Covid-19 5 Business Scam Format to Avoid

Alright, listeners or viewers of the covid-19 business scams to be wary about, my name is Johnmiracle Ejikeme the fountainhead of

Due to the pandemic, I have discovered that a lot of business marketers have switch channel, diving into various scheme to scam people of their hard-earned money while on the isolation period.

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And this is what I want to reveal, so you too don’t fall victim for such scam. But then, before I proceed, I did like to say this in respect to the pandemic.

Please stay home it could save lives, the pandemic is real if your country is in isolation, isolate with them.

World Health Organization


  • HANDS: Wash them often
  • ELBOW: Cough into it
  • FACE: Don’t touch it
  • FEET: Stay more than 3ft (1m) apart
  • FEEL: Sick? Stay home

Well, I know your heart is full now as you are breezing through this article, you want to know the covid-19 business scams to avoid.

Don’t worry. I will list the covid-19 business scams one after another and give you examples and the format at which they will come out.

People are wicked, you know since there are in a lockdown they can do anything to make a hell of money to survive.

I’m not against that, but for the fact, it concerns the expense of others that what bothers me.

Without wasting much time, let look out the 5 Covid-19 business scam to avoid during this era of isolation.

5 Covid-19 Business Scam to Avoid

The list of the top 5 Coronavirus Business scams to pull off.

1. Online course scam (selling of Ebooks Online)

Covid-19 business

Have you noticed that currently, information marketing business is on the trend? Many marketers who are stranded now go into information marketing with a different perspective which is not the ideal marketing interest.

All they want to do is.

  1. Sell you that book
  2. Get their money and bash away

That’s not the right approach to the information marketing business. Instead, it should be.

  1. Identify a problem
  2. Provide a solution.
  3. Exchange value for money.

In information marketing business selling ebooks or course that doesn’t solve a problem is wrong. Here below is the format they use to get you.

Covid-19 Information marketing business scam format.

  • They will create an eBook about a topic that seems unusual. Or instead, they get PLR product and repackaged.
  • They write a salescopy or get an excellent copywriter to craft a compelling copy for them.
  • They headed over to Facebook and launched ads.
  • Let say they decided to title it, “7 ways to make money in Covid19 isolation.”

As a profound marketer, I’m quite sure that it will steal your attention, because psychological that your temporary state of the problem.

Maybe your real business is down during this isolation, and thereabout you were sure looking for some ways to get money coming in, either to feed, for your family or other miscellaneous.

They take this an advantage to suck into your Mindstream to believe in their lies and in the end.

When you end up buying from them, you will discover there is no new or vital information in what they have provided you, and their report just beat around the bush.

Please don’t fall for this scam. Surely they are legit and worth taking information marketing gurus selling quality products online but If they lack the following.

  • No proven strategy
  • No cases study
  • No guarantee of outcome.
  • No Customer support

I suggest you don’t buy from them.

Coaches & Marketers — Let’s Be Real!

There isn’t much information you can teach that’s not already out there in some shape or form – so why bother charging for it?

Do you want to be known as a purveyor of information?

Or would you rather be known for genuinely helping others?

For taking someone who’s struggling, and holding their hand as they implement and transform their life and business…?

After all — it’s not information that most people are seeking. It’s the transformation that comes with that they are after.

2. Online Income programs

Another covid-19 business scam you should stay away from is online income program, and this one is most common in Nigeria.

For instance, A schoolboy with knowledge of web designing & development will come up with an unnurtured business idea, without even preparing a better marketing orientation, not even registering the business name they go-ahead to design an income website and start promoting.

And of course, his close friends will support him, assist him. They will be the ones testifying with payment proof to lure you in that’s because they are close to him, they will surely get their pay.

In contrast, you that fall for their testimonial there is no assurance for you—it time you wise up and learn a skill that will keep putting money into your account passively.

Besides, I would say this act is not legal, and any individual caught should face the law.

Should I give you examples?

NNU Income Program

You should know of NNU if you are a Nigerian the way they came like an angel and stole our heart, they make us believe in their lies, we registered with N1, 500, worked hard and didn’t get paid. They do away with our money, effort and time and blame it on the system. But what can you do when you did accept the terms and conditions without actually reading. That where they got us.

Rackersterly Income program

Racksterly is shutdown as at 2019 it was an advertising platform that serves as links companies and potential customers. They claim to get paid by top companies like Jumia, MTN, 9mobile, banks, etc. to advertise products and services straight to customers on Facebook, and they told us to pay a sum of N6, 800 to join. To cut a long story short, where are they now.

This kind of business lack continuity and quality marketing orientation. Hence should be tag as a Scam.

3. Online Investment Clubs

If someone, be it your friend or a stranger ever tell you that there is an online investment platform or club that pays you for doing nothing, and all you have to do is to invest N10, 000 to get N20, 000 in a short period.

Kindly ignore, if possible unfriendly and block such people they don’t care for you. It is too good to be true.

All these are cheap covid-19 business scams that you shouldn’t have to Fall for because there are so Cheap.

Do you ever imagine how come if you invest N10, 000 how will it possible generate 2x of what you invest in such a short period?

Have you ever asked yourself

  • What is the profit of the company or club?
  • What do they invest in?
  • Where do they get the money from to top it?
  • What is their continuity plan
  • What are their stocks or insurance?

You know these questions to ask, but you don’t ask, you don’t find out this because you too are so mad in making money so bad, and in the end, you get scammed.

Be wary not everything that glitters is gold, you might option in the first time and get your pay, hey that doesn’t make it real, they are playing you. It is the format, and if you continue, they will hit you real big. And you will have yourself to blame in the end.

4. Bitcoin Investment Scam.

Another type of Covid-19 business scam is the Bitcoin investment that is now rising in the market places.

Well, Bitcoin is a legal investment that has been on for ages. But then, during this era that this pandemic has made bitcoin drop drastically in the prize.

You keep hearing the bitcoin investor’s shouting THIS IS THE RIGHT TIME TO BUY BITCOIN.

Yes. I agree with the trend that this is the right time to invest in bitcoin. It is the right time due to the deflation in the prize.

But if you are not familiar with bitcoin investment don’t buy stay off.

Why do I say so?

Bitcoin Investment goes beyond the basic of buying and selling of bitcoin for profit. They are other strategical processes that you know not yet.

So don’t rush into this business now during this isolation period because you feel bitcoin is cheaper now, you may end up losing money on your end, especially when you don’t know how to convert your Bitcoin to USD. You will fail, and nobody likes to lose.

So I appeal to take your time to get a mentor, a good one per se, so you don’t get stuck during your journey.

5. Covid-19 Self Scam

Covid 19 business scam

Yes Covid-19 self scam, I know you may be wondering what it is. Well, I will tell you.

It is you scamming your self, depriving your person the success, achievement and value that you deserve.

There wouldn’t be any excuse this time around, during the isolation period you have got so much time to brainstorm ideas, read, think, exercise, and do a lot of things worth doing.

If you dare to come out when the is pandemic is over the same way you are, no productive change, no self-development, no new business idea, nothing to show that yes you had time for yourself, then you have scammed yourself.

If you don’t come out of this quarantine with new skills, your side hustle started more knowledge. You never lacked time, and you lacked discipline.

Entrepreneur Mindset

Lastly on Covid-19 Business Scam

We are in this quarantine together, whether you are in lockdown in the USA, Italy, China, or elsewhere. Right, here in Nigeria where I am, I still feel that strain.

But be wary if the Covid 19 business scams that I have listed above and more that will emerge during the coronavirus regime.

Self-development is what you need, and there are still legal business trends that seem to be unaffected during this coronavirus outbreak check out this profitable business idealist.

Do well not to get scammed. Stay Safe.

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