HBO Max student discount 2022- Everything you need to know

HBO Max student discount 2022- Everything you need to know

While some campaigns offered a discount for students or a benefit from the HBO Max. These discounts have been discontinued. But, there are several options you can take to reduce the cost of your subscription.

At present, HBO Max will not offer any discounts specifically for students. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to look for ways to increase your service or lower the cost of your subscription.

Let’s get a bit more information about it and find out the possibilities to avail these discounts.

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Students can get discounts at HBO Max

In the past, discount coupons for students were provided by this retailer and coincided with specific campaigns.

However, today these discounts are not available and no more offers are planned to be offered in this manner.

HBO Max offers a content service that is based on films and TV shows, they are one of the most popular series producers. Certain series are already in the TV’s history including The Sopranos or Band of Brothers as well as an upcoming series with a significant impact on young people like Euphoria.

This content makes it among the most sought-after streaming services for teenagers. But, as it doesn’t offer a particular price for college students, they will need to search for alternatives in order to enhance the conditions of subscription.

The first thing to note is that this platform lets you select different plans. You can select an option with advertising or no advertising. The costs will obviously be different in one in the opposite. If you’re willing to accept a certain amount of advertising (limited) and pay for it, the cost is less than if you prefer a subscription without advertising, in which case the price will rise.

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Another option worth considering is the option of paying for your monthly subscription. In general, streaming services now offer monthly payment plans, which allow you to split the cost of a yearly subscription into 12 equal payments.

This is the case with HBO Max, which gives you the option of paying for the entire year’s payment in one lump sum. This is a great discount over the initial cost, typically around 16 per cent. Be aware that there are some promotions where the discounts could be more substantial.

Coupon codes, temporary offers and promotional codes

Every now and then the platform will release promotions from time to time. For America, in the United States, initially, there was no free trial, though this trial has been offered at specific times and in other countries.

The promo codes will grant users to access the material for a specific period of time for no cost. However, they’re not often used; you’ll see them becoming less and less.

The greatest benefit of promo coupon codes is the fact that they let users to get a first-hand view of the site’s content. If you are interested and interesting, you can join at the time the free period expires.



Payments for monthly or annually-based streaming services

As we’ve seen previously one of the most effective ways to save money on streaming services streaming service is to take on the annual fee. Practically, on any platform annual fees can result in savings of anywhere from 15% to 25 percent.

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On the other hand in the case of a brand new subscriber, the annual payments may be accompanied with offers which grant access to the content of the platform for a period of time prior to beginning the cost.

In the end, an annual instalment is more expensive. For instance, if we assume a monthly fee of $15, the total cost of the annual fee will be $180. The discount can significantly lower the price.

What you should do to assess whether it is worth it or not is to consider the platform’s content. Of course, subscribing annually to a platform to watch a single series or very little content is not worth it. It would be best if you made the evaluation.

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