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You are welcome to the Biography Page of David Adedeji AdelekeDavido. On this page, you will find out more about his age, music career, family, parents, educational, background, spouse, relationship, Height, Nationality, State of Origin, real name, stage name, net worth and earnings, endorsements, awards, and nominations and more facts about David Adedeji Adeleke.

Davido Age

David Adedeji Adeleke, (born 21 November 1992) is a Nigerian Musician and singer popular for the stage name Davido.

Davido is a young talented chap and one of the top music artists that is making wave in the Nigerian music industry. He has managed to stay relevant for quite a while and trust me this young musician is still very much in vogue.

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His stage name is Davido a named he formed from his first name David, he has been ditching out the best of his effort in the last few years to keep his growing music fans and the entire music-loving community thrilled with timely releases.

Delving in to little personal details about this music phenomenon, Davido has proven himself to be a widely-accepted hip hop singer, he hails from the Adeleke family. His real name at birth is David Adedeji Adeleke.  The tabulated personal details of the crooner below depict that he was born on the 21st of November, 1992 meaning that few days before his engagement and wedding plans he will be 27 years old.

Davido’s Parents (Father & Mother)

Davido’s family is one of the richest families in present-day Nigeria, His father is a well-achieved businessman who has lots of investment under his watch.

The superstar was born in Atlanta Georgia before the family decided to relocate to Nigeria. Davido’s mother, Veronica Imade Adedeji was a lecturer at Babcock University in Osun State, all lecturers and students love her for easy-going nature and intelligence. Davido’s mother was born in 1963, she is a music lover, a gene that is very much feasible on all of the family members.

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Veronica used to own a record label in Nigeria in the 1990s, she used to be part of a music band called “David’s Band” a music group she named after son, she also runs a security company “David’s Security” that was also named after her son, owing to the fact that she cherishes her son so much and can’t showering motherly love on him.

The sweet story behind the union of Davido’s parents goes thus. Veronica Imade came in contact with Davido’s father in the 80s. They soon start their love life and they tied the knot. They both welcomed four children together, they have two sons namely Adewale and Davido, and two daughters by the name Sharon and Ashley.

Davido grew up alongside siblings and the grown-ups are said to be very hardworking and full of determination. Both daughters are married and have become successful in their chosen works of life.

Sadly, Veronica passed on, on March 6th, 2003, the day which happened to be the 40th birthday of her husband Adedeji Adeleke while Veronica was only 39 years old.

The news about her death was very unpleasant to the family and her coworkers at the university where she works, although, it is about 15 years that she died the University remembers her impressive contributions while she was with the university.

She was commemorated by friends and families year upon year in a large gathering where friends, well-wishers and other celebrities are invited to offer a memorial service for her.

Davido always remembers her mother profoundly year after year, he recently took to his Instagram page to share a picture of his dear mother saying how much he missed her.

The crooner, went ahead to name both of her baby daughters after her mother, Aurora Imade whose mother is Fashionista Sophia Momodu and Hailey Veronica Adeleke, a fruit of his youthful romantic connection with the Americana Amand.

Birth/Full/real name:David Adedeji Adeleke
Stage Name:Davido
Date of Birth:21 November 1992
Age:27 years old
Father’s Name:Adedeji Adeleke
Mother’s Name:Veronica Adeleke
Net Worth 2021$16 Million
Keep Tattoos:Yes



Davido has had several associated acts and collaborations with top artist in his music career, he came into spotlight after his debut hit single Dami Duro meaning that he should not be stopped because he is the son of the rich man. He was first managed by the record label owned by his elder brother, not long he found his own Record label

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Davido’s Father Net Worth

For those coming online to search Davido’s father’s net worth, here is what you need to know, Davido’s father is serial investor ad a billionaire. he runs a series of business investment portfolio. We shall look at in detail his estimated Net Worth in 2019 and some sources of income and earnings.

Facts & FAQ

What is Davido’s Net Worth in 2021?

Davido’s net worth has been very controversial, it all began when he sang in one of his songs that there is 30 billion naira in his account, Mayorkun recently has come out to affirm the claim saying Davido actually have the sum in his account.

So for those asking if Davido is worth 30 billion, some online sources have disclosed that Davido’s net worth stands at $16 Million which is well over any Billion naira figure.

How old is Davido?

Davido is 27 years old in 2019 and will be 28 years old in 2021

Which university did Davido attend?

Davido graduated from Babcock University Ilishan Remo 2015 and Oakwood University

Where does Davido live?

Davido currently resides in Lagos, he lives in his multi-million apartment in heart of Lekki

Does Davido have a son?

Davido’s unborn child may be a son, but currently, he has two daughters

Who is Davido’s girlfriend?

Who does not know Davido’s girlfriend Chioma, they have been trending for days now if not month on social media, the bump, expected child, diapers endorsement for the unborn baby, planned December wedding and a lot more news about the superstar and his girlfriend

Who is Davido’s daughter?

Aurora Imade Adeleke-Daughter
Hailey Veronica Adeleke-Daughter

Which tribe is Davido?

Davido was born to a Yoruba family, he is from a Yoruba descent, but his Nationality is Nigerian-American

Is Davido really married to Chioma?

Not yet! But the duo have disclosed their plans to tie the knot come December 2019

What is Davido’s real name?

David Adedeji Adeleke

Who is Davido’s wife?

Davido is yet to get married, however, he is currently in a romantic relationship with his university coursemate named Chioma Avril, and they have plans to walk down the aisle.

How much did Davido buy his house?

Davido’s house worth is 45 million in Naira, he had however dashed it out to his personal producer Shizzi

How did Davido get his money?

Do you mean to ask how Davido makes money? You will agree with me that he comes from a very rich and wealthy family, much more he has committed himself to music and showing to Nigerians that he has the talent when it comes to singing.

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He has consistently been dishing out the best of his music to the world in the past few years and that has paid off big time for him as a musician at the moment, he has several endorsements, deals and ambassadorial deals under his belt, talkless othe royalties he earns from music and the endless show tours and concerts every year,

Does Davido have a Lamborghini?

Davido has come out to disclosed to his fans and well-meaning audiences around August 2019 his new  acquisition of a new wonder wheel, Lamborghini Urus, valued at around $200,000

More things Davido owns

  • Audi Flatback (GGX 2012) worth around N9 Million.
  • Honda Accord worth around N5 Million.
  • Porsche Turbo worth around N20 Million.
  • Range Rover Sport worth around N25 Million
  • Audi R8 Coupe worth around N20 Million.
  • Rolls Royce Phantom worth around N100 Million.
  • Mercedes Benz Sedan AMG worth around N50 Million.
  • Porsche Carrera worth around N40 Million.
  • Yellow Camaro GS Chevrolet worth around N11 Million
  • Toyota Land Cruiser worth around N17,500,000.
  • White Bentley 2011 worth around N18 Million.

Who is older between Davido and Wizkid?

Of course the duos are peer groups, but Davido is Younger than Wizkid. Wizkid is 28 Years old in 2019 making him older than Davido who clocks 26 years in 2019. It will interest you to know that Olamide is the eldest of the Trio, even though he is the shortest. lol!

Is Davido related to Dangote?

Billionaires are friends of each other, they are not related by a family ties, but Davido’s father is a friend of Dangote.

Is Davido an American citizen?

Yes, he was born in Atlanta, Georgia

How tall is Davido?

His height is 5ft 6in

Who is Davido’s brother?

He has a less famous brother named Adewale Adeleke

What country is Davido from?

He is from Nigeria and America

Social Media

  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/davidoofficial
  • YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNcjGMZpfQ3CYB0rjjuvgUg

Davido’s Phone Number

Davido’s phone number is currently not available on a public domain, you directly message him on his Instagram account and other social media accounts.

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