How to Clear DStv Error Messages

How To Clear Dstv Error

How to Clear DStv Error Messages

It’s really frustrating when you turn on your TV and DStv to watch your favourite program after a long day spent outdoors and instead of seeing what you expect, you start seeing some sort of crazy decoder error. These errors sometimes can be so difficult to understand and solve immediately because, at times they are only written in codes – as if all customers are satellite or decoder engineers.

DStv is the most used decoder in Nigerian homes, and in this article, we will be looking at all DStv error codes, what they mean, and how to resolve them. If you are currently stuck on an error message, you can just skip to where it is explained in the article, and then fix it.

DStv Error Codes – What They Mean and How to Fix Them

This DStv error can be caused by a lot of factors, the particular cause, however, will determine the error code your DStv decoder displays. Without wasting much time, let’s get to it.

Fixing Error Code E16

This error basically occurs when your decoder’s subscription expires. To fix it, simply renew your subscription. However, if you are dead sure your subscription should still be active, it’s probably because your smart card and/or subscription doesn’t support that channel. Alternatively, you can use the DStv customer self-service page to automatically clear the error by inserting your smartcard number in the field provided, choosing the error, and clicking “Fix Error” while your decoder is switched on.

Fixing Error Code E30

Sometimes the system gets slow as they try to confirm a newly done subscription, and boom this error pops up. It usually fixes itself, but in case it doesn’t, you can dial 12068584#, and follow the subsequent prompts to resolve it. You can also resolve using the online customer self-service website by choosing the error, inserting your smartcard number in the field provided, and clicking “Fix Error”.

Fixing Error Code E42/32

This error can pop up when there is an issue with your parental function pin code. It usually displays the message “PIN code is locked in parental function”. You can resolve this issue by using the online self-service platform. You might as well call customer care on 0124222222 to help reset the pin from their end.

Fixing Error Code E19

Users get to see this type of error when the decoder has been disconnected from the TV or switched off for a long time. The solution to this is reactivating your decoder by 12068584#, and following subsequent instructions. You can also call customer care on 12068584# for assistance if needed.

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Fixing Error Code E18

Your DStv decoder can get this error during an activation process. It usually happens when the DStv decoder is encrypted or is cut off from satellite supply for a long time. This error can also appear if a wrong smart card is inserted or the right one is inserted wrongly. You can fix this by plugging back anything you noticed unplugged from the decoder and checking the smartcard. You can call customer service on 0124222222.

Fixing Error Code E37

You’ve probably entered an invalid channel number. You can remove this error by checking the channel number and trying again.

Fixing Error Code E43

This error pops up when the DStv network restricts a user from watching channels in the wrong country. Unfortunately, this error cannot be resolved if you didn’t register your DStv account using an address of an eligible country.

Fixing Error Code E132

This error appears when a user is restricted from downloading data on the DStv hard drive. This is best solved by contacting your local DStv installer to properly mount your hard drive.

Final Words

Well, that’s all we will be writing on DStv errors and how to fix them. Of course, there are other possible errors, their codes, and how they are fixed, but we’ve prioritised listing those that can be resolved by a customer. If your DStv decoder shows an error that isn’t addressed in this article, you definitely will need to contact your DStv installer to help rectify them,

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