Top 12 Esthetician Schools Online 2021

Are you looking for top esthetician schools online? Do you want to know how to become an esthetician, or what esthetician programs will earn you a license? This article answers all these and lists the top 12 esthetician schools online awaiting your enrollment.

Top Esthetician Schools Online: What does an Esthetician Do?

Esthetics is a sector that encompasses everything related to beauty and well-being: hairdressing, make-up, massage, exfoliation, skin treatments, podiatry, or even manicure, using the appropriate techniques, procedures and cosmetic products.

Today there are a large number of esthetician schools online providing training in the various esthetics professions such as makeup artist, hairdresser, nail prosthetist and so on. Of particular interest to us today are the top 12 esthetician schools online. 

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Thanks to the advancement of technology, professional estheticians are today able to carry out medical modifications to beautify the face. So what are the best esthetician schools online to train in esthetics?

First what is an esthetician school?

What is an Esthetician School?

An esthetician school is an institution that trains through several degrees, professionals from the world of esthetics ranging from hairdresser and manicurist to beauticians and estheticians.

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If these jobs interest you, you will also be able to specialize in areas such as nail polish, professional makeup, eyelash extension, modeling and many other disciplines, all of which can be learnt at a top esthetician school online.

With the help of these professional trainings, you will learn from teachers the techniques to take care of the body, promote well-being and self-confidence.

What diplomas can be obtained in an Esthetician School Online?

Esthetician schools online offer diploma courses ranging from the basic Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) to Masters.

These diplomas are then broken down into other training courses in specific areas of esthetics . You can choose several specializations such as professional hairdressing certificate, professional aesthetic certificate, hairdressing and so on. In some esthetician schools online, you can also train in aesthetics in general.

In esthetician schools online, ahead of CPC is the Professional certificate, and the main difference between these two is:

The CPC prepares you to become a practitioner in an institute, a hairdressing salon, a spa, a cosmetics store, etc.

The Professional certificate is the continuation of the CPC for people who want to open or take over an aesthetic establishment. Management-oriented subjects are therefore added to the training in esthetics.

In the bachelor’s and master’s degree courses in esthetics, you will often bag a management or scientific role.

This is because these training courses train in professions such as: director of spa or institute, cosmetologist, researcher in cosmetics, health engineer, etc.

Esthetician School Online Programs and Subjects

The program in online esthetician schools depend on the degree prepared. However, most of the general education is made up of:

    • English
    • Artistic culture
    • Civic education
    • Economics and Management
    • French
    • History geography
    • Mathematics
    • Applied Science
    • Physical science, etc.

In order to acquire real expertise in the field of beauty, you have the opportunity to follow more specific disciplines, such as:

    • Aesthetic techniques (face care, makeup techniques, hair removal, etc.)
    • Cosmetology and cosmetic products
    • Device and instrument technology
    • Sale of cosmetic products and services
    • Environmental health prevention
    • Pedicure and foot beauty
    • Manicure and nail beauty
    • Perfumes and fragrances
    • UV training
    • Business management
    • Consulting in aesthetics, cosmetics – perfumery
    • Coloring and discoloration
    • Dermatology
    • Lifestyle and health
    • Luxury marketing and communication
    • Beauty market, etc.

Note that some online esthetician schools offer work-study training.

If you choose this formula, you will spend part of your week or your month in a company. You will work there as an employee and continue to learn techniques and theories in school.

This formula has many benefits including remuneration, payment by the employer of the cost of vocational training, acquisition of experience, contact with the world of work, etc.

How to Become an Esthetician Online

Holders of the patent, baccalaureate or diploma in esthetics, cosmetics and perfumery can easily enter an esthetician school online, it all depends on the diploma you are targeting.

  • For a CPC: you must be at least 16 years old, no other diploma is required.
  • For a Professional Certificate: you must have a diploma such as the CPC, the baccalaureate or an equivalent diploma
  • For a Professional Bachelor: no diploma is required
  • For National Diploma of Higher Education: you are required to have a Bachelor Degree.
  • For a master’s degree: you must have validated 180 ECTS credits.

To join an Esthetician school online, you must submit an application. If it is selected, you will pass a motivational interview during which you will have to prove that you really want to become a student in the field of aesthetics, hairstyle, beauty, well-being, etc.

What Salary and How Much Does an Esthetician Earn?

On average, an esthetician is paid around 22,500 Euros or 35,181 US dollars gross annually.

What are other names for an Esthetician?

The profession of esthetician is sometimes also called a cosmetician. Alternatively, the esthetician is often recognized by the term beauty consultant, masseuse, or makeup artist.


In addition, this profession can also be exercised at home as a facilitator or demonstrator.

What are the Qualities and Skills Needed to be a Successful Esthetician?

To exercise the profession of esthetician to its full potential, it is necessary to have the following moral qualities:

  • Friendliness,
  • Diplomacy,
  • Availability,
  • Alertness,
  • An understanding of commerce,
  • And on a lighter note, a serious relationship.

It is also necessary to take care of ones appearance because physical aspect reflects on the quality of one’s work.

Being an esthetician requires a perfect knowledge of the different types of skin care techniques and the latest innovations to flawlessly beautify.

Mastering the required skills is essential to ensure the well-being of customers. For example, how to make waxing painless while avoiding burns.

Finally, it is a job that requires good physical stamina, as estheticians are constantly on their feet for large portions of their working hours.

Top 20 Esthetician Schools Online 2021

Here are 20 of the best esthetician schools online 2021 you should be enrolling in to acquire a certified and approved license, diploma or degree. 

  1. Wiregrass Georgia Technical College
  2. Aglaia
  3. Mirage Spa Education
  4. ASFA
  5. Evergreen Beauty College
  6. Beauty Cell Factor 
  7. Concepts Institute of Advanced Esthetics
  8. International School of Beauty
  12. Nima Institute

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