’t make good money this way. The best way is to determine a market and then create a product for them.

I hope I’m not contradicting myself here. I said you should come up with a product idea, yet, I’m asking you to determine your market first.

Yes, you can think and brainstorm about product ideas, but before you create them and bring them into the market, make sure there is a market for them.

This will give you a hedge over others in the same niche as you.


No matter how competitive your niche is, if you are good at what you do, you will surely outsell others and save your spot in the marketplace because you have something inside of you that’s not inside of another person, that’s going to make people want to buy from you.

As simple as that. I understand that there is no competition making money by selling ebooks online in Nigeria. The way you lay your bed, that how you are going to lie on it.

How do you determine what people want?

This is a problem for a lot of people. They don’t know how to determine what a lot of people want so they can create products for them. For you, it’s shouldn’t be a problem.

How to Identify A Problem

This is the fastest way for you to succeed with your product. Can you come up with a product that can solve a problem for people?

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Once you can identify a problem, you’re ready to make money selling ebooks online in Nigeria.

Let me give you an example. Back in 2019, everywhere I turn to online, I find out that a lot of people are looking for a way to be able to start a blog and make money through blogging.

Personally, that was where I got the inspiration to write my second e-book I titled The Blogging Book that shows you everything you need to know about blogging.

Blogging Book
The Blogging Book

Ranging from the different blogging platform and their benefits

  • Creating a blog
  • Customizing it
  • Promoting it
  • SEO
  • Vlog
  • And making money at the end.

The first e-book I wrote about blogging was Blog wealth formula.

Blogging Wealth Formula

That was where I shared my case study of how I started my blog (mitrobe) and made $100 my first month of blogging without Adsense. Get a download link here.

I priced the Blogging Book (it’s also available as a product) at $5 (N2, 000) and about 20 people have taken me up on it on the very first day I launched it back in 2019, and up till then, I have been upselling/down selling. If you need a copy use the form below.

    I identified a problem and gave a solution. Remember I spent time and money to learn it and now I have recovered and gained from what I have paid, and I will keep earning from what I have to Learn.

    But Johnmiracle Ejikeme, I can’t write. I’m not a professional!

    This is a big problem for a lot of people. Most people I teach tell me that they won’t be able to create an ebook or manual because of they are not prolific writers.

    I often tell them that they don’t have to write like the Top Marketers or like I do. Just write what’s in your mind and teach as honestly as you can, and you will be okay.

    I don’t have any idea about any product

    Still not a problem. Many people just don’t know how to start with the creation of their products. It could be a daunting task for beginners. Not to worry, we can find ways around that as well.

    3 ways to Generate Hot Product’s Ideas

    With these 3 ways you can come up with a stunning product idea

    1. Interview and Expert
    2. Conduct a seminar or workshops
    3. Make use of PLR products

    Interview An Expert

    Interview an expert

    Once you have decided on a topic, identify an expert in that field, and interview him. Record the interview and use an audio information product. You can turn it into a manual by transcribing it.

    Conduct A Seminar/Training


    This is another simple way to go about it. It is similar to the one above. Organize a free or cheap seminar and have it recorded. Your recording becomes an information product. You don’t have to be the speaker. Invite an expert and just do the recording.

    Use Private Label Rights Materials

    Listen Up! If you’re ready to create information products, the fast and easy way, this is the route to go. With private label rights products, you can create your information products in the next 10 to 15 minutes.

    Sounds too good to be true? If you know how to use this technique, you can make money selling ebooks online a killing business.

    What Are Private Label Materials?

    Private label rights products are products you buy, ultimately with its copyrights.

    This means that once you purchase the products, you have the right to sell it as yours, and you keep the money.

    You can put your name as the author. You can edit as you want, adds and remove from it.

    There are loads of private label materials flying all over the Internet. If you want 100 ebooks within the next 10 minutes, you can get them.

    So having your personal information products is easy. Getting private label rights is easy.

    Just go to and type in “private label rights” or individual label rights ebooks” without the quotes. You will come up with quite a few offers within a short time.

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    How long should my eBook be?

    As long as necessary. ? Your ebook should be at least 40 pages so the buyer will see the value in it. That doesn’t mean it has to be 40 pages, single spaced,a 14-point font in an A4 page size.

    Format it how you like – big fonts, pictures, infographics, charts, lots of white space.

    Just try not to beat around the bush, go straight to the point.

    Ask yourself this question:

    If I bought this book, would I feel like I got a good deal?

    How do I format an eBook?

    E-Books are delivered in PDF format. You can do it yourself by printing a Microsoft Word file or Google Doc to PDF format. It takes about 2 seconds.

    If you want a nice cover you can hire a graphics artist on Fiverr or Upwork to create one for you.

    You will pay anywhere from $5 (Fiverr) for a simple cover to $299 if you use a service like 99Designs.

    Alternatively, you can create a beautiful cover for your e-book with canva

    I used Canva for the cover of my book INFORMATION MARKETING. Using can’va to do great jobs all depends on your creativity.

    How much should I charge for my eBook?

    It is kind of a dumb question. I’ve paid $15 for eBooks that were 30 pages long. I’ve also paid $20 for eBooks that were 100 pages long.

    How you price your eBook is based on the value you provide, and how your book compares to similar products (if there are any). A good price point is less than $10.

    Most people are willing to part with $10 for a book.

    If you are an expert in a particular field, you can get away with charging more.

    Most people get caught up in confusion when it comes to the pricing of their e-book.

    Some feel if I put the price too high, I won’t get any sales, they will complain that’s also cost, and if I put the price too low, they would say it too cheap and for that, they won’t value it.

    4 ways to make money selling eBooks online in Nigeria?

    You can start selling ebooks online in Nigeria effectively in this four major ways.

    1. Information marketing techniques
    2. Creating a blog
    3. Direct/ads marketing
    4. Free social traffic methods

    Information marketing business

    You can make money by selling ebooks online with the aid of information marketing techniques.

    It was how I started my journey before creating a blog of mine in 2019.

    In information marketing, there is an approach you take from identifying your market, to creating your product and finally selling.

    I wouldn’t love to waste your time, so I decided to offer you the step by step guide on how to make money selling ebooks online through information marketing techniques.

    Don’t worry. I am not charging you a damn fee.

    I have made a lot of sales from that e-book. I think it time to give it out for charity.


      Creating a Blog

      Through blogging, Selling eBooks online in Nigeria is as simple setting up an account with PayPal and slapping a PayPal button on your website.

      When I started selling my second digital products in 2019, that was what I did.

      When I started making more money, I moved to a custom shopping cart.

      Thankfully technology has improved since then. Here are a couple of great choices to accept payment online of your e-book on your blog.

      • Gumroad: is a popular service that connects to your blog and allows you to sell digital products. It’s only $10 a month for the service, and they take a small percentage of each sale to cover the credit card transaction fees.
      • E-junkie: is another excellent service that can have you up and sell in minutes.

      Direct Ads marketing

      Through direct marketing, you just bump to a friend online suffering from a particular problem, and then you introduce your product to them.

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      For instance, you’ met someone who is trying to lose weight as a friend online, and you have a product about recipes that will help one lose weight, you can market it to her and sale.

      Through ads, that involves paying for advert ads campaign which can be of any of the following

      • Social media ads (like Facebook ads)
      • CPC cost per click ads
      • PPC pay per click

      Free Social Traffic Methods

      The free social media traffic method is done by joining the various group on social media, find the most pressing problem and create a product (solution) Share with the group members and make sales.

      Can I make money selling eBooks Online in Nigeria?

      Have you ever bought an eBook or a Kindle book?

      There’s your answer.

      I own several ebooks, and I am looking forward to featuring all of them in amazon Kindle, and I have bought nearly 20 eBooks over the years.

      I’ll share with you some of the titles I’ve purchased to give you an idea of what people are selling (and making money on):

      • Paypal creation
      • Pinterest Traffic
      • Guide on SEO

      There are some pretty obscure titles and topics in that shortlist. And I’m just one buyer! Which brings me to my point – yes, it’s possible to make money selling eBook online on pretty much any topic.

      Someone out there is willing to pay you for your expertise if you can do one of two things:

      • Solve their problem (educate)
      • Bring them pleasure (entertain)

      Turning Your Blog Into an eBook

      Here’s something else to consider – people don’t necessarily want to read all your blog posts.

      You may write one blog post on a topic and then six months later write something else on a similar topic.

      People will pay you if you consolidate your blog posts and turn them into a book.

      Of course, you’re probably wondering – why would anyone pay me for an eBook when they can get it on my blog for free?

      One word – convenience.

      You’re saving them time because they don’t have to dig around your site for all of the information.

      It’s no different than if you’re searching the Internet to learn about something.

      What’s easier – searching out ten different sites, or finding the one website that has all of the information in one place?

      Tiffany, “The Budgetnista” Aliche


      She took all of her blog posts on budgeting, and rolled them into a best-selling book on Amazon! It was the same content, but people wanted something that had all of the information in one place that they could easily read front to back.

      She is a role model when it comes to selling ebooks online.


      Now, that you have learnt how to make money selling ebooks online in Nigeria.

      It’s time for you to go out there and create your product. It’s not difficult to do. That you can see from the explanation above.

      Go out there and do it. I expect you to come up with your information product in the next seven days.

      Even if you have not finished writing/packaging, you should have a concept in place.

      • Start writing! If you haven’t started writing in your blog yet – start writing. Sit down and write 500 words today about your blog topic.
      • The eBook you’re going to want to create for extra income can come right from your blog posts.

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