How much Is the SAA Exam Fee for AWS? How Long Do You Have to Prepare for the Exam?

How much Is the SAA Exam Fee for AWS

When you sign up for the AWS SAA exam, you all want to know about the exam fee and the related problems of preparing for the exam. How much is the AWS SAA exam fee? How long will it take to prepare for the AWS SAA exam? Let’s elaborate on it.

I: AWS SAA Examination Fee

How much is the AWS SAA exam?

The AWS SAA exam costs $150. Need a visa credit card. The certificate is valid for 3 years.

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The name of the exam should be consistent with the credit card, and the credit card and ID card should be seen during the exam. The name is in Chinese pinyin.

Remember and understand all the knowledge points of the exam. Good memory has advantages. There are many nouns and many concepts.

The examination machine can switch between Chinese / English.

II: How Long Do You Have to Prepare for the Exam?

If you are eager for the exam and have abundant funds, spend some money to find a reliable training institution to participate in a three-day training, and then inadvertently get some exercise books, then a week is enough to pass the exam.

If you really want to study AWS-related knowledge systematically, the exam is only a test of your knowledge. I suggest that you spend two hours a day and prepare for about two months. Of course, the learning time of about 120 hours can also be allocated according to your own time.

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Here’s a little suggestion: don’t take too
long to prepare, for example, six months or more. AWS’s product iteration speed is very fast and its learning cycle is too long, which may lead to its inability to keep up with its rhythm.

III: What Knowledge Points Does AWS SAA Examine?

For each AWS account, all AWS accounts in each region are limited to 5 EIPs (elastic IP addresses).

The maximum number of auto-scaling groups allowed to be created by AWS is 20.

Partial instance hours, that is, less than one billing time unit is calculated as one full hour.

If your I / O latency is higher than your requirements, check the average queue length to ensure that your application does not drive more IOPs than you have preconfigured. You can maintain high IOPs while reducing latency by maintaining a low average queue length (by configuring more IOPs for the volume).

EIP is not available when EC2 classic instances are started through autoscaling.

If you are using EC2 classic, you must use a security group created specifically for EC2 classic.

When starting an instance in EC2 classic, you must specify a security group in the same zone as the instance.

When starting an instance in EC2 classic, you cannot specify a security group created for VPC.

If you want to build complex network infrastructure and simplify the work of deployment, replication, control and tracking changes, you can use cloud formation.

Resource record collections in managed regions cannot have different suffixes. The suffixes must be the same.

Amazon SQS supports an unlimited number of queues per user and an unlimited number of messages per queue. Please note that Amazon SQS will automatically delete messages in the queue for more than 4 days.


Billing starts when Amazon EC2 starts the start sequence of AM instances. When the instance is closed, billing ends.

When using Amazon import/export, you need to submit a separate job request for each physical device, even if they belong to the same import or export job.

How much is the SAA exam fee for AWS? The above introduces the related questions about the AWS SAA test. The cost of the AWS SAA test is not high, but there are many contents of the test. You must prepare as soon as possible.

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