Clubhouse, the Tiktok of Audio, to be Released on Android Globally in a Week

While it faces competition from many players who have drawn inspiration from its audio shows, Clubhouse is finally announcing the worldwide deployment of its Android application.

Since the beginning of the year, the media have been singing the praises of Clubhouse, a social network which allows discussion in audio lounges. Which has indeed turn out a resounding success.

However, at the moment, access to Clubhouse is still very limited. First of all, to access the platform, you must be invited by someone who already uses the service. On the other hand, Clubhouse only brandishes an iOS app, and no Android version.

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But recently, Clubhouse finally decided to accelerate its deployment on the Google platform. Almost a week ago, Clubhouse announced the launch of a beta for its Android application in the United States. And this week we learnt through Techcrunch that in a few days the Android application will get a full global scale deployment.

This means that soon, Android users who receive an invite will finally be able to enjoy Clubhouse audio lounges.

Isn’t it too late?

The announcement of the deployment of this Android application was made at a period when Clubhouse is already experiencing a loss of fractions in downloads. On the other hand, many services have rushed to develop functionality similar to its audio lounges. Some of the companies that are inspired by Clubhouse are Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Spotify, Reddit, and LinkedIn.

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Facebook recently announced a big offensive on the audio format, with a functionality inspired by Clubhouse, but also podcasts, an equivalent of TikTok for audio, as well as an integration of Spotify. For its part, Twitter has developed Spaces, a Clubhouse clone which is already available in beta on iOS and Android.

Clubhouse audio lounges are expected to be copied all over the web, like the Snapchat Stories that inspired Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, LinkedIn, and even Netflix.

Clubhouse, an App Weighing 4 Billion Dollars

A month ago, Clubhouse were in the process of rasing funds which increased its valuation to more than 4 billion dollars. These funds are precisely intended to help the platform move up a gear.

“While we’ve quadrupled our team size this year, stabilized our infrastructure, launched Payments in beta to help creators monetize, and prepared Android for launch, there is still a long way to go as we strive to deliver Clubhouse. To more people around the world. It’s no secret that our servers have struggled a bit over the past few months and that our growth has surpassed the early discovery algorithms originally created by our small team,” read the announcement regarding this new fundraising.

It should be noted that to stand out from its competitors, Clubhouse also relies on content, with creators playing a vital role in this strategy.

Two weeks ago, the company announced the 50 beneficiaries of its support program for creators. This  will receive financial and technical support to publish audio programs on Clubhouse.



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