Easy Steps to Migrate to Canada without Much Stress

 Easy Steps to Migrate to Canada without Much Stress

Hi, are you looking for easy steps to migrate to Canada without much stress? After thorough research, I have drafted out from the numerous ways six easy steps to migrate. The six ways are regarded as the most effortless steps.

Is Canadian a good choice of a country?

For those who seem not to be too sure about whether migrating to Canada is a good choice or not, I am here to tell you that it is a very fantastic choice.

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Canadian is not just any country but a first world country. It is known as one of the most peaceful places to live on earth. It has one of the best international human relations policies that allow immigrants to be fully integrated and involved in Canadian affairs.

Also, it has excellent medical and educational facilities. It will interest you to know that Canada has the ten top schools in the world.

6 Easy Steps to Migrate to Canada without Much Stress

From the numerous ways and steps, below are considered the easiest.

  1. Study Permit

A study permit is considered the easiest method of migrating to Canada without much stress.

What does a study permit entail?

Study Permit entails getting a permit to study in Canada. A study permit can be gotten when a Canadian university or college offers you admission.

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Steps in getting a study permit

Apply to a couple of Canadian universities and wait hopefully. When accepted by a university, you will be issued an acceptance letter or an admission notification. Then you will proceed by taking the acceptance letter to the Canadian embassy in your country together with other required documents to apply for a study permit or a study visa.

This visa is mainly for students. Also, as an immigrant, you can go through this method. The trick here is that while schooling, you can apply for a work permit or possibly gets an employer to recommend you for a work permit. With a work permit, it will be easy to get a permanent residence.

  1. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

The Provincial Nominee Program is an individual immigration program of all the 13 provinces in Canada except Quebec province.

Each of the 13 provinces searches for areas where it needs individuals to enhance economic progress and then selects immigrants that best fit their needs. For instance, the province of Saskatchewan adjusted their PNP program to accept more immigrants’ computer programmers.

  1. Express Entry

This is an easy way to migrate to Canadian without much stress for skilled individuals.

Express entry, launched in 2015, is an online immigration program solely for skilled workers that want to immigrate to Canada. Through this program, you can easily become a permanent residence, especially if you are good at what you do.

The Express Entry program accepts only 3,000 people into Canada every year.

Furthermore, skilled immigrants are ranked against each other, and only the best amongst them are chosen.

  1. Visitor Visa
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This is also an easy method of migrating to Canada. This is what I call “migrating in disguise.” Here you apply and get a visitor visa. A visitor visa is usually bound to a certain number of days, let say 90 days; it can be less or more.

So with this visa, you can’t work or overstay, but you can connect to employers and organizations that can offer you jobs in which you can use the employment letter to apply for a work permit.

  1. Work Permit VISA

This is the best way to migrate to Canada without stress. If you are in the medical field (doctor, nurse, physician), it will be effortless to get a work permit. This is because Canada is in shortage of medical personnel; as such preferential treatment is given to them, including teachers and IT skilled individuals.

So the best thing here is to get a skill. You can go to the Canadian embassy in your country on procedures to search and apply for open jobs. Also, if you have a permanent resident over there, they can help you out with job searching and application.

  1. Through Business Immigration programs

This step is for wealthy immigrants, and it is a straightforward method. For you to go through the way, you must fulfil specific requirements and criteria. And, you must be willing to establish a business in Canada or, better still, purchase an existing Canadian company.

There must be proof that you are financially buyout before you can go through this method. So, this method is strictly for the rich.



I trust with this information; you now have a better understanding of the different ways to travel out. I will advise you to choose any method now and pursue it with full force, and hopefully, you might be among the lucky ones.

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