How to Insert SIM Card in Tecno Spark 2 and Tecno Spark3

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Looking for  solutions on How to Insert SIM Card in Tecno Spark 2 and Tecno Spark3? We’ve got you covered…Tecno spark 2 Smartphone is a very unique Smartphone, loaded with amazing features. It is one of the best sold out phones for the Smartphone producers.
Unlike the tecno spark 4the tecno spark 2 phones have an inbuilt and unremovable battery which directly means that the sim card should be placed right on the side, bottom or at the top depending on which type of device you have and you should note that they are always micro sim cards.

You cannot open tecno Spark 2 back cover as most people like to think. The phone as an innovative gadget can be referred to as a premium phone.
How to Insert SIM Card in Tecno Spark 2 and Tecno Spark3
Although, this Smartphone does not have the 4G feature, the phone still has important and mind blowing features including supporting the USB-OTG technology that you will love.

The Tecno spark 2 Smartphone is one very powerful model that has a 3,500mAh non-Removable battery with a long lasting battery ranging from at least 11 hours to 20 hours on a single charge
When you get the Tecno spark 2 Smartphone, the first things on your mind is how to reset and arrange everything to give you the perfect function you want.

How to Insert SIM Card in Tecno Spark 2 and Tecno Spark3
Although, some phones have different pattern of arrangement. Some device may warrant you pulling out the battery or back cover before inserting sim while others are now found on the body of the device.
For this device, you do not have to go through this long process of locating where or how to insert your SIM. Simply follow the troubleshooting guide below.
Firstly, before you proceed to using your new Tecno spark 2, it is important that you observe all the tools or extra feature found inside the pack.
To insert SIM Card in tecno spark 2 android phone, the device producers have prepared all necessary accessories for your device including slim pin. This pin is found inside the pack and it is used to insert your sim card without stress.

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Steps to Follow in order to  Insert SIM Card in Tecno Spark 2 and Tecno Spark3

Step 1: Power off your Tecno spark 2 device before proceeding to any other step.

Step 2: Check the side of the Tecno spark 2 Smartphone for a SIM slot. When you do, process to the next
Tecno spark 2 Smartphone for a SIM slot
Step 3: On the Smartphone, you will find a small tiny hole on the side of the phone body without detaching the case of battery.

Step 4: when you find that sim slot, insert the SIM pin (phone accessory). When you do this, the SIM tray will open for you to switch SIM.

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How to Insert SIM Card in Tecno Spark 2 and Tecno Spark3
How to Insert SIM Card in Tecno Spark 2 and Tecno Spark3

NB: When the SIM tray opens up, you will find two SIM slot and one for SD card. Appropriately put all SIM in the right position on the tray.
Step 5: Close back the tray in the phone. Observe that this is done accurately before going to the next step
Step 5: Reboot your phone and your SIM card will be recognized by the device and will display automatically if properly done.

About The tecno spark 3 Smartphone

Tecno Spark 3 Smartphone is one of the best of tecno’s product. It has processor boosts speed of 2.0 GHz quad-core, and a very responsiveness and clear performance.

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Tecno Spark 3 powering experience and large memory space brings you a better Smartphone experience.
It is important that you know that all battery capacity of Tecno products are top notch and the Tecno Spark3 is not left out on the list. The Smartphone is 3,500 mAh and takes over 3 hours to charge from 0% to 100%, since the device does not have fast charging feature.
Amazingly, the Tecno Spark 3 Smartphone is a very nice waterproof device that allows you swim with it.
This is also a very simple AI device to try out with a great IOS that will interest you. The devices operate normally with the 8. 0 IOS but can be upgraded to other versions including the 9.0 IOS.
The Tecno spark 3 Smartphone comes with some accessories, namely;

  • Protective Pouch
  • Power Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • Earphone pair
  • Manual and Warranty Card but without an ejection pin unlike in tecno spark 2.

Unlike following the above steps for Tecno Spark 2 where you have to insert the SIM card without pulling out the battery or removing the case, Tecno Spark 3 is different and requires you do the exact opposite. Tecno Spark 3 Smartphone has an inbuilt battery but will require that you open the case of your device.

However, to insert the SIM card into your new device, carefully read the steps below.
How to insert SIM in your device:

Step 1: Put off your Smartphone
Step 2: open the case of the device 
Step 3: You will find the SIM card position just right above the battery.
Step 4: insert the SIM in rightly and carefully into the sim spot.
Step 5: Close back device and Power ON

Step 6: wait for SIM to reflect then select SIM card options from your setting.
These are the simple steps you need to employ to have your new Tecno spark 2 and Tecno spark 3 function effectively. You will agree that these steps are very easy, less complicated and direct.

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