High-Paying Jobs In the Public Utilities Sector

Looking for High-Paying Jobs In the Public Utilities Sector?

In general, the public utilities industry provides higher wages than the private sector. Payments vary based on the difficulty of the employment and the amount of education necessary for the job, such as basic, intermediate, technical, and advanced.

In public utilities, there are no gender-based pay disparities; hence, men and women are paid the same wages, unlike in the private sector.

High-Paying Jobs In the Public Utilities Sector

Here are job openings for the Public Utility industry that could be a good option for your professional development:

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Professions and related jobs

  • Computer experts
  • Electrical engineers
  • Nuclear engineers
  • Technicians in electrical and electronic engineering

Administrative and office support occupations

  • First-line supervisors/managers in the office and administrative support staff
  • Accounting, bookkeeping and auditors.
  • Customer service representatives
  • Meter readers and utilities
  • Administrative assistants and secretaries
  • Office clerks, general

Construction and extraction jobs

  • Electricians
  • Pipefitters, plumbers, pipelayers and steamfitters

Maintenance, installation and repair jobs

  • First-line supervisors/managers of mechanics and installers, and repairers.
  • Repairers for electronics and electrical equipment Substations, powerhouses, and relay
  • Installers of control and valves as well as repairers, with the exception of mechanical doors.
  • Repair, installation and installation of industrial machinery and maintenance personnel
  • Installers and repairers of electrical power lines

Production jobs

  • First-line supervisors/managers in production and operating workers
  • Distributors, operators of power plants and dispatchers
  • Operators of gas plants

Let’s look at a few of these positions in more detail…

1. Meter Readers or Utility Markers

Meter reads, sometimes referred to as utility markers, play an important role in the public utility sector by visiting residential and commercial homes to read meters and monitor meter readings at stations to ensure an accurate audit of energy consumption and usage.

2. Water Treatment Plant Operator

An operator of a water treatment facility is responsible for managing and ensuring that proper processes are adhered to in treating water to ensure drinking in a safe manner.

3. Computer and Information Systems Managers

Information and computer systems, also known as Information technology (IT) managers or project IT managers are accountable for planning and coordinating computer-related tasks in the public utility sector.

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4. Construction Laborers

Construction labourers perform a variety of physical tasks related to construction sites, such as installing pipes.

5. Electronic and electrical installation technicians and repairers

The primary responsibility of an electrician and electronics repairer and installer is to repair or install various electrical devices within the public utility industry.

The median annual salary for electrical and electronic installers as well as technicians is $61,760.

6. Engineers and engineers as well as engineering technicians

They are professionals who work in the public sector to make sure that the Industrial machinery mechanics and machines perform flawlessly. They install, repair and maintain factory equipment, as well as industrial machinery, including conveying systems, production machinery as well as packaging machines. Repair, dismantle or replace machinery from the power plant, factories and construction sites.

7. Line installers technicians

Line installation technicians also referred to as line workers repair and install electrical power systems as well as communications cables, including fibre optics.

8. Network and Computer Systems Administrators

The stations are fitted with computers in networks in the power plants It is also the job of a system administrator to oversee and manage the day-to-day operation of computers.

9. Operators of Power Plants, Distributors and dispatchers

Distributors, operators of power plants and dispatchers manage the power plant’s systems to generate and distribute electricity. They manage the equipment required to generate electricity, which includes turbines, boilers and control and gauges, pumps and fans, which includes cleaning, lubricating, and maintaining equipment from wear and tear.

10. Treatment of liquid waste and water plant managers

Treatment plants for wastewater and water operators oversee a network of machines that run the equipment, manage the process, and supervise the facilities that process water in order to make it safe for drinking. Workers at the treatment facility and the system are responsible for the removal of pollutants from residential and industrial waste disposal sites.

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11. Office and Administrative Support

The responsibilities of an office or administrative help with the bookkeeping, scheduling, and filing of paperwork, overseeing the operation of your office, as well as aiding the upper management.

12. Auditing/Accounting

As an Accountant or Auditor as Auditor or Accountant, you will have to handle more complicated accounting tasks that go beyond bookkeepers. Therefore your job will consist more focused on analyzing data to determine if the figures are increasing and if profit is being made.

Benefits of working in the Public Utilities Sector

  • Highest
  • Job satisfaction
  • Health insurance benefits
  • Opportunities to progress your career
  • Security of employment
  • Opportunities to interact with others (members of the general public)

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