Hotstar Mod APK 12.1.6 (VIP unlocked)

Hotstar Mod APK 12.1.6 (VIP unlocked)

Online streaming in the past few years has actually been something done by almost everyone. The number of people streaming video, movies, sports and many other things are growing everyday. People tend to look for the best site of applications to aid in online streaming, and provide them with good high definition video quality.

It is not wrong to say that streaming services have substituted cable subscriptions in homes. Streaming is actually cheaper and on the go. It is very difficult to move your television set and your cable around with you, but you can stream with your mobile phone or laptops anywhere you are. For these reasons, there are some popular streaming services such as Netflix and others, but not everyone is capable of subscribing to these services, this is where Hotstar kicks in. Hotstar is a free streaming platform that gives its users free access to local and foriegn contents.

With India’s growing population, we have lots of people who subscribe to this popular streaming platform more than ever. However, not all the population can afford this luxury. This is the reason Hotstar was created, this gives them the access to freely have domestic and foreign content rolled into one! This is the ultimate Netflix competitor in India. This is not restricted to only the citizens of India, as long as you still love Bollywood and Hollywood movies, Hotstar has got you covered! This wonderful app was released in 2015 and has proven over the years to be the number one source of entertainment and happiness to many Indians and lovers of Bollywood and hollywood. With over 100 million downloads in Google Play Store alone, it’s clear that this isn’t just some knock-off app designed to compete with the big ones.

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Hotstar has a very useful key function which allows the app to present contents in multiple languages. Hotstar tries to bring different contents to its users and also in the languages they understand, unlike most of its competitors. This app offers over 100 hours of videos with contents all over the globe for its users, Hotstar covers contents like: TV shows, movies and sports. However, it goes even deeper than that because each of these has even smaller subcategories for you to choose from!

Even if you are not that into local movies, fear not, Hotstar still got you covered, this app still provides you with all your mainstream movies and shows such as Marvel movies, Star Wars and more. This app provides entertainment to all, regardless of their age and gender. Downloading this app can never be a mistake, just give it a try.

Features of Hotstar

There are so many incredible features to watch out for on this app, which will give the full thrill of entertainment. Hotstar has looked into the issues users always have when streaming on other platforms and has worked to improve on the with the following features:

Movies – movies are one of the things that keeps people entertained, movies helps you ease stress after a hard days work, you get back home and put on your cable tv or turn on your laptop, even at work just take a little rest watch a movie to clear your mind from all the tedious work you have been doing all day.after the camera was introduced to the world for the first time, human beings has evolved over the years from just producing black and white contents for the cinema, we now have blockbuster movies to watch and enjoy which spectacular graphics and tricks of all sorts. Over the decades, the movie industry has improved greatly providing us with thousands of movies world wide, movies in various locations and languages. Hostar application gives us access to these movies free and in various languages.

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TV shows – at times we watch movies and we would not like the movie to end so so, or we actually can’t get enough of the movie, at this point, we always turn to tv shows where we would get many episodes and seasons of a show. Tv shows are typically specific kinds of movies that run for about an hour with multiple episodes and also multiple seasons.

We can be very much carried away by tv shows, always looking forward to the next episode or season. Tv shows are most times what people watch on cable tv, always rushing back or setting alarms so they would not miss the next episode of the show. Tv shows were not as popular as they are now, but in this present age, people always find it hard to wait for the next week to watch the next episode. People always prefer a situation where they get their favourite shows when they actually want to see it, people don’t like the idea of waiting just to get the next episode.

Sports – Hostar is an app that will be used so much by sport lovers, the ability to stream live matches right from the comfort of your homes has just been made possible by Hostar, no need for cable subscriptions for those that can’t afford it. This is a cheaper choice prefered to cable subscription, they provide a wide range of sports, covering many top leagues in the world for the football lovers. Events such as the world cup, the premier league, spanish league, champions league and all other top leagues in the world.

Sports as we know it is a thing that is enjoyed world wide, sports brings unity to the world. Sitting at the comfort of your homes, workplaces or any location of your choice, with a chill bottle of refreshment and with the help of Hotstar, you can enjoy all live matches, missing out nothing from the game.


High-quality videos – we have so many live streaming apps and the issue that is always encountered by almost all of them, always boils down to the same thing which the poor quality in their videos, it is one thing to watch movies, it is another to get a good high quality video to enhance your entertainment. Watching high quality videos always makes users tend to enjoy the movie or match better. Hotstar is here to offer you a high resolution video, helping to enhance your entertainment. Hostar has heard the cries of its users and have built an app that is ready at any time to provide its viewers with high quality movies, giving your a first class experience when streaming live matches or streaming your favourite tv show or movie, with high quality videos, Hotstar has gone beyond other streaming platforms to provide good quality videos.

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Download videos – Most times, people always prefer to download movies or tv shows, so they could actually watch the letter even without the availability of a network or network provider. Most times people tend to download movies from torrent sites and end up getting files with a very large size with poor video quality. Hotstar has set its sights on making downloads easy and possible on their app. Downloads of movies are easy and possible on the Hostar application.

No login required – this is another very annoying feature most online streaming apps have incommon, that is always asking you to login or create an account with them, it’s not every one that is willing to give their personal information off on a website they don’t know about. This at times actually chases users away, because it’s not everyone that is willing to drop their personal info on a site they dont trust. Hostar removes this option for you and actually makes accessing this app easy.

Watch Hotstar originals – besides making mainstream movies and tv shows available for its users, Hotsar also produces original content for its users, they make available content that cant be found in any way. Just like we have Netflix original movies, we also have Hotstar originals, just designed specifically for its users.

Kids content – are your kids always playing around and disturbing the house, are you looking for educational content for your kids, looking for the kids content to keep your kids entertained and in one place, then Hotstar is the app for you, they provide good and entertaining kids content just for your kids. Theyalso provide contents that are just for the whole family to enjoy.

Hotstar Premium APK Mod New version 2021 – VIP unlocked

Hotstar costs some money for a monthly subscription. But if you don’t want to, you can download it now and enjoy thousands of videos for free!

The mod apk gives you access to all the VIP features without paying the monthly subscription.

What is APK MOD

Ummer Arif, B.S from Abbottabad University of Science and Technology AUST (2020)

Answered April 20

Before explaining the word mod apk let me tell you one thing with the modded version of the apps you can easily get a paid version free of cost. Modded apps are also known as modified apps that are the original apps. Actually, the developers who develop the apps always give some free features to you and put some premium things in the apps/games which you must have to buy first.

The file that contains the app is known to be an APK file. A qualified team of the developers make edits to the apk file and enable premium features free and reupload it on the internet.

Are Modded Apps Are Illegal To Use:

The modified version is not the original ones that has been developed by the official team of any app. Also, with some changes to the original one sometimes they put a pirated code with which your privacy will be compromised. Mod apks are totally illegal to use and there are strict copyright laws.

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Can We Face An Issue Of Account Banned By Using Modded Apk:

It depends totally on the developer how better they create a modded version of any app. Majority of people are unable to buy premium things and in this scenario they always prefer to download a mod version of any app. Sometimes we face such issues of account ban and sometimes it works fine and has no issue.

How To Download Mod Apk Safely?

Here I am going to share the site where you can get modded apps for free and also they have no issue of account ban or anything else.


Diwakar Mishra, B.C.A Bachelor of Computer Applications Degrees, Babu Banarasi Das University, Lucknow (2019)

Answered February 28

In plain English, modded APK is being adjusted for adjustment of True Android applications like Instagram, WhatsApp, PixArt.

An Android application is bundled into a document with an extension name. APK. Hence, it is called APK Doc. , which possesses all the features of the application and can be offered on Android versatile.

A certified engineer authority can create an alert to the components within the APK record to add or empower a restricted element of the application and later resume it.

It is known as a modded APK and is shared on some sites.

Are Modded APKs Illegal to use?

Modded APKs are clearly no authority application. In addition, more and more often, modulated APKs open premium highlights, accessible in official applications, in-application buys.

This is one of the ways that engineers of applications bring in cash. This is certainly not in the light of a legitimate concern for the first creator of the application, and there are precise copyright laws for this.

In any case, most of the laws are for merchants and not customers. Nevertheless, the source from which you download the modded APK is less shattering.

This can happen because it is simpler to find the source (record on the site or shared site) rather than the client.

Indeed, clients can be found in light of the fact that sites record IP addresses, device platforms, data used by browsers.

Still, the download volume is quite high, so much so that it is practically difficult to find every customer who downloads a modded APK.

So how do you actually download a clean Modded APK?

Most of the time you will get an APK, where you will get the exact mod APK created by the third-party developer.

If an official website is not available for the modded APK, you can do a reliable search by asking in community forums.

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