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If you’re a new employee in a workplace where the management has made the HotSchedules app a requirement for all staff, you’ll likely want to find out how to sign up for the app.

Since you might also want to gain insight into what the app is used for, here is an Overview of HotSchedules.

HotSchedules is an application aimed at facilitating administrative activities. In a further sense, it is a tool that enables managers/administrators at retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and certain other workplaces to effectively manage their staff/employees.

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In simple terms, HotSchedules is a labour-management tool for managers to create schedules as well as manage employee information. While still helping business managers ease their administrative duties, HotSchedules features a user-friendly avenue for the managers and their employees/staff to communicate seamlessly with each other.

Who Can Use HotSchedules?

HotSchedules is an innovative resource designed for management purposes. It will therefore prove handy to a broad category of users including large enterprises, small businesses, medium-sized businesses, and freelancers.

A Rundown of HotSchedules’ Features

HotSchedules is a feature-packed app for cost-effective and seamless management of your business. To aid your chance of achieving business management goals, the app packs the following features:

  • Work Schedule Mobile App
  • Online Scheduler
  • Forecasting Engine
  • Activity-based Forecasting
  • Point-of-Sale Integration
  • Scheduling Templates
  • Above-store Console
  • PayControl
  • Training
  • Employee/Staff Communication
  • Time-Off and Availability
  • Floor Maps
  • SMS Messaging
  • Centralized Communication
  • Sales and Labor
  • Reporting

Signing up for HotSchedules –Let’s Show You the Steps Involved

You can attempt HotSchedules’ sign-up procedure through any of two options –Welcome Sheet and Welcome Email –depending on the option that your director provides you with.

If you have received the welcome email, you’ll be able to set up your HotSchedules account through the steps below:

  • View the welcome email that was sent to you
  • Scroll to the Create Your Profile option and click it
  • Subsequently, a new tab will be prompted within your browser. You’ll then be taken to the actual page for the account setup
  • While the email address field will appear to have been auto-filled on this page, you’re required to fill the other fields
  • Ensure you provide the necessary information in each of the other fields, as failure to do so might prevent you from successfully signing up for an account on HotSchedules
  • After duly filling all the other fields, scroll down to the Create Your Profile button and click it
  • Now, you should accept the user agreement so as to complete the setup
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On the other hand, the welcome sheet, which is another sign-up route for HotSchedules, comprises your sign-in credentials such as your username and your password. If you’ve already received the welcome sheet, here are the steps to use the sheet in setting up your HotSchedules account:

  • Visit the setup page via the link here
  • Then sign in using the credentials –username and password –contained in the welcome sheet you were sent
  • Subsequently, you’ll be taken to the actual setup page where you’ll create new login details
  • Now, create the new username and password for the account you’re setting up
  • Attempt the security setup –This is where you’re required to set up security questions, precisely three questions
  • Finally, click the Create Your Profile button to complete the account setup

Steps to Log in to the HotSchedules Portal


Provided you’ve duly followed the earlier setup instructions, we’re pretty sure that you now have a HotSchedules account. You’ll be able to log in to HotSchedules through the web-based platform (using your PC) or the mobile platform (using your iOS/Android app).

To log in to HotSchedules, click the link here to visit the official login page of HotSchedules. On the login page, fill in your details –username and password –into the corresponding fields. Then select the Login button.

Steps to Reset Your HotSchedules Password

HotSchedules’ official login page exists not only for users to log in to their accounts but also conveniently reset their passwords or recover usernames.

Here are the steps to reset your HotSchedules password:

  • Head to HotSchedules’ official login page through this link
  • Scroll to and click the Forgot Password option on the page
  • Note that for you to reset your HotSchedules password, you must not have forgotten your username. In other words, you need to provide your username in order to reset your password
  • Input your username in the required field and click the Continue button
  • Then you’ll be sent an email message with a link that will take you to the page for the password reset. If you fail to provide your correct username, you’ll be shown an error message, thereby preventing you from proceeding to the password reset
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To recover your HotSchedules username, follow the steps below:

  • Click this link to visit the official login page of HotSchedules
  • Scroll to the Forgot Username option and click it
  • Now, you’ll be required to provide the email address connected to your HotSchedules account
  • Tap the Continue button
  • You’ll be sent an email message for username confirmation. This will enable you to recover your forgotten username. Note that for this username recovery to occur, you must have provided the exact email address linked to your HotSchedules account. Providing an incorrect address will instead show you an error message, making it impossible for you to recover your username

Benefits of Using HotSchedules

For the fact that it’s a feature-packed platform, HotSchedules does offer a pretty number of benefits:

Keeping scheduling information in a single location: HotSchedules lets managers conveniently access critical (employee) information such as availability, certification compliance, and mastery level. This is because the platform allows managers to have a single major location for all scheduling and employee information

Efficient creation of schedules: HotSchedules is an ideal resource for managers to create schedules required for seamless staff/employee management. It may be regarded as a tool for hassle-free labour management

Hassle-free POS integration: What this means is that HotSchedules can be easily integrated with POS. How this integration benefits the manager by helping to incorporate attendance, sales and time data

Easy and comprehensive management: Especially through the mobile app, employees making use of HotSchedules have an easy shot at management. They’ll be able to send messages, monitor their schedules, manage availability, re-schedule their shifts and demand time off

Ease of communication: HotSchedules aids communication between workers and administrators. This ease of interaction hinges on the fact that HotSchedules features a native messaging app. It’s a smartphone app which allows users –such as employees and managers –to communicate with each other using instant messages

Provision of scheduling information: HotSchedules further keeps employees well informed about their upcoming schedules as well as who they’ve been scheduled to work with

Ease of communicating availability: With the aid of HotSchedules, it’s pretty easy for workers to inform managers/employers/administrators about their availability. This way, the managers or employers (as the case may be) get to know whether their staff/employees will be available at a given period or not

Provision of crucial forecasts: If armed with relevant software-generated forecasts, business managers might be able to foresee if their businesses are performing –or will perform –well. They might also be able to factor in what is needed for the businesses to perform well. This is probably why HotSchedules provides forecasts on labour requirements and sales levels

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Provision of data about previous sales trends: HotSchedules lets you track the progress of sales through the data it provides about previous sales trends. The data provided herein also enables business managers to decide if the current amount of labour should be augmented in order to boost sales

Quick access to work schedules: On the part of employees, this is a great opportunity for them to instantly view their work schedules. Plus, they’ll be able to view the schedules irrespective of where they are…


Is HotSchedules Supported on iOS Devices?

Yes, HotSchedules works really well on iPads and iPhones. You can expect the iOS HotSchedules app to serve you in the same capacity that the Android version serves Android users.

Is There Any Limit to the Number of Users Supported on HotSchedules?

HotSchedules is a powerful platform designed to accommodate lots of users, but it supports more end-users than managers. The scheduling management platform supports up to 35,000 managers and as many as 3 million end-users.

What Is HotSchedules Logbook?

This may be regarded as the single central storage for a user’s data including personal matters, maintenance notes, and important tasks. Some of the features of the HotSchedules Logbook include contacts, line checks and shift notes.

The HotSchedules Logbook is specially designed to help the shift manager keep tabs on their team (of employees), thereby ensuring that all the employees under their watch contribute to the tasks at hand.

Final Word

HotSchedules is an ideal platform for managers at customer-centred workplaces –such as hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, etc. –to effectively manage their staff/employees by setting up schedules, organizing shifts, making forecasts, and preparing employee reports.

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